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    FS: Rare and Pristine Oakley Sunglasses Sale 2nd Edition

    FREE SHIPPING ON THE NEXT ORDER! ALSO LOWERED PRICES! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! I really need to sell something asap, nasty car troubles, so please feel free to contact me and make an offer on something! Everything I am selling here is absolutely brand new, never worn, and inspected repeatedly to be...
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    FS: Rare and Pristine Oakley Sunglasses Sale 2nd Edition

    Hi all! After a wonderful few weeks in the hospital for some minor surgery, I am now out and ready to sell some more of these babies. Bills and car repairs ate everything I made from the last few I sold (cry), but it was great to help my family out with bills while away. Also now I had a decent...
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    FS: Some Rare, Pristine Condition, Oakley Sunglasses

    I went ahead and made a paypal account, so new payment methods are Paypal or a Money Order!! I have a wonderful collection of Oakley's which I planned to save for a long time so they were worth a small fortune when I sold them, but I am in a pinch and need to make a bit of money asap. I...
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    Sound Card Recommendation for DJ/music production

    Title pretty much says it all. One aspect of computers I really dont know much about, and Im building a system for a DJ friend of mine. He wants a sound card that will be useful with that expensive dj audio mixing software. I really dont know anything about that stuff, but he asked me to look...
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    Anything that rivals a 5770 for under $180?

    I always intended to grab a 5k series card, but as I have fallen in love with linux again, I am considering going with nvidia to replace my 4770 (and 4870x2 which Im selling) instead. Is there any nvidia card that can equal a 5770's performance, or come very very close, for the same price...
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    BenQ G2400WD / V2400W - Still the best 24" TN for Gaming

    This monitor was tested, talked about, basically beaten to death in this forum over the last year. But now, all those old threads are way back and gone, and there are still threads popping up every day about which is the best 24" or general large widescreen for gaming. Well I was researching...
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    Malakai's Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H Support Thread!

    Hello again everyone. I wanted to make this thread so anyone having problems with the popular Gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H AM2+ 790GX motherboard! I have been running this board for over 6 months now, it runs great, fast, cool, what can I say I am a huge Gigabyte fanboy now! I've said this before, but...
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    Can't overclock 4830 with dual monitors, fix/workaround??

    Hey. I know this is a general issue and not exclusive to me or the 4830. I run dual monitors (in sig), but if I change the core or memory speed even 1mhz, video gets corrupt, all gray lines and such. I tried rivatuner with limited success using the low lvl overclocking utility. It still...
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    Phenom Black Ed in my M3A- ram & fsb?

    I have a dual core brisbane in my M3A, which is an AMD770/SB600 board with an AM2+. I'm having trouble figuring it out, if I plug an agena or whatever the black edition phenom quad core is, can I run at its full fsb and ddr2_1066?