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    FS: Gigabyte 3080ti. $825 shipped.

    Heat in sig. Buyer needs similar feedback unless paying cash equivalent. Price is net to me, shipped to CONUS, APO/FPO only Gigabyte 3080ti. $825 shipped I bought the card BNIB in October. No issues at all. Has a solid triple fan cooler that isn't noisy. No coil whine. Full metal backplate...
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    FS: Home Lab teardown - CPUs, Motherboards, memory

    Heat in sig. Prices are shipped to CONUS APO/FPO only. I typically ship USPS priority flat rate. Motherboards - all boards have retail boxes, IO backplates and ship with socket covers where applicable. No other accessories are guaranteed to be included but if you need something I probably have...
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    FS: 4x 6TB 7200RPM 256MB Ironwolf 3.5" NAS drives.

    TRADED for more toys. Got these in a bundle and as much as I'm tempted to spin up another array just for lulz the fact is I am busted out with storage at the moment. All 4 drives under warranty until July 21 2023. All 4 test good in crystal disk and a screenshot will be provided for each...
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    FS: Complete 10900K, 3080 rig. SE Florida Local PU only

    Heat is in sig. $2200 for entire rig. Local Pickup SE Florida. Only willing to part those items listed with a price. All prices net to me. Deals will be made for multiple items. i9-10900K 10C/20T. $375 EVGA RTX3080 RGB FTW3 $1400 - SOLD Gigabyte Z490 UD ATX mobo - not parting Samsung 980 NVME...
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    FS: Synology DS920+ w/+8GB RAM upgrade SOLD

    Heat in sig. As the title states. There are a billion glowing reviews of this thing out there. In perfect working order. Ships in factory box. RAM has been ugpraded to 12GB with a Crucial 8GB sodimm. Comes with OEM power brick and all 4 complete tool-less drive caddies. No working or cosmetic...
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    Paypal "ship now" link - and alternatives that don't suck your soul.

    This isn't always easy to find and I came across a thread earlier today that made me think the seller didn't realize they didn't need to accept a normal PayPal payment (or PayPal at all) to use their shipping. Just login and ship. No...
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    FS: X570 board, BNIB 1TB NVME, i5-10400 CPU

    Heat in sig. Prices are NET shipped CONUS APO/FPO A few things for sale. Gigabyte X570 UD Motherboard. Works perfectly. Comes with retail box and accessories. $145 Intel LGA 1200 i5-10400 cpu. Bare CPU in clamshell. Works perfectly. Not the stripped "F" version. $140 Silicon Power 1TB NVME...
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    WTB: Intel 8th or 9th gen bare CPU

    Heat is in sig. Looking as the title states. 8th or 9th gen. This is for a virtualization project so if you're trying to get top dollar for your golden sample binned and delidded elite overclocking monster, I'm not your guy. An i3-8100 or similar would be perfect here but I'd pay a few bucks...
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    FS: 5950X, 5900X at retail cost.

    Heat is in sig. Okay here is the deal. I signed up on wait lists for both of these CPUs at BH Photo several month ago. 2 weeks back they both spring as in stock so I bought both thinking one of my friends would buy them. Turns out they all talk the big talk but are broke as a joke so I'm...
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    FS: BNIB 5600X

    SOLD Heat in sig. As title says. AMD factory sealed. Bought it new from B&H but never got around to using it for anything. $315 shipped USPS priority. Open to trade for mini machine that I can use for a pfsense or untangle box.
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    WTB: WoW Shadowlands expansion

    I know there were a few people on here that sold blizzard codes. Looking for a copy of shadowlands. Heat in sig. Can pay with most major methods.
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    DEAD 5600X in stock BH Photo $299. Also 5800X 449

    DEAD now. Lasted nearly a full hour. I just snagged one. They seem to have quite a few as it's still in stock and has been for about 20 minutes. 5800X as well...
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    I want some cans to go deaf with for $250

    I listen to pretty much anything with a heavy beat. My tastes swing from old Metallica to Jungle Rot to Tech9. Emphasis on heavier metal/rock. I already own 1000XM3s so I'm more than covered in the wireless and noise cancelling stuff. What I want is something to melt my face. I want to crank it...
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    XBOX Series X bundle - 11 games, 3 controllers including 2 elite

    I know this place isn't exactly crawling with console fans but I'd always rather do business with [H]. Heat in sig. Include your own with PM. $1050 net shipped CONUS for everything below. Adult owned and used by me. Everything works perfectly and is in very good to like new cosmetic condition...
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    FS: 32GB DDR4 3600 CL18 kits

    Heat in sig. Ran both kits on both X570 and Z490 boards without issue. Each kit is 2x16GB. 1 kit $105 shipped. 32GB total 2 kits $200 shipped. 64GB total
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    FS: Gigabyte 1080ti Gaming OC

    SOLD Heat in sig. This card. Card works perfectly. Spent it's life in passthrough behind a 120MM fan in a Proxmox server. Has 3 full size DP, DVI and HDMI. Gigabyte logo on top of card is RGB. $320 shipped with retail box.
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    FS: BNIB 3700X

    SOLD. Factory sealed new retail kit including the prism cooler. $280 shipped CONUS. Heat in sig.
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    WTB: 10600K or better

    Heat in sig. Looking for a 10600K or better Intel 10th gen CPU shipped to South Florida via USPS priority mail. No delids and I don't care about overclocking prowess.
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    Please help this idiot. LSI 9260-16i to Supermicro backplane connection?

    Trying to connect an LSI 9260-16i controller to a Supermicro backplane. Controller Backplane The controller has 4, 4 drive ports. The backplane seems to want 2 HBA connections. Can someone point...
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    FS: MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi

    Heat in sig. 3900X. $375 shipped CONUS. Bare CPU. SOLD MSI Gaming Edge Wifi X570 with retail box. $150 shipped Take both for $500. I also have 32GB of DDR4 3600 I can include add for +$$$ as part of the combo only...
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    WTB: 3200+ DDR4 larger sized DIMMs

    My heat is in sig. Please include yours when sending offers. No heat = no deal. LOL Ebay. Shipping to 34953. USPS priority preferred. Payment ready to send. I don't play games. Updating my home lab Proxmox host to a 3900x. Been running 64GB of 2400Mhz stuff on Intel without issue but I know...
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    FS: Synology DS720+, i5-9400, i7-8700K

    Heat in sig. Prices shipped to CONUS + APO/FPO via USPS Priority Mail. Synology DS720+ NAS. Latest performance 2 bay model. Only a few weeks old. Works perfectly. RAM has been upgraded to 10GB. The CPU is plenty capable and quick sync equipped for PLEX. I tossed the box like an idiot. NAS...
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    FS: Synology DS720+, 2x Toshiba N300 4TB NAS drives

    Heat in sig. DS720+ NAS Bought for a project who's scope has changed. Impressive box. Quad Intel CPU with QuickSync transcoding for PLEX. 2x 3.5" hot swap bays. Has 2 NVME cache slots on the bottom as well. Less than a month old but this rocket scientist accidentally trashed the box so no...
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    WTB: GPU for daughter's pc build. $100 budget

    Found what I need. Thanks.
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    FS: H270M-ITX/AC, Z170-HD3 mobos.

    Virtualized a few projects so have good working toys for sale. Prices include USPS priority shipping to CONUS APO/FPO. All items are in good working order and sold "bare" unless stated otherwise. Deals will be made on multiple items. Heat is in sig. Cash equivalent payments only for no/low heat...
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    WTB: DDR4 4GB

    Looking to buy the cheapest 4GB minimum DDR4 stick of memory I can get my hands on. Non ECC desktop. Heat in sig. FOUND. Thanks.
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    WTB: 8700 or 6700, K variety not a must

    Have a few projects that could use a CPU update. A variant of either CPU would work or another similar CPU in the same family (Xeon, etc.) of either. Looking for at minimum 4C/8T. OEM is fine as long as it works. Delidded CPUs are a negative in my eyes so if you've got an especially perfect...
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    FS: R5 3600 + ROG B450 motherboard

    SOLD to dbwillis. Have a R5 3600 and this board Mobo has RBG accents and is currently running perfectly with 32GB of the worlds cheapest DDR4. I'd do $250 shipped with original mobo box. Heat in sig. Looking for an...
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    WTB: 1151 board

    FOUND A BOARD. Thanks. Looking for an LGA1151 board. Prefer ATX but mATX could work as well. Need at least 2 8X and 2 1X slots. Upgrading an existing Unraid installation currently running on an ITX board so looking for expansion, not flashy features. Intel and/or multiple NICS are a bonus...
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    FS: 2x 8GB DDR4 unbuffered ECC Dell T30

    Heat in sig. GS Paypal accepted from high heat buyers. Cash equivalent otherwise. For Sale: 2x8GB Unbuffered ECC DDR4. These are the OEM SKhynix sticks that come in the Dell T30. $65 each. Both for $120. Shipped. Possible trades? A smaller Synology NAS 8th Gen Intel CPU Synology 1019+...
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    Looking for 8th gen cpu. i3 or better.

    As title says. Don't need a K CPU. Heat in sig.
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    Chair with locking recline?

    Looking for a chair that will lock in the reclined position. Preferably one that would do it partially reclined. I spend most of my time with my feet on my desk and a laptop actually in my lap. 6’4” 270. Would definitely want to sit in first so Office Depot, Staples, Sams preferred. Budget is...
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    Significant MS RDP Exploit identified for W7/2008 and earlier

    Didn't see this posted here yet. A particularly nasty RDP exploit has been identified. Affects machines running Windows 7 SP1 and/or Server 2008 SP2 and earlier. Many of us have these running in our environments.
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    WTB: 1080ti or similar

    Paying $480 shipped for a 1080ti. Preference for a smaller form factor cards. Heat in sig. Found one. Thanks.
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    WTB: Division 2 key

    Pretty self explanatory. Heat in sig.
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    Price dropped - FS: iPad Pro 10.5 256GB complete setup w/Pencil and KB case

    Heat in sig. Normal PP only accepted from high heat buyers. Selling a 9/10 condition iPad Pro 10.5" 256GB Space Grey WiFi setup. Only calling it a 9 because a 10 means still in sealed factory box. No blemishes or problems at all. Plenty of warranty left (Sept 2019) Used by me professionally...
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    Red Dead 2 - XB1 $40

    Title says it all. In perfect condition. Codes for the extra items (War Horse and Outlaw Kit) are not redeemed. Price is shipped CONUS via USPS priority. Heat in sig. SOLD to MrC4
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    HDR capable receiver? Is this even a thing?

    Planning to pick up a new AV receiver during the BF sales. Was looking at this Yamaha since it can also serve as a bluetooth TX for my headphones and seems to handle anything else I'd want to do...
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    FS: 1080ti, 1050ti, Red Dead 2

    Heat in sig. Prices are shipped CONUS APO/FPO 1080ti Gaming card. Works 100%. Bare card. $525 shipped. SOLD! 1050ti Bare card. Works 100%. Worst load...
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    i5-7500 bare CPU

    Heat in sig i5-7500 CPU. Bare CPU in plastic carrier only. Works perfectly. $125 shipped CONUS. Sold!