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    Weird Characters on New Posts

    Check this out, only happens when clicking on the new posts link.
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    380x or 970??

    PC Specs: I7 2600K @ 4.8Gkz 16 GB RAM PCPC 910 watt PSU 2x HD6850 1GB Cards 24" ASUS 1080P Monitor I play mainly BF4 right now, but I want to upgrade my graphics cards to be able to play Division. I was planning on just getting a 380x for around @220, but with nVidia bundling a game code...
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    Fan Deflector

    Does anyone know where you can buy a fan deflector? I would like to deflect all or some of my CPU's heatsink's fan airflow down onto my motherboard.
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    Q6600 for BF3?

    Looking at upgrading my son's PC. Currently ASUS P5E-VM HDMI LINK E8400 3.0Ghz Core2 4GB RAM DDR2 Windows Vista Ultimate Gefore 650 Ti 1GB I am considering getting a used q6600 off of Ebay. They go for around $50. The point is that he has taken to BF3. It plays pretty decent, but...
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    RAGE PC Stuttering w/ Cat 13.4

    I updated my video drivers today to 13.4. I was running 12.4 or something from last year which worked fine with Rage except it used only one video card instead of both of my 6850 cards. Now when I go to play Rage 64 the game stutters real bad... 1 second it moves and 5 seconds it locks up...
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    PCI Wireless Card

    I am building a PC for a friend out of my old stuff. I need a wireless card that goes in a PCI slot. I am looking over at NewZon and see cards with two and three antennae. Are more antenna better than less antenna...
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    Chrome wont render pages when video drivers are installed

    After I install AMD's driver for my graphics cards, Chrome won't render pages. If I uninstall the video drivers and reboot with no drivers, Chrome works fine. What is going on? I have been fighting these damn drivers all night long and now this.
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    $100 Video Card

    Looking for a video card upgrade for my son's PC. He is a COD player and wants Black Ops 2 for Christmas. Current Specs: E8400 at 3GHZ 4GB RAM Radeon X1950XTX I am considering something in the Radeon 7770 range of performance. I came across this GTX 460 1GB card at NewEgg for $99. Zotac GTX...
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    BF3 + 670 4GB = Red Screen Crash

    I have a buddy running a i7 rig. He recently upgraded from a AMD 6700 to a nVidia 670 4GB. Since then he gets red screen crashes when he plays BF3. If he drops the 6700 back in the game runs fine. He has tried re installing Windows 7 to rule out some sort of driver conflict. Power supply...
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    USB Video Card

    Does anyone have any experience with USB Video Cards and have any suggestions on selecting a make/model? This is the one I am leaning towards...
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    WMA 10 Pro

    Got a new car that has a Microsoft UVO system in it. It supports MP3 and WMA. How is WMA 10 Pro? It sounds nice, but is it widely supported? I'd hate to get a bunch of stuff ripped to find out down the road it will only work in my car.
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    Bus. Keyboard w/Programable Macro

    Anyone know of a good keyboard that supports programmable buttons that can be assigned to keyboard combos that would be suitable for business use and cost effective? All I seem to find are extravagant gaming keyboards that are very costly.
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    BF3 Scoping Problem

    When I pull up the scope on a weapon, it rapidly scopes in and out on it's own. Very annoying and makes using a scope pretty much worthless. Anyone else have this problem with BF3 at times?
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    Volume Shadow Copy Time Out 0x81000101

    I have been pulling my hair out on this one. My PC can not create restore points automatically or manually. This means that installing software and Windows Updates takes a very very long time as it sits and waits and waits for the restore point to be created. When doing it manually I get...
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    BF3 SP Swordbreaker Crash

    My BF3 crashes just like it does in this video at the exact same point: Suggestions on fixing this?
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    Online Game Stats

    Where do you go to find out how many people are playing a particular game online currently? Gamespy used to have a page for that but I can't find it for the life of me anymore.
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    Case Lighting Advice

    What do you guys use nowadays for case lighting? I want to light up the interior of my HAF912. I don't have a photo of it with it's new window on it, but here is the window I ordered from Coolermaster for it: I was looking at the neon lighting at the Egg from Logisys and it seems they...
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    Cheap Android Tablets

    I am considering getting my sons (12yrs &14yrs ) a pair of cheap android tablets as Christmas presents. They would have their email on it, Facebook access, Google search and stuff like that along with all software on the Android Market available to them. They are both getting into music and...
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    Display driver reset at boot

    Has anyone else had this happening to them with the BF3 Preview 3 Catalyst drivers from AMD where when you are logging into Windows, it pauses for a long time and then finally comes back with the display driver wasn't responding message? Windows 7 6850 Crossfire
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    Windows Aero Slowdown performance message.

    From time to time, when in game, I get the windows aero slowdown performance message and it drops me out of my game. How do you disable that?
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    Google Maps Default Location

    Google change something with Google Maps. I used to be able to click get directions and have point A filled in with my default location. Now it uses some location service, which I have disabled in the options of Chrome. But even with it disabled, I still have to manually type in my default...
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    Crossfire, one card RAM doesn't clock down when idle

    First time multi-GPU user here. I have a pair of 6850 cards on a z68 board in Crossfire. One of my cards, GPU1, runs considerable warmer and the memory never clocks down when at idle like it should. I have looked all around MSI Afterburner for some setting and found nothing. Any...
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    My New PC

    The sum of the parts: The cooler that is going to keep this beast under control with twin 120mm Coolermaster Blademaster Fans. The Sandybridge all nestled in it's socket ready for it's cooler. Corsair Vengence PC16000 DDR3 Ram, 4GB Per dimm. The motherboard prepped with a...
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    Crossfire Bridges

    Has ATI/AMD changed the bridges for Crossfire since they came out with them? The reason I am asking is that I need one, and there are only 3 listed on NewEgg and they all reference old cards like the x1950 and 2900.
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    PLX PEX 8608 Chip

    How big of a deal is the PLX PEX 8608 chip on the Z68 motherboards? I can't find specific info on what is disabled when you run a 2nd or 3rd graphics cards in motherboards that don't have the chip. I see the Asrock Z68 Extreme4 (Intel Z68) Motherboard and the ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe have the...
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    Chrome OS Version HIstory

    Does anyone know of a website that has the version history of the Chrome OS? I get updates quite often, but never really know what features are added or bugs are fixed.
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    Cyanogen got hired by Samsung.

    I saw this posted over at XDA. Wonder if we will see some better ROM's out of Samsung now?
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    How to submit a trouble ticket to AMD?

    Where is the link to submit a trouble ticket to AMD regarding the Radeon product line and their drivers? I did it before back in the X800 days with my AIW. I got some real decent help out of ATI back then, but I can't for the life of me find the spot on the website for this.
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    Athlon X2 2GB DDR400 vs 4GB DDR 333

    I have an old PC sporting a Athlon X2 4200 and a Radeon X1950XTX running windows XP 32bit. Right now it has some real tight timed SuperTalent 2x 1GB Sticks of DDR400 in it. I have also acquired two sticks of Crucial DDR333 CL2.5 that I want to add to that PC. How much of a performance hit...
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    Memtest Error after 12 hours

    I picked up some used RAM on Ebay to add to my son's PC. His PC is a Phenom 9600BE. He has two 1GB sticks of GeIL Black Dragon DDR2 800 at 4-4-4. I bought two 1GB sticks of OCZ Platinum Rev2 4-4-4 RAM to add to his PC. I ran Memtest86+ before I put the new ram in, and it ran for a...
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    Peek9 Message Device Does anyone know much about this company and it's service? For $299.99 you get the device and lifetime service. There are also monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans as well. It's unlimited email and texting per month, along with Facebook, Twitter, Maps...
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    720x480NTSC or 640x480

    I have a Canon ZR850 Camcorder that records in 720x480 NTSC. I encode my movies to H264 mp4 files. When I render the movies, should I render them at 720x480 or at 640x480? This has something to do with NTSC pixels and square computer pixels. If I do 720, I get black bars on top and...
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    Weird behavior when copying files

    I bought a new WD 2TB USB 2.0 external drive and am copying stuff to it off my very full internal disks. One of the disks I am copying from is a very old 300GB Maxtor drive. I have had it for what seems like forever and it's just my scratch drive for various things. The weird thing is, while...
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    Overclocking a Phenom 9600 BE

    I was "attempting" to overclock my son's Phenom 9600 Black Edition last night to give him a little better gaming experience with Bad Company 2. Are these 9600BE like the worst overclockers ever or what? I could only get 100mhz out of it. I tried upping the voltage on the CPU, then the NB...
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    Mac G5 System

    I haven't touched a Mac since the original back in the '80s. Curiosity is killing me though. I was looking at this deal over at $279 Apple PowerMac G5 Dual Processor PowerPC G5 2.0GHz 512MB 160GB DVD±RW GeForce FX 5200 Ultra OS X...
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    OpenWatch: Caller ID on your watch

    I saw this thread over at xda: Found the watches on Amazon for $120 Or...
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    Should have searched first: My bad.
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    Grounding Rooftop Antenna

    I am thinking of getting one of these antennas: Gonna mount it using a chimney mount on a piece of 1.5"x15' conduit for a mast. Does it need to be grounded?
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    Canned Benchmark

    What is a good canned benchmark to replace 3DMark that doesn't cost money?
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    Camcorder Suggestions

    I have a Canon ZR850 digital tape camcorder. I like it, but I would like to upgrade to something that is solid state. What are some good starting suggestions for me to look into. I need a decent zoom to film wrestling from the stands, school concerts, etc. I also want to shoot outdoors...