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    FS: Samsung 950Pro 512 NVME $80 Shipped SSD WTTF: 1TB+ Laptop SSD

    Just upgraded to a bigger SSD, so I'm seeing if anyone here wants to cop my old Samsung 950 Pro 512 before I throw it on Ebay. 80 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Drive is in great condition. Below is the SMART report and Samsung Magician report I did right before installing the new one...
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    Any Android/iOS Miners Legit?

    Thinking of collecting some free pennies on office power. TIA
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    Got 4 WD Reds With The BBY Deal...Can Someone Suggest A Decent NAS?

    I wasn't really in the market for a NAS, but I couldn't pass up the deal. I also built my wife a gaming rig, so she will need storage beyond her SSD, so I said why not? I've worked with SANs, but i have no experience with home/prosumer level NAS. Could someone point me to a reliable 4-bay that...
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    New Mobo/CPU/RAM, System starts up slower?

    I replaced my dying old Core2Duo with a new i5-6500, on a Gigabyte Sniper B7 MOBO, and 32GB of Crucial Ballistix RAM. Also, new case and PSU. The only things I recycled are the two drives, and the GPU. Now, the period from visible Desktop to usable Desktop seems to take forever. I installed the...