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    Is Prime95 harmful?

    Hi folks. Got a Xeon 8260M upon a X11SPA-TF here, just finished to build it. It works, at least for now. Now, I always used to test my processors with Prime95, latest version, half an hour of blend + FFT small. But recently, a colleague of mine told me that Prime95 can kill stuff (either the...
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    Ryzen 3000 non-X

    Hi. I'm in search of the best tdp/performance ratio, since the computer I'm building will likely function 24/7. I'm still unable to find reliable informations about the 3900 non-X, which should provide very good performance in a tdp of ~65W. It has been speculated that such processor (along...
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    Dual Kraken G12 in four-slot space

    Hi guys. I need to provide sufficient cooling to two 2080ti stacked tightly, in a 4-slot space. This would of course exclude any open-air design for the video cards (which I have yet to buy), whereas a blower design will almost surely thermal-throttle. The most obvious cheap solution would be...
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    Finding something inexpensive to host an i3-9100F

    Hi guys. I'm in the process of choosing components to put together a pc for 24/7 operations. I need inexpensive components, small form factor, low power draw, and compatibility with Intel MKL numerical library, so my choice would be b360/b365 ITX and the i3-9100F. Now, I'm unable to find any...
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    Cooling two 1080TIs (FE).

    Hi mates. I got two 1080TIs Founder's, one of which hits regularly 90C (sometimes 91) with a room temperature of 20/21C, and its fan at 88-90%. The other runs marginally cooler, but always above 85C. Needless to say, they are loud as hell, and I get no boost (sometimes they even go below 1400...
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    Watercooling two 1080TIs FE

    Hi fellas. I got two 1080ti, both FE, one from nvidia and one from evga. I use them for training neural networks. Maybe not all the 1080ti are created equal, since the evga one absorbs more power (even at idle), and hits much higher temps. With a 21C room temp, and a good airflow through the...
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    Very, very big case.

    Hi mates. I got an Asus x99-WS/IPMI mainboard. Now I also got to install a dual-slot video card in the *last* slot of the board, the one closest to the lower edge of the mobo. I need a case that allows some space between the edge of the board and the PSU, otherwise the video card wouldn't fit...
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    Z370/B360, PCIe Lanes, and slots

    Hi mates, Please help me with two questions I wasn't able to answer after *a lot* of googling. 1. The vast majority of h370 and b360 boards with two mechanical 16X slots do have the following layout: the upper slot has 16 gen3 lanes by the CPU. The lower one has 4 gen4 lanes by the PCH. Now, I...
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    XFX P1-650G-TS3X (650W Gold, single rail)

    I have this PSU: on a PC which draws very little power without the GPUs (idles at ~30W, prime95 at ~82W). However, I got to install a GTX1080ti (founders) and a GTX1070 (msi aero). Will the...
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    About Adapters

    I got to run a GTX 1070 on a PSU which just has a single 6-PIN rail, while the 1070 has a 8-pin connector. Now mates, please don't say "just buy a new PSU". The computer is a workstation having proprietary psu connectors for the mobo, so the only viable option is to use adapters. The 1070...
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    M.2 SSDs

    I got a few questions about new M.2 format. 1) I have a x79 mobo without m.2 slot. Using a m.2 -> pci-express 4x adaptor will involve a performance drop? The ssd will be correctly recognized by bios? Will I be albe to use it as primary boot drive? 2) If I buy an average performance model...
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    Two Windows Installations on the same PC.

    I own a regular windows 8.1 license, and I want to install the OS on two different partitions of my hard drive (one installation for serious work tasks, the other for games, tests, fun, etc, without constant fear of getting viruses or screwing things.. ). I got only one license. Now, what...
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    Dell Poweredge T20 as *workstation*

    I would like to buy a T20 and use it as ultra-cheap workstation, installing a gtx750 ti card. Purposes: cuda programming and light gaming. My question is: will the PCIe slot be capable of supply the necessary power to the video card (750 ti needs a full-blown 75W slot). Googling, I...
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    U2414H vs. P2414H

    I need a good inexpensive IPS, absolutely PWM-free. Does the P2414H have a stronger Anti-Glare coating than U2414H? There are some other important differences apart from input ports? Thanks! ;)
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    X10SAE vs. X10SAT

    I'm building a workstation based on xeon E3-1245v3 , but I'm undecided about the two mentioned boards. Please allow me to ask some questions: 1) Apart from getting rev. C2 for sure, and thunderbolt, with SAT, what are other differences between the boards? 2) Do both boards support multiple...
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    S1200BTLR defective?

    Hi, I also posted my problem in OS section, but I'm also posting here, cause I'm thinking my mobo is defective. I have a windows 7 ultimate on a system composed of an Intel S1200BTLR mainboard with a Xeon 1245v2 cpu, and 32gb ECC ram, and a pair of 840 pro. Ram is tested with memtest and is...
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    My 7 ultimate is unstable.

    Hi, I have a windows 7 ultimate on a quite high end workstation, at office. The system is composed of an Intel S1200BTLR mainboard with a Xeon 1245v2 cpu, and 32gb ECC ram, and a pair of 840 pro. Ram is tested with memtest and is OK. Also, cpu was stress tested with usual tool, and is...
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    Dell S2240T Touchscreen

    I find this display very interesting. Its adjustable stand allow us to use this monitor like a book, without keyboard and mouse. Reviews about image quality are also encouraging. Someone has informations about its PWM-free-ety? Thanks.
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    Help me to understand Flickering...

    Perhaps you can help me to better understand monitor flickering, and clarifying difference between low framerate flickering and PWM flickering. It has been said that a good test for flickering could be to look at the sceen through a video camera (or cellphone). Now, I own two CCFL monitors...
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    T110 II & ESXi: again :)

    I'm thinking to buy this cheap server to replace my actual i3-based ESXi machine wich hasn't VT-d. Now, I have just 4 precise answers: 1. Will T110-II support VT-d out of the box with 5.1?? 2. Has anyone mesured power draw al wall both in idle and under load? I'm interested particularly...
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    ESXi ZFS box: worth it?

    I'm trying to understand if a ZFS system makes sense when installed into ESXi. Right, the zfs-compatible OS uses indeed zfs, but the underlying filesystem is however esxi own filesystem (an ext4 derived fs, much less reliable than zfs). Is this correct?? :confused:
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    general purpose 24"

    I need a good 24" mainly for long development sessions and occasional gaming. Requirements: 1. Absolute flickering-free (best if panel is not PWM-controlled), no eyestrain. 2. Good sharpness, good reproduction of small fonts. 3. Luminance uniformity 4. At least 3 digital inputs, of wich...
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    Using ESXi guest OSes

    Hi, I'm an absolute "server virtualization" noob. However, today I installed ESXi 5.1, and a guest OS inside it, mainly for learning purposes. The entire process was easy and flawless, but now I encountered the first troubles: How to access and use guest OS in a comfortable manner? Surely I...
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    Mobo for Workstation/ESXi/HTPC

    My goal is to select a mobo to build a decent workstation. BUT, the system, later, will become an ESXi server *and* HTPC, so I would like to stay flexible. My requirements: mandatory: - support for e3 OR e5 xeons - support for ECC - al least one x16 slot (preferably 3.0), with decent...