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    WTF is up with Xfinity

    I'm seeing 20%+ packet loss between business hours starting 11-1-2022 and I can't reach a single MF on the phone now for 2x days. I'm going to go get att so I've got a backup, but wtf is going on. This is in the Bay Area. Anyone else seeing this type of nonsense locally?
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    Gateway 14.1 and 15.6 1080p notebooks for $99 and $139

    Taken from another forum. :D
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    Newegg - MSI 'Mech' Radeon RX 6600 8GB GDDR6 $199 AP AMIR ($20)

    Stolen from another forum. :D Enjoy!
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    Star Wars Collection 95% off at $9.91

    Another lift from another forum. :D
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    GRid, Nascar, Nascar Heat Evolution, and Trackmania Valley, <$1.32/ea

    Taken from another forum. :D Also, GRiD for $1.18 and Nascar for $1.19:
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    WD My Cloud Procducts 25% off MSRP

    Found this at another site. :D Select My Cloud Products 25% MSRP Code: SB25-ZC2Y-5291-AGAY-6A2H SB25-8WG8-5591-8YY9-9AYA Enjoy!
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    Lenovo Outlet (US) - IdeaPad 1 14" HD N4020 4GB 64GB eMMC $94.95

    Taken from another forum. :D Search Lenovo Outlet. Part Number 81VU0079US Features Intel® Pentium® processor & long-lasting battery Lightweight & portable at 1.4kg / 3.09lbs with 14" HD display...
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    WD Blue 8TB $129.99

    Another deal stolen from another site. :D
  9. S - RCA 50" 4K UHD 4 HDMI ports non-smart $168 (hurry)

    Swiped from another forum. :D
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    VLANs to Use Part of Your Router as a Switch?

    Okay, this is going to sounds stupid or outright wrong on some level, but I'm staring at 6 empty ports in my router and I want to eliminate this 5-port unmanaged switch. The problem is that the switch feeds the router, so I don't want to create a network loop, but I think I may be able to get...
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    Xbox Series S for $249 +S&H w/ code XBOXS2250 at Adorama

    Stole this from another forum. :D Xbox Series S for $249 + S&H w/ code XBOXS2250 at Adorama. Enjoy!
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    WTB: 2x iPhone 8 or Newer

    I know I trust my fellow peers on here more than ebay and the like, so here's what I need--2x iPhones that will work on Sprint after the 5g cutover, and that are in proper working condition. This means they have do not have to be perfect. I could care less about cosmetic issues that do not...
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    Asus "dual" (fan) RTX 2060 12GB $489 AP ($10) @ Newegg

    Stolen from another forum: :D EMCBP737 Also on ebay, minus the promo code. Enjoy!
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    18TB HGST Enterprise 5yr Warranty SATA $328 Free Ship

    Okay since I've got my one already on order, I'll let you guys clean out the rest. :D I found this originally from another forum. These are the real deal brand new enterprise HGST drives with full WD 5yr warranty. Cost per TB is $18.22/TB or about $4/TB more than an easystore that you have to...
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    UPS for Fibre Convertor?

    So I discovered that after setting everything up at one site to have UPSes on all critical equipment to allow us to continue to have Internet access during a power outage that one thing in the demarc--a powered fiber to coax convertor--also needs a UPS. :( The problem is space. It's basically...
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    AT&T Gigabit and IPsec Tunnels

    So I'm considering getting AT&T at one of our sites. I actually had their non-gigabit service in the past about 5 years ago and still have the Pace 5268AC from that service. The problem I ran into at that install is that the vpn router which was behind the ATT one in their 'DMZ+' could not...
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    WTB HP 8500fn1 (L2717A or L2719A)

    These are HP Network scanners that directly connect to ethernet. Need some more for a big scanning job. Looking for ones in full functional condition, cosmetic condition doesn't matter as long as it still works perfect. Not worried about page counts either so long as everything works...
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    Running USB Transparently over IP

    This is definitely one of those odd-ball scenarios where there just may not be a way to do it, but I thought I'd put it out there and see what the ideas are. So I have a printer that is connected to a very expensive point of sale system that runs windows embedded, but that can't be touched...
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    New Paypal Terms

    Anyone read these yet? Seems like they are removing Seller protections for platforms not owned by paypal as well as quite a few other changes: We are expanding our Seller Protection Program to include certain intangible goods and providing the terms and conditions with respect to the coverage...
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    WD SN750 1TB w/heatsink $139 + tax

    Got it from another forum, but seems like a decent deal:
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    MSI RX 570 ARMOR 8G OC for $140 or $120 with mail in rebate

    Found this on tpu: + $20 off w/ promo code EMCTCUV22, limited offer The free 3 month Xbox Game Pass...
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    Bad Power Supply, Motherboard Memory Socket, or Other?

    So I acquired this Optiplex 990 with an i5-2500, 8gb (4x2gb), 250gb, and win7 a while back. I locked it down with reboot restore rx, and used it with a portable version of chrome as a desktop to rdp into and use. Once in a while the system would disconnect from rdp and disappear and when I go...
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    NewEgg Business $50 off $600+ 24hr Coupon

    Just got this in the email from newegg business--expires 6-27-19. I doubt it will work at regular newegg, but newegg business has a lot of the same stuff plus you can accumulate rewards. Code: B2BJUN93
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    Hot Error? 8tb (4x2tb) for $144 shipped from B&H

    I was looking for something else and ran across something that looks like an error, but may still go through: This is supposed to be a bulk pack of 4x 2TB drives for the Promise Vess...
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    Best Buy WD 10TB External $160

    Saw this on the servethehome forum and didn't see it here so I thought I'd share. :)
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    DIYPC MicroATX Mini Tower Case $18/$27 shipped at Newegg for 72 Hrs

    Just saw these on neweggbusiness: I can't believe we're getting under the $20 shipped price point for a case. :eek:
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    LiteOn Slim DVD-RW Open Box $7.05 shipped

    I have no idea how in the world they ended up with this many open box units, or maybe they're just in closeout, but either way it's almost basically free for the cost of shipping: There's 64 in stock and shipping is free.
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    Surface 2 i7 Laptop Open Box $1425 shipped

    These are usually over $2k almost anywhere and I couldn't even find this on ebay for cheaper: Only 1 in stock since it's open box, but a solid deal on this particular machine.
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    Dell Inspiron 14" I5 8265U 8GB 1TB Open Box $435 shipped

    Same system is $679 at B&H: Only 1 in stock since it's open box. Get it while you can!
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    16-port Webmanaged Switch with 2 SFP Open Box $52 shipped

    This isn't a switch for everyone, but it's hard to find a lightly-managed 16-port gigabit switch with SFP ports for this price with a lifetime warranty: There's 3 in stock and they're all open box. Get them while they last!
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    Intellinet Cat5e 16-port Patch Panel Open Box $8 shipped

    Great for finally sorting out that wired setup in your new house and punching everything down nice and neat! This is going for much less than I've found it elsewhere: Only 1 in stock so get it while it's there. Enjoy!
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    Surface 3 Docking Station Open Box $8 shipped

    If you've got one of these older Surfaces, you know the parts are still out there but cost an arm and a leg. I found this open box docking station for only a fraction of the price of brand new: Only 1 in stock so if you need this...
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    Genuine Cherry MX Red Mechanical Keyboard Open Box $46 shipped

    About half the price I could find it anywhere else: No fancy lights or anything--just a basic, sturdy Cherry keyboard with silent smooth reds. Only 1 in stock as far as I know since it's open box. Enjoy!
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    HP Laser Jet Pro M103w Open Box $44 shipped

    Great little basic laser printer for half the price I could find it anywhere: Only 1 in stock as far as I know since it's open box. Enjoy!
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    D-Link 8-port Gigabit Switch $18 at Frys with Promo Code

    You have to sign up for their promo code emails to get this deal, but it's cheaper than the usual $30 that this switch usually goes for.
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    Seagate 8TB USB 3.0 $140 at Microcenter

    You can get these in-store and online, and my local store has 10+ in stock:
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    Open Box Corsair K63 Wireless Blue-Backlit Keyboard - $60

    Don't know how many are available or how much shipping is, but at $59.99, that's about $30 cheaper than I've seen this elsewhere:
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    Monoprice PlayStation Vita Brushed Aluminum Clamshell Protective Case - 39 cents

    I don't know how good it is, but this is even cheaper than a cellphone cover:
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    Watchguard NAT Loopback Problem

    I've read the official guide for the static NAT action and have configured that and it's working well: And now I'm trying to create a NAT Loopback to allow the same IP/DNS to be used...
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    CDW Outlet Finds

    Since I seem to find stuff in the CDW Outlet on a regular basis, I'm just going to make this thread for these finds and update it each time. Feel free to post a find if you find one as well. (y) CDW Outlet items are brand new, factory fresh but are either open box returns or clearance. They...