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    Youtube & High Quality Videos

    I recently bought a new digital camera (Camera A590 IS on special for $130 CDN at FS, couldn't refuse). The video quality on this thing is great. Perhaps not the best, but kicks the shit out of my old camera. Now, I'm also a bit of a Transit Enthusiast (Call me weird, won't be the first time...
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    Computer Not Powering On - Not Power Supply

    So, I recently got a new (used) motherboard to replace my dying Chaintech. Now, I'm trying to get an Asus P4S333 working, and it won't power on. All it will do when I hit the switch is slightly move the fans, and nothing else. I'm running with nothing but the CPU, and the P4 connector is...
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    Completely locking down XFCE 4.4

    So, basically what I'm trying to do is create a Linux image that has just a connection to the terminal server, and an icon to shut down the computer. Nothing more, nothing less. Because a lot of these systems are older (PII-350 is the lowest, with one oddball Celeron 366), I've chosen to use...
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    Linux: Computer Receiving IP; No Internet Access

    So, here's the story: I set up a computer with a dual-NIC configuration to share the internet connection among other computers. What I had done, was set up the internet connection on the new card, and have the onboard NIC as the output. BTW, what I had done was set the static IP to...
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    XFCE Questions

    Now, I have Arch Linux set up so that it automatically logs in as 'user' and starts XFCE. However, I set up a respawn in /etc/inittab to load startxfce4. The problem is, is that when it respawns after logging out, it loads it as root. What is the proper way to respawn XFCE as user? Thanks.
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    More JS Issues

    Ok, so I'm trying to follow this guide: The problem I'm having is that it only populates the listbox with the first letter of the array name. If I alert the variable used to do an eval(Monitor), it will alert me with Monitor, and the lsitbox...
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    Using Javascript to pass data between HTML Forms

    So, what I'm trying to do is use a master listbox to tell a PHP script what table in an SQL database to access. However, I have three or four different forms on the page. Here's my understanding of how to do this: - Using Javascript, get the value from the listbox and put it into a js...
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    Cannot open Database

    So, here's the story: Last night, after doing an apt-get dist-upgrade (Ubuntu 6.10 > 7.10), the update didn't take, which forced me to copy everything over to another machine and redo it. Now, I can access the database from the MySQL shell alright, but any of the PHP scripts cannot access it...
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    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10s plagued?

    Ok, so I got a 250GB Seagate HD about a month back (IDE model), and it started making this noise (Best I can describe it is like an owl) followed by a click. I got the drive replaced yesterday, same model, and it has started doing the same thing. Thoughts?
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    PDA Sync Problems

    I'm having problems syncing my HP H2210. When I try to set up a standard partnership, it'll only stay connected for a couple of minutes. Then, it will automatically disconnect itself and I'll have to redock the PDA in order to get it to connect again. However, with a guest partnership, there...
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    Merging Album Art With MP3

    What software do I need to merge album art with the MP3 itself? I've noticed that a few of my MP3s appear to have the album art embedded in themselves. I was just wondering how to do this? It's a small thing, but I think this: Looks a bit better than this
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    FS: Optical Mice

    PRICES IN CND (Pur. 2007) Nexxtech Wireless Optical Mouse Great condition other than a few scratches on the bottom. I've only used it for a month and a half (not even). It's actually a fairly decent mouse. It has 7 buttons on it, all are programmable. I didn't require a mouse pad with this...
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    New Card in Old Dell, some problems

    My friend bought a Radeon 9000 PCI and put it into his Dell GX110 (P3 800, but will soon be a PIII 1.13). The problem is, is that the POST doesn't show up, and the card isn't being detected in Windows, but was before. He's tried both the outputs on the card, and the onboard video is set to auto...
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    Linux Router Software

    I'm just wondering, is there any Linux/BSD OS that will allow me to run a router but also an FTP server? I know most router distros have all the libraries not required removed from the final product. Thanks.
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    I was going to have a ghz for the [H]orde (Not much, but it's something). I wasn't aware you could put the S370 coolers on backwards. Now, I am. :o
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    How would I go about removing paint

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    Motherboard Toasting Modems?

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    Dumb Layouts

    What are some really awkward layouts you've seen on hardware? My favourite are the USB headers on my motherboard. Especially fun with those fucking individual connectors. My USB headers are located between the AGP slot and the PCI slot. Edit: Never realised how shiny my TV Card is :D...
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    PXE boot Windows CD Image

    I want to try and make an nLite image and install it via PXE However, I am not sure about how to go about doing this. Is there any software that'll allow me to do this? I'd prefer not to have to go through any CDRs (Yes, I'm cheap) if at all possible. The card has PXE support built in, sot...
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    HD or PSU?

    Hey, I've been having problems lately with my HD randomly turning off and immediately turning back on. It doesn't have a specific moment when it happens, it'll do it 5 or 6 times and then stop. However, nothing else is affected. I am also running on an el-cheapo PS, as well.
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    Bizarre Windows Problem

    I'm having problems with Windows and my FDD. I installed it and whenever it's enabled at the BIOS, it crashes at the Windows splash screen. TO get it to work, I have to remove the drivers for the FDD controller in safe mode, then it works. Then repeat unless i remove the drivers again...
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    AMD Athlon X2 4200+

    My brother wants me to build him a system that he plans to use for Audio recording (Nothing too major, mainly jus hooking up instruments and recording them and I'm sure some MIDI crap). How well would this CPU hold up? It is a Windsor core. Edit: Socket AM2
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    I reformatted over a month ago and I forgot to install the F@H Client.... Anyway, when I get teh 20GB HD for the C466, I'm going to start foldiong that one too.
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    Do You Hate Working on Other Peoples' Comps?

    Discuss. Personally, there's only one that I regularly do work for. But the problem is is that my friend's mother and sister don't seem to get along so well. I nearly put a screwdriver through the motherboard after an ear-shattering "SASHA!!!! WHERE'S MY ****ING MASCARA?!?!" scared the ****...
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    10MBPS NIC Slowing things down?

    In my router, we used to get well over 300kbps on it. Now I'm lucky to get 120. I think it's ever since I put in that DE220 card that it's been slowing down. Is it the NIC? Because I don't think I have any more PCI NIC cards laying around.
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    Bill Gates To Step Down:
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    Problems Painting

    I'm having problems painting the case where at the bottom, the paint never reaches it. Is there anyway to prevent this?
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    FS: Asus P3B-F, P3-550 Slot 1, GF MX200

    Prices in Canadian: Pic1= Image of item Pic2= Proof that it's works. 1) Asus V7100 Magic Geforce MX200 (32MB) AGP 4X - $12 Pic2 2) Blue Cold Cathode - $10 - Barely used, also replaced adhesive. Pic1/2 3) ATI Rage Pro 128 - $7.50 4) LG...
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    Does anyone know of anyway I Can get the image from my Radeon's Video in to the webcam feature in MSN? MSN Messenger detects the Rage thing, but it fails to see it as a webcam. Reason I ask is becuase I don't have a webcam, but I Do have a digicam with an RCA output.
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    Looking for app

    I'm looking for an app that'll take the input from my Radeon 7200/OB Sound and sort of put it into a Picture-in-Picture in the corner of the screen.
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    D-Link in the brown gooey stuff Oops.
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    370 & A: Reverse Compatible?

    Are S370 and S-A coolers reverse compatible with each other? Or are HSFs that say 'Socket A and Socket 370 compatible' Specially designed?
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    Painting Side Panels

    NOw, I have a side panel with some VERY deep gouges on it. My question is, would it hurt the paint job if I went down to the metal and some places that need it, but just smoothed out the paint in others? Thanks.
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    FS: newer stuff

    Basically what happened is the motherboard crapped out and it seems to be cheaper to get an old barebones. Will ship at buyer's cost. TO THE PERSON WHO MADE THE PREVIOUS OFFER, PM ME IF YOU STILL WANT IT So, here we go...
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    Piece of Crap Re-paint

    I forgot I had this in my closet (Despite the fact that it's never closed). I've decided I'm going to repaint it. Here are some pics:
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    Shipping from Canada to US

    I'm just wondering, is there any red tape that I'd have to go through to ship parts to the US from Canada?
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    WTBinCAN: S370 mobo (mATX)

    I know good luck on that on theseforums, but the mobo in my crapper kinda crapped out on me. Does anyone here have one FS in Canada? Only requirement is that it is micro ATX.
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    Not even a week, stock AMD fan already groaning?

    After upgrading my friends computer, I took it home to install Windows on it (As far as they know, anyway. It was really becasue of the mother-friend bitching over mascara and other dumbass things, and I couldn't stand it. :o ). I took it back to my friends and the fan is already groaning? It...