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    Hangs on boot without hard power reset...

    My new 3900x just hangs on boot sometimes with the harddrive read light solid on. Not sure why. Specs in signature. MSI motherboard with flashed bios. If it hard powers off for a while on the next boot it just hangs I have to flip the power on the power supply and turn it back on to get...
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    Performance metrics in real world scenarios.

    I see the reviews of the 9900k vs the Ryzen platform where it is always pulling ahead and that is awesome. I'm still going Ryzen... but what I would love to see that I haven't seen documented is real world. I load up windows 10 I have a few things that are loading up in the background. Epic...
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    Going back to an AMD system

    Just ordered a 3900x CPU. 32 GB of Corsair Vengeance Pro memory 2x16 sticks. And a MSI X570-A PRO motherboard. I'll put my NVME drive and RTX 2080 video card into it and keep using my corsair power supply. Should rock this out just fine. Thoughts? Upgrading from an i7 7700k with 32gb of...
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    Cloud Imperium Games decides to delay beta of Star Citizen... needs Ray-tracing.

    In a surprise move that actually didn't surprise anyone. Chris Roberts the heart and soul and leader of the company everyone wants to buy digital art from has written an edict upon tablets of stone that his game will have the most cutting edge features for PC gamers. PC Gamers DEMAND the very...
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    Is Star Citizen the new Dikatana and or Duke Nukem forever?

    I'm just curious as to peoples opinions on this. To be up front. 1. yes I backed when LTI was a thing and got a connie package. 2. I hope the game comes out and blows everyone away... but to be complete it will need what was promised back then when I backed. a. A private hostable PU...
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    Is coming back?

    I ask because I just tried to go to it and got a message that it is down for maintenance dated the 22nd. Check it out. I might be making a mountain out of a molehill but I got hopes! ;)
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    Odd behavior on CPU Queue length with SQL

    I replaced some 2008 R2 SQL 2008 servers that were 8 core 16 thread with 96 GB of ram with some... 24 core 48 thread 196GB of ram systems running 2012 R2 with SQL 2008. An anomalous behavior we are noting is a CPU QUEUE length happening of up to 7 from time to time on one of the cores and we...
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    vmware 6.7 U2 released.

    Goodbye Vsphere crappy flash hello everything in HTML5.
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    Forum for post collaboration?

    Can we get a forum so those of us so enclined can work together on making review information with products that we have? For instance it might be a good time to do a new review of current gen and last gen Nvidia cards. If we can get together a like minded group of people to share their...
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    FS/FT GTX 1070 (In sig)

    Gigabyte gaming 1070 1070&cm_re=GTX_1070-_-14-125-871-_-Product Looking for 175 + shipping, Card has never let me down. Willing to trade for a decent 1440p Fresync or Gsync display in good condition. Feel free...
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    Best 1440p Gaming Monitor for the money?

    Just looking to potentially update my monitor in my sig for a decent gaming monitor. Freesync/Gsync should be a requirement. Would like to be 27 inch plus. I would search review sites but they don't cover the gambit like you guys and gals do. Thanks ahead of time!
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    Quadro RTX 6000 video card.. perhaps IT can do RTX right? Here we have a 6300 dollar video card with 24GB of ram. RTX 6000 CUDA Parallel-Processing Cores 4,608 NVIDIA Tensor Cores 576 NVIDIA RT Cores 72 GPU Memory 24 GB GDDR6 RTX-OPS 84T Rays Cast 10 Giga Rays/Sec FP32 Performance...
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    Question on the benefits of Gsync

    Ok I was browsing my local craigslist looking to see if there were any computer deals to be had. And I saw what I can only presume was some sort of anomoly. A gaming PC with a GTX 1060 to run a Dell 1440p display with Gsync. How the hell is that GPU supposed to properly feed a 144hz...
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    My boss does photography and video editing as a hobby...

    He was looking to build a new system so I recommended the folllowing to get him a best of both worlds performance for his video compiling and photoshop work. Threadripper 2970WX MSI X399 gaming pro carbon AC X399 Corsair 64Gb Bengance DDR4 3200 MST RTX 2080 DUKE 8G OC Corsair 850W RMx series...
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    Why are PC gaming developers going tone deaf?

    We have two major publishers that have seemingly lost the needle on their compass. Bethesda with Fallout 76, 96, something six. A multiplayer PVP based Fallout game with no in depth single player story line. That isn't fallout to me and it seems they are doing it just to do it with SOME IP...
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    What was the hovercraft racing title by bullfrog.

    You could get powerups and blow eachother up and it was setup for network play before the internet. Grrr I can't remember the name.
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    EPYC building for business purposes.

    So I am trying to find a sales/contact within AMD. I want to do a POC with a dual EPYC based system for 64 cores and 128 threads for a task specific build, then once that testing is done use the same for testing as a VM host. In doing my research on Dell's site the price per server would be...
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    EPYC hampered by Memory cost.

    I'm looking at putting together 4 3 server clusters for some smallish VmWare clusters in the near future. My boss wanted a server quote so I gave him 2. 1 for Intel 24 core based CPU solution and 1 for EPYC 24 core based solution. It looked good until memory. The damn ram for the AMD...
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    Anyone tinker with the new Nvidia Virtualizable CPU's?

    We are interested perhaps with our Citrix VM's to speed up the applications shared over Citrix for our end users. Anyone see any real benefit to using these? Specifically the Tesla M10 cards. To reiterate we would be running Citrix Hosts as guests on a ESXi host with one or more of these...
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    Anyone else at vmworld 2018?

    Best non drawing schwag so far is the engineer rulers at the Nvidia booth. If you're here drop me a line.
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    So if you were told to put together a Toolkit for a data center...

    What would you put together. You handle everything except for networking within the datacenter. That is the boat I find myself in. Found a decent kit for around 120 and a leatherman charge + TTI... thinking Multitool for the engineers and directors that get in the mix. (and the Associates...
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    Bluetooth Audio and Bose wireless headsets...

    Has anyone tried these for computer gaming, and if so what did you think? Was the latency horrible?
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    Vmware Insider membership....

    I signed up for this and wanted to share that it is worth while as long as you sign up and participate in the community. For completing one of the short surveys I got a set of Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones. I've never in my life had headphones this expensive and wouldn't have spent the...
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    VCP or other certification, how much help has it been?

    I know in my environment the difference with some of the longer term Vmware administrators has been night and day. They don't get why we do some things the way we do. (not giving them access to our VM infrastructure.) But at least now they don't try to step on me when I tell them how I want...
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    Curious how other environments do this... DEV to Prod comparison

    Where I work in the specific area I work I need to be clear. We are considered very critical to my companies business. One of the things we do to help us maintain up time is if we have a piece of hardware or software we need to run in production. We have the exact like in Development. We...
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    Posting here because this can be considered a game!

    Microsoft license has expired scam number to call: 855-930-6668 They try to get you to go to a remote site and let them into your computer. Play the game see how much time you can get them to waste instead of scamming some other person! By best. 14:32 <-- 14 min 32 seconds. Even got...
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    Card availability returning but is mining really the cause?

    We have seen some evidence of card availability coming back to the market. Some are postulating that this is due directly to the mining craze lessening. I will say that mining may be lessening but it's only in my opinion holding it's breath. When the new generation of faster better stronger...
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    Mining in a VM

    Is CPU only mining even worth doing in a VM? For instance a redhat VM with 40 CPU's at 2.1GHZ running under an ESXi host... would that be worth mining with at all or a complete waste of time and resources?
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    Been quite a while since we've seen a storage review from the [H]

    I see the storage forums are alive and well. Just curious if we will see one.. you know one a year or so would be nice. Looking on the front page for SSD Storage reviews the last article is from 2015. Are all NVME's the same? Are some more heat prone than others? OR are we just...
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    Mixed messages on new intel chips coming.

    I see 6 core 12 thread and 8 core 16 thread cpu's coming. But the sockets.. damnit why another form factor. If they want to kick AMD in the teeth they should see if they can make a 8 core 16 thread that will work on the existing socket for i7 - 7700k owners.
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    Would you want a Ryzen powered Laptop?

    Lets face it.. in the professional environments the days of large workstations are quickly becoming a thing of the past as high value workers need flexibility where they can be productive. Regardless of working from home, at a company location not at home base, or elsewhere. VDI's can help...
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    Need a VirtualBox VM for windows 98

    Anyone here that can steer me in the right direction? This is only so my grand daughter can play some old kids games (95/98 era) on the laptop I got for her. (older i5 system running windows 10.) Any help appreciated! I don't even know if you CAN get a real copy any more.
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    Talk about security parinoia..

    So our main servers where I work were running on dedicated CX4-120's. Running about 8 TB of data across multiple raid 10's spread across different cabinets. We are finally retiring these workhorses.. and of course we are doing this securely. But my team is EXTRA secure... we do a military...
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    Is the future of the Ryzen line dependent on memory bandwidth?

    I think that will be the sweet spot for the Ryzen line of CPU's going forward. Right now the better memory speed you can eek out the better CPU performance gains are as compared to other manufacturers memory solutions. So as the Ryzen line matures and we see 12 and 16 core Ryzens come out...
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    So I went with the i7 7700k instead of the Ryzen 1800+

    I was anticipating building my box, had a nice MSI motherboard and the 1800+ on pre order.. Also ordered the storage and cooler and ram already at this point and had all of those on hand. Friday gets here and my AMD hadn't shipped yet but the benchmarks came out. AMD was not really...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 970 (Sold)

    4gb EVGA GTX 970 with the heat spreader backplate installed. Nary an issue other than a bit of coil whine. Would like to get 150.00 US plus shipping. Will trade for a working 1440p monitor.
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    WTB/Trade for 1440p monitor. (Done)

    I don't have a big budget for it as wife isn't too happy with my spend already consider other than the case, power, monitors and Video card everything in my sig is new. Anyone looking to sell for cheap? ;) I have a 2600k CPU with stock cooler, ASrock motherboard with 16gb of ram and a...
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    Upgraded from i72700 at 3.4 to 7700 at 4.6 and it's AMAZING.

    I had a GTX 1070 in my box that I had upgraded to because I primarily game still at 1080p. This came from being on a 970. It was better but it wasn't worlds better. New MSI Gaming 7 Motherboard.. 32 gig of ram, 1TB Samsung 960 M.2 NVME drive and 7700 CPU. When I was at 45-50 FPS in WOW (I...
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    Ok I feel better.. please post your own angst ridden yell as well. :)
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    Time for a Mobo + CPU + Ram upgrade.

    I'm thinking go to 32 gig in 8 gig sticks to take advantage of 4 channel memory, an i7 6800 cpu and a new Gigabyte Motherboard. Should bring me in under a grand. I already have a Gigabyte 1070 8 gig video card and a Samsung 850 pro SSD 500GB. Thoughts on if this will be a good upgrade for me...