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    D-Link DIR-825 For sale

    Absolutely nothing wrong with this Router only reason getting rid of it i have no use for it anymore as i purchase a AC router. It still has the original plastic covering the Lights D-Link DIR-825 B1 - $40 shipped via USPS, PayPal only. things willing to trade for are a Mid Tower...
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    Faulty Network Interface Controller (HELP)

    Greetings Okay Guys this is breaking my head and I've ran out of solutions and maybe you guys could help me out, I have Acer Aspire R1600, that got infected so i reinstalled the Operating System, i installed windows XP Service pack 3 and went to the Acer Manufacture website and installed NIC...
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    AMD Motherboard + 6400 Black Edition + RAM For Sale

    Welcome !!! To my For Sale Tread - Items come from non-smoking environment and are well taken care of. - Paypal payments only - Willing to entertain offers - All prices Does not include shipping. - Pulled out off a working Machine - As is - Bump if you look/Pm. - My HEAT...
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    Advice on HTPC

    Hey guys just wondering if its worth building a HTPC or just sell my old Hardware, Basically what i want to know is, if my system is up to par to handle Blue-ray, Stream Music/Video (netflix) etc. with somewhat light gaming probably just flash base.. here is the hardware AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual...
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    Video Card Issues Need Help (8800 GTX SLI)

    Seems like my computer lately has been having lots of issues. I get random shut downs when viewing Youtube Videos in full Mode, computer freezes and makes a loud noise like a zzzttt sound then finally it crashes and turns off...Then When i try playing my FPS Games, (Call of Duty) Modern...
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    Need help buidling a CCTV (DVR) Surveillance System

    Hey everyone i don't really post here much but I've got a unique one for you guys well, my work gave me the opportunity to build a DVR system for our Surveillance System here are the following things i would need 1.16-32 Cameras Video Input(s) Im highly thinking of this one...
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    Junior Moving Out Sale

    Hey guys moving out and everything must go !! willing to entertain offers all my prices are negotiable.. Price don't include Shipping Items will ship within 1-3 days of payment. Paypal only please.... I am paypal verified Local pickup from 90032 available. Here is my Heatware...
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    WTB: AT&T Cell Phone

    my phone just crapped out on me and im not longer eligable for a upgrade so does anyone have a decent phone laying around ?
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    Selling Dell Computers CHEAP ! (Complete Systems) Take a look

    Hi everyone Selling good condition reformatted Dell Computers. Complete systems come with Genuine Windows XP PRO 17 LCD Flat Monitor Dell LCD 1707FP, DELL Keyboard and Dell Mouse My heatware is 1-0 User Name : SoulAssassin Item location: Los Angeles, Ca Buyer covers Shipment(But...
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    Data archiving for video footage

    Hi [H] My company is in search for a solution in video footage archiving, What kind of solutions do you guys use with your current companies As per our contract we have to make Surveillance footage available to the city as requested up to 1 year.. Are current DVR Surveillance set up holds up...
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    FS/FT: My Brand New Playstation 3 (80GB)

    Hi everyone im selling or Trading my brand new spanking PS3.. For 280 Shipped to all 48 states, Payment Receive is a must first.Only opened it to make sure everything was running. Things included PS3,1 Controller, Owner Manual, Brand new box and 1 year Warranty. Things im willing to...
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    Building my first WHS (need opinions)

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for my very first build on WHS, even though I've built so many systems i have never build a file server before and i think WHS will suit us perfectly for what we want it to do.. So here are my questions what hardware do i need to run a WHS 24/7 I need something very...
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    WTB: AMD/AM2+/AM2 Mobo

    Wanting to buy a Good resealable working mobo with Memory Standard of DDR2 800, please post your mobo and price..
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    WTB: HP iPAQ h4300 Pocket USB desktop cradle/charger

    Does anyone have a cradle charger around for a HP iPAQ h4300 Pocket PC, If you do please post how much and condition of plug, also willing to trade for a Harddrive,ram, etc...
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    A+ preparation And Future Goals

    I recently took a college course on the A+ Preparation and don't feel to confident about taken the test yet,(A+ Core Hardware exam is 220-301) & (A+ OS 220-302). Can anyone give me a few pointers on how to past this test? I've tried CompTia Nugget Video, And also studied the book, i study about...
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    Sli Question

    Will these two cards be compatible with one another running in SLI configuration Card that i have Might buy this one
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    Need Advise (Random Shut Downs) help appreciated !

    I'm experiencing some random shut downs only when computer has been off for a long period of time, Lets say i haven't turn on the computer for more then 2-3 days and i turn the computer back on, it will restart maybe about 3-5 times, then finally it will stay on, Passes POST. Right now the...
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    WTB: Asus KBS-LA

    Looking for a good solid Motherboard for a clients Asus KBS-LA HP Pavilion 91203W... that recently fried.. If anyone has one please post Pictures and prices
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    How Do I Run 3 Displays on 1 Computer

    Hey guys i need some professional help here, Basically what I'm trying to do is run three Monitors in one single Pc, Here is my little Dilemma, My boss wants Multiple screens to monitor Surveillance Cameras In different Locations, So I though of a easy solution which was to buy Matrox...
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    BSOD (Need Help)

    Hey Guys After Intense Google and No Solution i come here See if some one could help me. So I've spend a couple of hours trying to figure out this problem that I have. SO far I've Tested the ram With (Memtest86 V.34) No Errors What so ever, Tested the HDD With Western Digital Software No...
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    Video Card That Supports 3 Monitors (19)

    Can anyone recommended me a video card that supports 3X19 Inch Monitors in one computer Thanks
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    Decryptor movies Won't Play In vista

    Okay Maybe some one could help me on this, I've been running Windows Xp Sp2 For quite some time now and I recently installed Vista Home Premium X64 Bit. I have A media Drive that store's all my movies,pics,mp3's & videos Etc, in it. Now when i play my movies in Windows Xp it has no problem...
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    Decryptor movies Won

    Okay Maybe some one could help me on this, I've been running Windows Xp Sp2 For quite some time now and I recently installed Vista Home Premium X64 Bit. I have A media Drive \ Anyone know how to erase this thread ? Sorry for the double post.
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    Spec Me a Rig (budget Rig)

    hey Guys i need two computers Both of them would be used for surfing the internet and a little office work, excel,frontpage and Word. things to keep in mind It is a budget build up. So not looking for anything out of the ordinary, These machines will never be gaming wise so don't need to...
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    tripple Swivel Arm LCD

    Anyone know were i could get one so far i've tried ebay they only have one also can some one give me any...
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    Ready For Vista ? (Need Adviced)

    Hey guys Do you guys think I'll be ready for Vista and if so what kinda vista do you recommend 32 or 64 bit Application *Links would be great* Here are my Specs Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.8GHz Memory: 2048MB Corsair XMS(PC2...
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    New Plasma + New Htpc = Few Question

    Hey their [H]ard Forums. I have a few Questions on What i need to build a HTPC (My very First Htpc Budget BuildUp) So I'm a little confuse on what exactly i need to build a new little rig. This will be used for Watching DVD Movies (Blue Ray DVD) little light Gaming (Yet i don't think my plasma...
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    Movie Library For Windows XP

    Maybe some one could help me out what i Need is a actual 3d Media Library, I happened to have a Hard drive (Media Drive) getting full and i need a organizer/Library Kinda like a tree or something similar to it but in a 3d affect. Sorry if it doesn't make sense but kinda hard to explain i guess...
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    Need Expert Advised.

    Hey Guys I've encounter a little problem, My router seems to be working fine when I'm not messing around with it, For instance when i try to open up some ports, (port forwarding) Then that's when all hell breaks, What I'm trying to do is open VNC ports so i could log in my computer via remotely...
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    USB Doesn't work with WINDOWS XP Sp2

    Hey guys I did a complete format on my super old gaming rig. Installed All chipset/nic/raid/sound - drivers and then went and updated Windows Updated downloaded all updates and installed them, Then i sticked my USB Thumb Drive, Windows didn't Recognized it, In fact it absolutely did Nothing. So...
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    Istalling Windows XP on Dell Latitudec610 W/Out CD Drive?

    How do i go about installing windows XP pro SP2 on my Dell Latitude 610 without a CD or DVD Drive, Didn't come with one. I've looked all over the place and can't seem to find a DVD or CD room that integrates with my current laptop, I dont know maybe i should try a booting up with a External Usb...