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    Anyone else have GPS issues with every phone?

    Here are the decent Android phones I've owned: -OG Droid -Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch -LG G2 -Oneplus One With every single one of these phones, within 6 months, GPS has gotten really poor. Every single one of these phones started off by requiring a reboot for it to work, which my OPO has...
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    Axent Cat-ear headphones w/ built in speakers on IndieGoGo

    Not sure how many of you will be into this, but I'm sure a few will be interested. I've been following this project on Indiegogo for a couple weeks now and it was just extended the other day to end later this month. A pair of headphones with built in speakers which are designed to look like...
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    FS Asus Maximus VI Hero Z87 motherboard Intel Haswell $110 shipped conus

    SOLD FS Asus Maximus VI Hero Z87 motherboard for Intel Haswell. Board is in used condition pulled from a working system. Has latest BIOS installed which supports Haswell Refresh / Devil's Canyon. With accessories including I/O shield (which I had mentioned I lost before but I found it). No...
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    Qualcomm C&D's GitHub Just gonna quote a bit from the article... A forum response points out that the C&D also affected a "legitimate" (quotation marks because all redistribution of GPL stuff is legitimate in actuality) GitHub account from Qualcomm's own...
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    FS Woven LB4 10GbE switch, C2D 3200 server parts, Lantronix Spiderduo IPKVM, more

    I've got some extra stuff to sell off. Please check it out. Discounts available for multiple items; privmsg for details. All items have 2 week no DOA guarantee from delivery. Please read through all of the stuff, there's interesting stuff at the bottom of the list too! Thanks. 1. Woven LB4...
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    Speeding up old Merom/945m laptop

    So a friend of mine bought my old Compal HEL80 a few years back and is still using it. He can't afford anything better for at least another year, even though it wouldn't cost more than a few hundred bucks to beat this thing significantly these days. CPU=Core 2 Duo 1st-gen (Merom) T5600...
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    Remote desktop protocol better than RDP?

    So I've been using RDP for years now, and I've used VNC a lot in the past as well, to connect to PCs over the internet from alternate locations. However, both of these protocols have a major flaw. Transferring the screen contents blocks my input. Opening a webpage over RDP that has animation via...
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    FS HP Procurve 1800-24g J9028B like new $170 shipped

    Upgraded to a Woven Systems LB4 switch so I don't need this anymore. I have a HP Procurve 1800-24g 24 port 1Gbps switch with 2 SFP ports. The switch works great and looks like new. No cords or rack mount ears. $170 shipped ConUS. PM if you need it shipped elsewhere. EDIT: sold!
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    Anyone else having this Skype issue?

    Yesterday, Skype popped up a notification saying "Password token" out of nowhere. Then a few minutes later, it popped up "Password successfully changed." Obviously I did not do this, or I wouldn't be typing here. My computer is not infected with a trojan and my email is not hacked. I changed my...
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    Illumian 1.0 manpages uselessly unreadable

    Warning: This is mostly a (short) rant. (But there is a useful screenshot!) So I installed Illumian 1.0. Why is there no official forum for it? I'll just post this here. The manpages are USELESSLY unreadable. Brackets that do not match all...
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    FS Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3, Asus P8P67 Pro, WTT 2500k for 2500, 2600, or 2600s

    Some stuff for sale/trade: Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 Z68 board with box, I/O shield, manual, works perfectly, $100 shipped. Comes with BIOS F9g modded with Intel Rapid Storage Technology OROM 11.5. SOLD Asus P8P67 Pro Rev 3.0 P67 board with box, I/O shield, manual, works perfectly, $125 shipped...
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    Why is my APC SUA2200XL not working with car batteries?

    So I'm very frustrated right now. I haven't had power since Sunday, might not have it until the weekend, can't find a generator in stores, and my goddamn APC SUA2200XL (which is supposed to be a good unit) refuses to believe that the car batteries (one deep cycle and one regular car battery that...
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    FS Core i5 2400, Core 2 Duo E8400, OCZ Vertex LE 50GB

    Got a few things for sale... Neither CPU has ever been overclocked as they both came from machines that did not even support overclocking. Vertex LE was replaced with a larger drive. It has firmware 1.33 which is current as of this post. It will be secure erased. Everything has been pulled from...
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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Who wants to volunteer?
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    Intel RST driver

    Haven't tried it yet but : Anyone try it? Anyone with 10.1.0 issues report 10.1.2 fixing them? I've been running 10.1.0 without issues...
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    FS Intel Core i7 970, Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R, maybe others

    I'm gonna be upgrading to Sandy Bridge so please buy my X58 parts... i7 970 6-core Gulftown used in retail package (w/ heatsink, manual) used - SOLD GA-X58A-UD3R rev1 w/ original box, backplate, etc. - $OLD Heatware and Ebay under ddfromma. Payment: P2P (Person-to-Person - some banks do...
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    When will i7 970 drop in value / when to upgrade?

    I have an i7 970 Gulftown now. I want to upgrade to something with higher IPC and lower power, so obviously Sandy Bridge, and I'm hopeful that Bulldozer will also qualify. I don't care if I lose 2 cores (6->4). Should I sell the 970 immediately or is it going to keep the same value for a...
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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology 10.1 drivers link Has Untried by me so far.
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    FS: Intel Core i7 920 D0 $200 shipped

    Got a 970 from Retail Edge so I no longer need my 920. The thing has been good for me; on my X58A-UD3R, I could get this chip to 4GHz by only changing the load-level calibration thing (or whatever it's called) to level 1. Temps were too high but my heatsink is cheap and not so great. I ran it at...
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    WoW updater never stopped downloading

    So maybe 5-6 days ago I opened WoW and it wanted to download YET ANOTHER tools update. It wasn't finished after like 2 days. Went into the connection info and it said it had downloaded over 100GB, checked my Untangle reports and it sure had. It wasn't even finished. Actually, it hadn't moved at...
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    Accidentally booted in IDE mode and now my RAID doesn't work

    I flashed my BIOS and forgot to set it back to RAID mode. Windows comes up and just right out of the blue tells me twice that some disk needs to be formatted. I hit cancel. Rebooted, turned RAID on and now IMR tells me that 2 of my RAID drives are non-member disks and that my RAID-10 has failed...
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 250 ohm (NOT Pro) $200 Amazon

    Don't know how long they've been this price at Amazon and I don't know how long they will stay that way. I know they weren't this cheap when I checked a month or two ago. They have the newer DT990s (not the old, worse Pros) for $179.99 when other places sell them for $299. 250 ohm (32-ohm costs...
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    Agility 2 90GB $170 - $30MIR card Newegg

    Saw this on Bensbargains OCZ Agility 2 OCZSSD3-2AGT90G 3.5" 90GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) was: $199.99 $169.99 save: $30.00 $139.99 after mail-in rebate card...
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    NOD32 meltdown today?

    All of my clients are crashing and freezing and faulting on ekrn.exe and such... anyone else having these issues today? Most of the clients are running 4.2.64 but they have been for a while now and problems today... also problems with 4.2.40 people...
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    Got a new DVD-RW drive, trouble installing games

    I got an Asus DRW-24B1ST. I couldn't install Mass Effect 2 with it because the installer wouldn't recognize the second disk when it came time to switch during the install. Windows recognized it fine and I was able to use ISO Buster and Virtual Clonedrive. Now the same crap is happening with...
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    FS Canon Digital Rebel XSi EOS-450d w/ Canon 28-135 lens

    Included in sale: -Canon Digital Rebel XSi (EOS-450d) body -Canon 28-135mm IS USM lens. This is NOT the default kit lens for this camera, but rather from the EOS-40d. -Original Canon battery pack and charger -Sandisk Ultra II 4GB SD card -Camera bag... don't have it on me at the moment...
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    Please help - Dell SAS 6/i

    I got a SAS 6/iR from Ebay with the Poweredge tray thing for cheap. I just took it off the tray and put it in my motherboard. No video. I have another SAS 6/iR that came with the regular expansion bracket (from a Poweredge T310) that works, but replace it with this new one I got and no...
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    GTX 460 - where is the Displayport?

    Why are there just DVI+(mini)HDMI models?
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    FS: RAID stuff, Q35 board, etc.

    Going to be moving in probably 6-9 months so I am going to try and start getting rid of some stuff. I'll try and get some pictures of this stuff tomorrow but here's a list for now. Everything listed works unless otherwise mentioned. Prices do NOT include shipping. It will be cheap for the small...
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    Mixing MoCA 1.0 and 1.1 devices?

    Hey guys, what happens if you have NIM100 (MoCA 1.0) and Netgear MCAB1001 (MoCA) 1.1 devices? Can they be mixed? If I have 2xMCAB1001 and 1xNIM100, will the MCAB1001s be able to talk at their full speed, and then only drop down to 1.0 speed when talking to the NIM100? Or will they all work at...
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    Most efficient reliable laptop PSU?

    I need a laptop PSU, standard 19v 90w or whatever. What's the most efficient option that's reliable? I usually just go Delta but if I can save a couple of watts with another brand then I will consider it. Though it does have to be available pretty cheaply on Ebay or whatever, too.
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    Motherboard for undervolting that also supports ECC?

    I'm going to be building a storage server as many of you have. I would really like ECC memory in it, but I also want it to be low power so I want it to support undervolting in the BIOS. It will run Nexenta so any Windows utilities for undervolting will be useless to me and I don't want to bother...
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    Easy, cheap way to integrate 4Gbps fiber or Infiniband?

    I want to move my storage to another machine but I do video encoding with lossless HD files and need quite a bit of speed. I also want to experiment with technologies faster than GigE. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to cheaply do this? I currently have GigE with an HP Procurve...
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    Adaptec RAID-3085 woes

    My RAID-3085 started beeping... said a drive was bad. Whatever. Array was online. It's a 4-drive Samsung F1 RAID-10. Anyway. Turned off the computer and turned it back on and the array is offline, even though it recognizes all 4 disks. I can tell it to force online but it tells me to pull the...
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    FS Core 2 Duo E6600, E8600, Tuniq Tower, RAM

    Tuniq Tower with whatever 120mm fan I feel like including - now with both AMD and Intel brackets - $35 shipped in US Seasonic S12-600HT 600w 80plus power supply - $55 shipped in US Enermax EG365P 350w 20-pin PSU - $30 shipped in US Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40GHz Conroe core - $80 shipped in US SOLD...
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    So I was using Untangle in ESXi 4.0, but...

    My connection was really stable when Untangle was installed directly. Then I put it on ESXi 4.0. I set up the two virtual switches and set promiscuous mode and etc. as necessary. I loaded Untangle onto a VM on it and provided it, at first, 1GB of memory. I later increased this to 1.5GB. The box...
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    VMWare vSphere/ESX/ESXi 4.0 released

    They're out! 32-bit need not apply. Supports ICH9 and ICH10 (3.5 update 4 did, too, and 4.0 supports everything that does except for 32-bit machines. Previously I tried 3.5u3 which did NOT.) I won't be able to...
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    Guitar Center 15% off this (Easter) weekend

    This is probably all over the radio, but for those of us who don't listen to the radio much:
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    Marvell Yukon driver properties - changing freezes comp

    Roommate has an XP32 box with a Marvell Yukon piece of crap onboard NIC. Using the latest drivers from Marvell's site. Changing anything in the driver properties freezes his whole system. Anyone else experience this? I tried to find info. about it on Google but I'm not finding...
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    Traffic prioritization/QoS like Tomato without Tomato?

    I currently run pfSense and the QoS does fine but I want a nicer interface with the awesome pie charts and such that Tomato gives, but I am not even slightly willing to go back to a router that will actually run Tomato. Anything out there? I think I will be running Untangle once again as well...