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    WTB: 12" MacBook Any Color or Config

    Need one for work. Let me know.
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    FS: FusionIO ioDrive2 785GB PCIe Card

    Refurb card in the box. I used it for a bit of testing but not much at all. $350 + $15 Priority Shipping. PayPal Preferred.
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    Anyone at Nutanix.Next?

    Anyone down in Miami this week?
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    Prebuilt w/ Intel Quadcore and 2 x Intel NICs?

    Looking for a good small silent or quiet box to use as an intelligent firewall. Want quad-core Intel and need two NICs. Would greatly prefer Intel chipset NICs, if possible. Any suggestions?
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    WTS: GTAV and CoD:AW for Xbox One. $70 Shipped for both.

    Brand new. I ordered these for PS4 on a deal from Rakuten and they sent me the wrong ones. Instead of dealing with them I'd rather just sell them to someone else for a better deal. Will do PayPal. Selling them as a pair only right now. SPF.
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    FS: Little Big Planet 3 for PS4 Digital Download $30

    Ended up with an extra. Can email you the code immediately after payment. $30 via PayPal.
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    Dual VCDX!

    Woohoo! Got notice today that I received my VCDX-NV (Network Virtualization / NSX). Very cool. Was in the first group to go through the program.
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    Pilgrim in a Strange Land

    Sitting in an Azure session at MS TechEd. :)
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    VMware's New Expert Certification Program

    Sitting in the first of 3 classes on VMware NSX this week. It's the launching point for a new CCIE-like program. Just put up a post on it.
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    vSphere 5.5 U1 (With VSAN!) is Out! Go get it.
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    vExpert Applications Are Open!

    Applications for vExpert are open. Go apply if you want to attempt. Posting and helping others on here is a good community contribution item to put on the application.
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    Got more IOPS for the home lab!

    Oh yeah. :) Two 785GB FusionIO ioDrive2 cards.
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    Flash Virtualization in My Lab

    Upgraded the lab a bit yesterday. Took my 3rd host up to 32GB finally. Added a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD to each host and put the current build of PernixData's FVP on there. Very nice. :) Taking a lot of I/O off my Synology. Not hitting it hard yet..still testing. But so far it's great.
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    Anyone Else a vExpert?

    4th year in a row! Woohoo! BTW: If you are, is giving you a free year subscription.
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    Submitting Sessions for VMworld?

    Anyone else submitting?
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    Synology Releases Fix for vSphere 5.1

    Synology has released DSM 4.1-2647. This fixes the problems with vSphere 5.1.
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    Cisco Offers Free Nexus 1000v

    My post here: Cisco split the product in to two license levels. An Essentials Edition that is free and an Advanced version that includes VSG for $695/socket. Very nice.
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    If you use a Synology NAS, don't upgrade to vSphere 5.1

    Heads up..a lot of people are having trouble with Synology DSM 4.1 and vSphere 5.1. Trouble as in..can't even boot a VM due to storage timeouts. Hold off until there is a fix from Synology.
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    No More vRAM Licensing?

    Can't believe we aren't discussing the rumors here....
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    Passed VCAP5-DCD

    Just passed the VCAP5-DCD exam. Took a little over 2 hours. If you took the VCAP4-DCD then this will be very familiar...just a slightly revised version. I hate these exams...not a fan of the question types.
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    Untangle on a Dual Core Atom

    Thinking of playing with an appliance for Untangle. Let's say I do a D2700. Right now I'm running Untangle in a VM, which after some network tweaking, runs well given 1 vCPU on a box with an Intel X3440. My load average is real high (6 to 13) under really heavy load...pulling full 50Mb down...
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    VMworld 2012 Public Voting is Open!

    Heads up that public voting is up for the VMworld sessions. My blog post here on my sessions: Appreciate any support. :)
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    Anyone going to EMC World?

    Anyone headed to EMC World in Vegas in May? EMC asked me to attend for a special thing so it looks like I'm going to go. It's my first one so it should be fun...I'm also not speaking or anything so I have no real obligations except for probably taking customers and partners to dinner/drinks...
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    vDS Broke My vCenter

    Working in the lab on some weirdness I was seeing with vNICs on UCS and the vDS. While rolling some hosts in/out of the vDS last night vCenter crashed and now won't start. Get this in the log: 2012-02-11T11:28:27.401-05:00 [02600 error 'Default'] [VpxdMain] Failed to initialize...
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    Headed off to Partner Exchange!

    Flying out to Vegas for VMware Partner Exchange this afternoon...going to be a looong week. Flying out early because I'm in the vCloud Director bootcamp over the weekend.
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    New video for my Cisco UCS course...

    Hate seeing myself on video...but Trainsignal put out the first clip from the course today:
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    FS: 2010 15" MacBook Pro - Hi-res - 2.66 i7 - 4GB - SSD - Applecare

    Selling a GREAT condition 15.4" MacBook Pro. This has the "hi-res" option for 1680x1050 resolution. Glossy screen. 4GB of RAM (upgradable to 8GB for CHEAP). 2.66GHz i7 dual-core CPU. HD is a 160GB Intel X25G2. Can send a 320GB spiny disk too if you want it. Includes original box, discs...
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    FS: HP 1800-24G Switch (J90208B)

    24-port 1Gb Layer 2 managed switch. GREAT lab switch. I use one in my VMware lab as well. They have a lifetime warranty on them and this one shows good link lights on all ports. Has the latest software on it and includes the rack mount ears as well. This does VLANs, trunking/port-channels...
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    Anyone going to Partner Exchange?

    Just signed up for Partner Exchange in Vegas in February. I can't wait. I'm not presenting or really working to meet with clients that week so I plan to relax this time and just enjoy myself...
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    VCP5 Exam

    I scheduled this exam like two months ago and kept rescheduling it..I think I literally did it 7 times due to other things come up and no time to prep. We have an engineer meeting on Monday and I wanted to talk to the guys about the exam so I just went and took it cold today without any prep...
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    HP Touchpad 32GB with HP Touchstone and HP Case

    Selling my HP Touchpad setup. It's a 32GB with the Touchstone dock/charger and HP case/cover. Perfect condition. I have the box for the Touchpad (not the rest). $240 which is what I have in it plus shipping from 28269. EDIT: Trades are 2TB or 3TB HDs, 4GB or 8GB DDR3 ECC DIMMs.
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    Want lab licenses? Speak up.

    Go here:
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    HP MediaSmart EX495 w/ 6.5TB Storage

    Selling my HP MediaSmart EX495 Windows Home Server NAS. It's in perfect condition and includes: WD WD15EADSSystem Drive (1.5TB) Seagate ST31500341AS (1.5TB) WD WD15EADS(1.5TB) WD WD20EARS (2TB) Running the original OS. This is the high-end MediaSmart with the dual-core CPU. Can add more...
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    Nick's New Invention: UberAlign

    Check it:
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    No free QoS in Untangle now?

    Looking to move to a virtual firewall/router and need QoS. Grabbed the latest Untangle and it appears that QoS is no longer a free feature. That right? If so what's my next option? pfSense is good, but the QoS is way above what I need and want to mess with. I really just need basic priority...
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    Help me. Cheapest ESXi 5 Host for Lab

    Working on a BoM (Bill of Materials) for our engineers for a home lab. We're hoping to help subsidize the cost for them. See if you can do better than me on the servers. I want them to have two physical hosts with 8GB each. No internal disks are needed. Minimum of 2 NICs, prefer 3. All...
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    vSphere 5 GA

    vSphere 5 is going GA right now. If you go look you may be able to download it. If not wait a couple hours as they update things.
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    Reminder... NFR Veeam Licenses for VCP, vExperts, and VCIs

    Just a reminder that Veeam is still doing this program for your lab.
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    Doing some lab work today...

    Spending the day on some lab work. We finally got some Cisco UCS lab gear here in Charlotte (have some in our other lab). EMC loaned me a VNXe to work with and do some blog posts on. Installing vSphere to the UCS blades right now. Just racked the VNXe.
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    What's New in vSphere 5 and SRM 5 Slide Deck

    I'm doing a series of GotoMeeting conferences with customers and others reviewing what's new in detail. If you want the slide deck I'm using to review it's here: I could do one for HFers if you guys want...