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  1. RedTalon19

    980 now or wait for 380/390X?

    My specs are in my sig. I play a lot of WoW right now but I have a high interest in replaying Shadow of Mordor and Tomb Raider after I upgrade. I plan on playing Alien Isolation, Star Citizen, maybe pick up some Borderlands again.. etc. Monitor runs at 2560x1600. I've had the itch to upgrade...
  2. RedTalon19

    USB vs Optical input for external DAC

    I'm looking at getting a new external DAC and it has connectivity options of both optical and USB. I'm curious if one medium has advantages over the other, in terms of audio quality.
  3. RedTalon19

    U3011 died for no reason

    So my Dell U3011 died today for no apparent reason. The monitor still gets power, since the power LEDs still light up and the computer will recognize the connect/disconnect of the DVI connection and even the USB hub (windows sound notification). Despite all that, I get no image on the screen, no...
  4. RedTalon19

    What do you use to backup/archive data?

    About 10 years ago when I backed up my data across the network I used a command line program called "xxcopy". Some of the great features supported were: 1) if a file was not modified, it skipped it over and 2) if a file/folder was deleted from the source it would delete it from the destination...
  5. RedTalon19

    New to Intel, need board for 3770k

    I am looking to upgrade my current system listed in my sig. I want to switch from AMD to Intel for the first time in my life :eek: but I'd also like to keep everything else so I'm looking to replace only the CPU and mobo (and RAM if necessary, please comment if so). I think I've decided to go...
  6. RedTalon19

    HL1 crashes new build

    AMD 1100t BE x6 Asus Crosshair IV Formula 3 mobo XFX 6970 2GB 2x4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333 Asus Xonar D2 soundcard XFX XPS-850W BE PSU 2xKingston 128GB SSD in raid0 1TB WD black Win7 pro x64 So that is my new system, nothing overclocked yet just trying to get things running smoothly...
  7. RedTalon19

    Recommendations for powering U3011

    I'm thinking about picking up the Dell U3011 but I'm not sure what I'd need to power that beauty. I don't need every setting maxed out and 30 FPS usually doesn't bother me but I'd like some sort of future proofing if possible, maybe a single card now and pair it in a year or two? Or would I have...
  8. RedTalon19

    is my PSU outdated?

    Gigabyte GA-M770OT-UD3P Phenom II x2 550 BE Callisto 3.1GHz XFX Radeon 5770 8 gigs RAM (4x2gb) 2 HDDs I just upgraded my system to the above but I'm still using an Antec 350w (model SP-350) PSU I picked up a few years ago from BestBuy. This PSU did not have the 8-pin 12V EATX connector...
  9. RedTalon19

    ripping protected cd killed my drive?

    LiteOn DVD/RW LH-20A1S (maybe 2 years old) I tried to rip a copy of an older game today using CloneCD and I ran into something unexpected. The rip got to corrupted sectors which is not unusual, but it did take nearly 90 min to finish off the whole CD which is the longest I've ever seen. When...
  10. RedTalon19

    win 2k on this lappy?

    Compaq Presario 1275 AMD K6-2 366mhz 64MB ram 4gb hdd should i stick with win98 (which is on the lappy already) or should i try win2k? basically going to be used for simple web surfing and IM edit - actually i cant find my 2k disc, so it'd have to be 2k server... never installed it...
  11. RedTalon19

    massive cpu using with sata burner?

    LiteOn SATA DVD burner model # LH-20A1S Abit KV8 Pro w/ AMD64 2800+ Seagate SATA 160gig except for the burner i built this system about 2 years ago when ordering a new dvd burner to replace my old 40x cd burner i decided to get a sata interface since i could. it works fine except for the...
  12. RedTalon19

    x-fi "modes"

    i just picked up an x-fi extremegamer fatal1ty pro and was wondering if the different modes really make any difference. i've set it up from the beginning as entertainment mode and when i go to play games i just always forget to switch to "game" mode and i just really dont care... unless i knew...
  13. RedTalon19

    soundcard lost center + rear channels?

    this probably has nothing to do with my problem but i'll mention it: last night i heard a loud bang that i swear came from the wall next to my bed, this might make sense once you read on... my klipsch 5.1 ultra speakers suddenly only output the front 2 channels using my sb audigy (original)...
  14. RedTalon19


    i'm sure its been asked before but i didnt see anything promising via a serach... best way to clean those annoying oily smudge marks from a lcd screen? i've seen windex eat through the anti-glare coating on my old 19" crt... so just a wet/damp wool towel or just a wet paper towel?
  15. RedTalon19

    specific jedi knight 2 map

    i just recently reinstalled jedi knight 2 and started the single player... boring stuff till i finally got the light saber obviously but i just realized i really suck with this thing and needed practice. then i remember i got proficent with it with a little map i used to play a lot... basically...
  16. RedTalon19

    Denon AH-D950 padding

    unfortunatly, denon discontinued all of their headphones quite some time ago and this was all that i could find on thier site to give you guys some info on them. i want to keep these cans for a very very long time since they have i think great sound and they have such an amazingly low ohm rating...
  17. RedTalon19

    scandisk/chkdsk question

  18. RedTalon19

    new hdd

  19. RedTalon19

    new hdd

    so my ibm deathstar 40gig finally started going on me, seems the motor is dying. i've been too busy with WoW since it released to keep up with all the little details... are seagate barradcudas still king for SATA? gonna hook into my abit kv8 pro as a boot drive. looking on newegg i'll probably...
  20. RedTalon19

    trillian and webcams

    trillian doesnt seem to play nice with yahoo webcams. i establish the connection to view somebodys webcam and start downloading the images but only see a black image. i keep getting updates and internet activity but still a black image. has anybody got a soltuion to this? seems i'm not the only...
  21. RedTalon19

    for those of you with bay reserviors

    did you pick up a single or dual bay res? i only ask because the single bay res looks to be sufficient as far as the amount of water it holds. but on the other hand, my case has 10 (yes ten) 5 1/4" bays so i could easily fit a dually bay res. also, the little fill cap seems a good idea at...
  22. RedTalon19

    in all my time using my MX700

    well i just went to shut my computer down and got a warning message about the mouse batteries being low, telling me to change them. just a standard windows pop up box. i've never seen that before. you'd think the flashing red light would be enough right?
  23. RedTalon19

    scandisk/chkdsk question

    is there anyway to schedule xp to run a scan on a drive during the boot sequence before it gets to the desktop? i know you can do it with the boot volume but i need to do it to a different drive. my problem is that my computer bsod with a driver not equal to less error or whatever then...
  24. RedTalon19

    headphone recommendation thread v. eleventy billion

    i currently have the denon ah-d950 (discontinued) headphones but i accidently blew them out and now they crackle like crazy even at moderate volumes :( long story, dont ask :rolleyes: as far as sound quality i am satisfied with the sound from these things.... err that used to come from them :(...