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    I'm working a build where I'm going sleeve mad. I was about to pick up some sata cables from FrozenCPU and then I realized a have dozens of red sata cables laying around..... Thoughts? ..... this was a test run.
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    Question on wire routing

    On my HX520, the purple (+5 VDC Standby Voltage) wire was twisted with a ground. Is this for a reason? The way I'm sleeving, it would be better if they weren't twisted. I just don't want to screw something up.
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    Build my loop.

    I'm looking to dive into some basic water cooling. This is pretty much going to be an eye candy build. There will be no dedicated GPU; CPU is a A8-3870k. Socket FM1. Colors are going to be UV green and purple, so I'd like to aim there for tubing. I'd like to keep it under $200. This is...
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    TIM on the KÜHLER H2O 620?

    Replace it with Shin Etsu or use the stock?
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    AMD A6-3500 I haven't really played with AMD, I know BD is pretty much a flop. I'm building a rig for the mancave that will basically be web browsing, 1080p playback, and light gaming.... pretty much Civ5 and Airline Tycoon 2. I was...
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    Delvryboy's FS Thread

    Will probably just leave this active and add stuff as I come across it. Paypal preferred, but I will accept Amazon Payments. All prices include shipping to the continental 48 states. Heat = delvryboy / eBay = therealdelvryboy I'll try and get some pics up in the next few days. Brand...
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    Recommend me a modem.

    Getting a new Comcast 30/5 line and want to buy a modem 3rd party. I'd prefer to keep it under $100.
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    (2) Scythe SY1225SL12SH 120mm Slipstream Case Fans for $9.96 FS (2) Scythe SY1225SL12SH 120mm Slipstream Case Fans for $9.96 FS Add both to cart then use code EMCJHKD58.
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    Stock TIM on the H60

    Installing one this week. Should I leave the Corsair TIM, or clean it and use Shin-Etsu? I have a crap ton.
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    Recommend me a mechanical keyboard under $150.

    I don't game much, basically none until I bought Civ5, so macro's aren't a must. It would be nice to have some programmable keys though. I was thinking the MX brown's would be best, but I'm not against the blues. Currently, I'm on the verge of buying the blackwidow ultimate, I really like...
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    FS - Dirt3, Download code via Steam

    SOLD Heat = delvryboy
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    FS- NIB H60

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    2600K - $299 FS w/Prime
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    H100 - $74.99 AR($15) FS

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    Passive cooling on a GTX460/560

    I going to be building a Photoshop box and figured I would take advantage of CUDA plug-ins. The main goal was ultra quiet, since this will also pull duty for living room movie playback. As I'm new to anything nVidia, and from what I've read, they run really hot and loud. I've also noticed...
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    FS - DDR3 1600 2 x2GB & 2 x 4GB

    I have the following: Hardly used 2 x 2GB CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 XMS3 = $25 shipped New, only ran in memtest for 2 hours Ripjaws 2 x 4GB F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL = SOLD Heat =...
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    New Build Advice (GPU)

    Current rig is in my sig. I'm up grading because I got a 2600k on the cheap from work. I'll be running the 2600k, a mobo that I have yet to pick up, the SSD's and 4 x 4GB Ripjaws. Besides browsing the net and some light excel work, the computer does 2 things: 1080p playback on a 42"...
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    8gb showing, only 3.24 usable?

    Haven't really searched yet. I pulled 4*2gb and replaced with 2*4gb. Everywhere shows 8, but Windows says only half is usable. CPUz shows single channel also.
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    FS - Patriot Box Office

    About an hour or two of use. SOLD
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    Which ATI low profile card?

    I have a Pentium D 805 box that I'm swapping cases on for the sole purpose of 1080p playback. Which LP card is up to the task? Lots of reviews that seem to knock every card out there. Trying to keep the price <$50.
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    FS - TRENDnet TEW 633GR Router

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    [H]OT - Hitachi Deskstar 2 TB 3.5-Inch CoolSpin RPM SATA III 6Gbps$69.99 (Dead Deal)
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    ASUS RT-N16 - $74.99 FS W/ Code: EMCKHHF45 Badass router w/ DD-WRT.
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    FS - NIB TRENDnet TEG-S50G 10/100/1000Mbps GREENnet $25 Shipped.
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    3 Monitors?

    I don't game, so I'm not up on the newest things. Is it possible to extend the desk top to 3 monitors with the new ATI cards? Not stretch, but have 3 distinct desktops. Currently I have a monitor on DVI, one on VGA, and my living room TV on HDMI. Currently, if someone wants to watch a...
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    me a 22" IPS, <$350. :D
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    Switch question

    I currently use this switch: With all the additional things on the network, I need more, so I picked up this: My question is, if I still use the 5 port in my...
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    Stupid question, not familiar with AMD

    Everywhere I look, this board is a AM3/AM2+/AM2. However, when I received it, the states it's AM2+. Will this work with a Athlon x2 3600?
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    $20 Amazon gift card for $10

    Has anyone received their code yet? Yesterday I got an email that said my code would be ready today. Today I got an email that said I'll receive an email tomorrow that will tell me how I can get my code. WTF?
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    Server/NAS help

    Trying to figure out what I'm going to go with, OS wise. I have W7x64, Vista x64, WHS v1, Server 2008(non R2, unless I can update from the original), or something freeware/linux based all available to me. Hardware as follows: Athlon x2 3600, 2GB DDR2 800, MSI 785GTM-E45 , Intel PRO/GT...
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    Server/NAS help

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    FS - (2) New WD20EARS 2TB

    Bare drives. SOLD Heat = delvryboy Ebay = therealdelvryboy
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    Upgrading from VAIL beta

    If I go with the beta, will there be a way to not lose my data on the pool when RTM is released?
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    WTB - Ram / CPU / PSU

    Looking for: 2 x 1GB DDR2 667/800 or 2 x 2GB if the price is low. Value ram is more than fine. AM2/AM2+ low power dual core PSU, something <500w, efficient, and cheap.
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    CyberPower CP850AVRLCD - $84.95 FS
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    2 WHS questions.

    I'm getting ready to finally put a whs box together and had a couple of questions. I was just about to pull the trigger on a pair of WD20EARS, but read that there were some problems using these. Is that still the case? Whats the best recommended 2TB's? Also, I bought my WHS over a year...
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    Kingston 128GB SSDNow V Series - $144.95 AR
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    FS - $100 Amazon GC = $75

    Paypal and I'll email/PM the code or I can send the physical card. Heat = delvryboy Ebay = therealdelvryboy