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    HP lp2475w - Pixels stuck on - power on only.

    I have an HP lp2475w I bought in September of 2009. A few months ago, when turning the monitor on I noticed a bunch of small red and green (no blue) pixels. They're sort of scattered - easily 50 to 100 of them. However, once the monitor gets a signal, I've tried everything to get them to show...
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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology (SSD related)

    I purchased a Micro Center branded A-DATA 64GB SSD. I was getting ready to install it by reading up on the various changes you can do to Windows 7 for better performance and to increase the drives longevity by disabling certain features. In the course of reading I've read that you should...
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    Areca 1680ix-12 + Seagate SAS = No Windows-compatible partition

    What I have: 1 - Areca 1680ix-12 12 - Seagate ST3146356SS Cheetah 15K.6 146GB 15K SAS drives Motherboard is a Tyan S5380, Xeon 5160 3Ghz Dual Core Woodcrest, all drives are in an AIC RSC-8ED-0. What I am trying to do is install Windows XP Pro SP2 x64 onto a 3 drive RAID5 I have...
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    TechNet Licensing

    Does anyone know of a page that explains how many licenses come with each software package offered on TechNet? From my understanding you get 10 keys w/ 10 activations for each standalone product - Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, etc. Does this apply to Office and Server OS's &...
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    Plantronics or Jabra Phone Headset

    I am looking at a headset for my work phone. 1 - Plantronics EncorePro HW301N OR 2 - Jabra GN2000 Duo, Noise Canceling, Narrow Band I am also considering a Jabra GN8000 Headset Amplifier. Useful? No? I just need to be able to get the volume of the call up a bit and make sure it...
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    My two new file servers

    It does not meet the requirements for the "Post your 10TB+ systems" thread, but that's OK. I don't need massive amounts of storage as most of my stuff is music, and some various media (some tv, a few dvd's). I don't keep a copy of every DVD or Blu-ray I own so that keeps my storage requirements...
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    mdadm RAID creation - Cannot open device

    I'm trying to create a RAID0 using 3 RAID6's that are created on 3Ware 9650SE-8LPML in Fedora 8 x64. I go to create the /dev/md0 using the 3 RAID6's and I use the following command: mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=0 --raid-devices=3 /dev/sdc /dev/sdd /dev/sde But get the following...
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    ASUS DSAN-DX - No memory detected

    I have a ASUS DSAN-DX motherboard that when I turn it on it goes "Beeeeeeep beep beep". According to the manual it means "No memory detected" But no matter what memory I give it (DDR2 533 or 667 ecc, unbuffered, non-ecc/non-unbuffered or just regular desktop memory) the BIOS beep error still...
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    XGI Z9S & Fedora 10 64-bit

    I'm trying to get the onboard video for a SuperMicro X7DWE to work in Fedora 10. I do a normal install, all on one drives, set a password - the only thing I select is "Software Development" as an additional set of packages to install. After the install I reboot and am greeted with a text...
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    FATAL: Module md not found. (mdadm)

    Fedora 8 x64 I am attempting to create a stripe with two drives - I can create the/dev/md0 device, mkfs ext3, mount it - and see it in df -h. However I reboot and /dev/md0 is gone and the folder is mounted to /. I run modprobe md - and I get: [root@localhost modules]# modprobe md...
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    My Unfinished Basement Theater

    No HTPC yet - I'm still working on it. Gear: Panasonic Viera TH-50PX85U Middle Atlantic BRK16 Rack Middle Atlantic GD16 Glass Door Middle Atlantic U2 shelves (+ 1 U1 shelf) Furman PL-8 Series II Power Conditioner Oppo DV-980H DVD Player - For SACD, CD and DVD Playback Sony...
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    500W or 600W - 2U / Quad Core / 8-drives

    I am specing out a server for a customer. I'm debating as to use a 500W Zippy Redundant Power Supply or 600W. It will run a Phenom 2.2GHz Quad Core, 8GB DDR2, and 5 Seagate ES.2 TB drives in a 2U Form factor. I'm thinking 500W should be enough. I'd do 600W just to be safe, but the...
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    What to do with older 200GB IDE drives?

    So a few years ago I built an 8 drive RAID 5 array using Western Digital WD200JB 200GB 8MB 7200RPM on a HighPoint RocketRaid 464. Well I no longer use that RAID setup anymore, as the cost of drives came down and moved off of it. I have had these 8 Western Digital WD200JB 200GB 8MB 7200RPM...
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    Quality CAT5/6 Cables + Good Connectors

    I work in storage and as a result I'm often switch cables between my lab computers to different DAS/NAS/SAN RAID devices. Sometimes I don't do anything, other times I might move the cable 50 times a day between them. I got some nice cables - with a metal connector and a long pin (so it's easy...
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    Board with lots of PCI-Express

    I'm trying to find a board (as the subject says) that has lots of PCI-Express slots - x4 or greater. Plan to but a bunch of Fiber/SAS/SCSI cards in them and want to get the best performance. Onboard video is fine - mainly for lab and testing purposes. Intel-based preferably.
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    How much bandwidth does a 3Com phone take?

    I'm setting up a new router and creating some VPN's for some remote sales guys. I'd like them to be able to use their phones (as they do now) but want to make sure that I have enough traffic on our end to make it work alright. (It's kind of spotty now) Our phone system is a 3Com NBX 100...
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    Obtaining temperature of Athlon MP 2600.

    Is there any software out there that will tell me the temperature of an AMD Athlon MP 2600 CPU? Board is a Tyan S2469.
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    CoolerMaster CM Stacker vs CM Stacker 810

    I am looking for a new case to support an Extended ATX motherboard that I have. I currently own an original CM Stacker that houses my server. While it's big - it holds everything in it, and has lots of room. I was looking at the CM Stacker, and noticed there are several variations of it...
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    XP Pro thinks my drive is a file .. kind of.

    Three hard drives in question: 160 120 400 XP Pro was running on the 160GB. I installed Vista on a 120GB in March. Now I am going to go back to XP Pro. I erased the 160GB from Disk Management. Then I went and took out the 120 and put in the 160GB. XP installed fine. I attached my...
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    Business class e-mail hosting

    We don't host our own e-mail server in-house, and usually have it done by our web host provider. Our first webhost provider sold out to another company, and it went down-hill. We moved to a new host, midPhase. Well, they're run by a bunch of Russians (all of the System Admins I dealt with...
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    Intel DG33FBC - No Server 2003 Support

    I was looking to buy a DG33FBC motheboard for a server I'm building. Price is right, has all I need. However, there is no "official" Server 2003 Support. However, does anyone know if the XP drivers would work?
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    No video after processor switch.

    The system in question is a Celeron D 2.8, Intel D915GEV, 512MB DDR2 and Onboard Video. I have a LSI Logic x8 SAS Card in the x16 slot. I started an install of Windows Server 2003, until I realized that the reason I'm installing it is because I switched my processor. However, I had not...
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    Shuttle SD37 2 PCI-Express x8 Slots

    I plan to get a Shuttle SD37 and use my existing PCI-Express x16 card in the first x8 slot - can I use the second x8 slot for a storage controller or is it limited to video only? Thanks.
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    iTunes Playlist by Directory

    On my PC running Windows XP I use foobar2000 for organizing and mp3 playback. With how my mp3s are laid out, I have different "playlists". Each playlist points to a specific folder (ie: new stuff, old stuff, ipod stuff - only have a shuffle so I just keep a seperate copy). How can I do this...
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    Any PCI-Express x8 graphics cards out there?

    I am looking to get a new Shuttle system, and keep my existing graphics card (XFX 6600GT PCI-Express x16 - I don't game). However, the shuttle I want has two PCI-Express x8 Slots. However, I can't find any x8 graphics cards. Which is weird - why are all the cards x16? From what I gather (I...
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    LCD TV Suggestions

    I am looking for an LCD TV - under 19" - ideally 15". Something under $250, preferably around $200. It would be nice if it supported HD as well, and did not have any speakers and was VESA mountable. I've looked at a few at NewEgg, but thought I'd get a few suggestions from the [H]ard.
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    Windows Server 2003: DHCP Server on certain interface.

    I have a lab computer that I would like to use as a DHCP Server. However, I *ONLY* want it to hand out IP's via a specific interface (a second NIC I have). Is this possible?
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    Power Supply Suggestions

    I currently have two systems; a P3 650 that has my drives for my RAID array in it. It runs off two power supplies (a 250 Watt that powers the board, and boot drive) and a Rosewill 500 watt that powers the drives (has 8 molex connectors). Well I experienced some problems, and was ready to get a...
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    How is the WD RE2 WD5000YS?

    I'm looking to use 4 of these in a RAID5 for storing my music. Not exactly high-speed. Given my recent RAID failure, I was told to look at the RE2 - mainly cause of the RAID specific enhancements? Are they worth it, compared to the equivalent Seagate? Thanks.
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    RAID 5 Array Down

    I have a HighPoint 464 RAID Card that runs in my old computer, a P3 650 w/ 512MB RAM, 80GB boot drive. On the RAID card are 8 Western Digital 200GB ATA100 8MB drives. I was playing some music (from the RAID array) earlier today when I was burning a DVD and it stuttered - considering that...
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    FS: iPod 30GB 5G & Nintendo DS Lite

    I have a 30GB iPod 5G (Video) available for sale. Purchased in February 2005 for work, got laid off two days later. Used for about 15 hours, charged a few times. Very light use. Has an extended warranty from Best buy. Been in an Agent 18 Video Shield from the moment I took it out of the...
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    Terminal Services Question

    Where I work, we are planning to purchase a laptop. This laptop will be used as our training and demo system. One of the training requirements are that people Remote Desktop into the laptop (so they can see the client). Now most of our sites have additional Terminal Services licenses on a...
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    Backup Exec 10.0 - Network shares

    I'm trying to set Backup Exec 10.0 to backup some network shares (just need some files), but I can't get it to "see" the files in the selection window. I expand "Remote Selections", "Microsoft Windows Network", select our domain, and I see computers. Some are grayed out automatically. Some are...
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    Server Monitoring / Best Practices

    I am at a new job, and one thing I have been asked to do, is come up with a list of "best practices". This list of "best practices" would contain items that could either be monitored by software (not necessarily which software, but just in general) or could be manually checked. Our system's...
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    Wireless issue - computer doesn't see network.

    I have a Gateway laptop that can not see the wireless network. It used to be able to see it, but now it does not. There are other laptops in the building and all can see and connect to it just fine. I tried adding it, but since it's not finding it - it doesn't connect to it. Any...
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    WTB: Dell 1905FP LCD

    Looking to get a Dell 1905FP LCD. I have two, and would like a third for my desk. If you have one in mint condition, used - but no severe problems and no dead pixels and are looking to get rid of it, or have an extra - let me know. Offering $200 or so.
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    Shuttle Core Barebones?

    Anyone hear anything on the rumor mill about Shuttle possibly releasing a system that use the Intel Core series of processors? I'd love to move away from my large tower (considering I only have a DVD burner and 1 hard drive) to a SFF PC. I know they make the XPC X100, but I'm looking for...
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    Need drive setup recommendations for a VMWare box.

    In the next couple of weeks or month, I plan to build a Dual 3.4GHz Xeon Nocona system. I was able to get 2 CPU's and Intel board for free. I plan to use this system as a machine used to run VMWare. It'll host between 3 - 10 images, if not 15. They'll mainly be used for testing stuff out...
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    My new file server.

    I had been using 3 Western Digital 200GB 8MB IDE drives, and a Western Digital 120GB 2MB IDE drive for storage - it was always offline so the drives wouldn't die. I wanted a solution that would keep the drives online 24/7, and still be reliable. It runs on a Pentium 3 650/512MB/Western...