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    Quiet 48-port switch?

    Any recommendations for a quiet 48-port managed gigabit switch? Need something for the home/lab. I'm fine with used, would prefer to keep it under $250. Only thing I've found so far is the Force10 S50, but I'm guessing it's probably pretty loud. Anyone have experience with those?
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    ESXi on Xen?

    I know that with ESXi 5 you can run nested virtualization, but I'm curious if it is possible to get ESXi working as a VM inside Xen. Googling it has thus far only yielded results related to running Xen as a VM on ESXi. Has anyone actually done this?
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    Tyan S5512GM4NR vs Supermicro X9SCM-F-O

    I'm going to be upgrading my home server shortly and moving it to ESXi. Planning to run pfSense, WHS, W7, a ZFS storage box, a LAMP server, and a couple of other VMs on it. It is located outside the living area of the house, so IPMI is a must, which significantly limits my motherboard options...