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  1. pendragon1

    4090 Power Cable Melting...

    ^^ that. could have just check one of the other dozen thread about it though...
  2. pendragon1

    Is 256GB enough for the latest generation MacBook Air

    yes, as long as he is not hording a bunch of video files. turf garage band and imovie to free up a few more GBs too.
  3. pendragon1

    Trade my coil whiny Asus TUF 4090 against a silent MSI TRIO X 4090?

    try capping your refresh to the monitors hz, see if the noise goes down at all
  4. pendragon1

    HDD mounting holes

  5. pendragon1

    HDD mounting holes

    so theres a fan in the way?!
  6. pendragon1

    HDD mounting holes

    is there a peg for the third hole? is so, remove it. edit: i google the case, it has those stupid twist lock things. remove that and the pegs from the back, slide it in and use screws.
  7. pendragon1

    What causes tempered glass panel to explode?!

    yup. my case has rubber standoffs that you press the glass on to and the thumb screws have a thick rubber washer to avoid metal on glass and bummers like this. op, bet you barely tapped a corner of it on the tile floor....
  8. pendragon1

    The GPU block that wouldn't die

    air flow over the vrm is usually enough, and with the ram-sinks that will be fine too. its how my 5700 runs.
  9. pendragon1

    Cooler suggestions needed LGA1700

    check you board on their compatibility list. the D15 hits a bunch of the new boards vrm heatsink and wont fit.
  10. pendragon1

    Trade my coil whiny Asus TUF 4090 against a silent MSI TRIO X 4090?

    sure, fare enough trade but id bet youll still hear coil whine
  11. pendragon1

    Starship Troopers: Extermination (12-Player Co-op FPS)

    i dl'd it last night, might try it this aft/eve or tomorrow. will see if we need a [H] squad.... everyones using the same names as here right!?
  12. pendragon1

    Need for Speed Unbound

    good to know for 4090 users but why did you tag me in that?!
  13. pendragon1

    Migrating Windows boot drive to larger drive

    theres almost always an option to enable that, by default it will do what you got but doing it in windows after is dead simple
  14. pendragon1

    System won't power on at all after rebuild into new case

    reseat the cpu and put pressure on the center of the cpu while lowering the arm. repaste and try again.
  15. pendragon1

    Starship Troopers: Extermination (12-Player Co-op FPS)

    maybe, maybe not. reqs arent too high.
  16. pendragon1

    Age old question, best overall browser for win 11?

    i use edge, it integrates/syncs with all my shit.
  17. pendragon1

    PCI-SIG Tells GPU Makers to Improve Testing in Response to Nvidia 12VHPWR Lawsuit bottom of the page...
  18. pendragon1

    Starship Troopers: Extermination (12-Player Co-op FPS)

  19. pendragon1

    Bottleneck...i dont get it

    what advil said and your psu should be fine, its practically new.
  20. pendragon1

    Swap c: drive from another computer?

    10/11 have the best adaptability. ive transplanted a 10 ssd between dozens of different system configs and its always "setting up new hardware" reboot, reboot and then up and running. install a couple drivers or just use windows update and its gtg.
  21. pendragon1

    Swap c: drive from another computer?

    yeah but which windows? 7/8/10/11 all adapt, earlier releases not so much. i dont recall being able to transplant like that with 98, would never work right.
  22. pendragon1

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    maybe ill have to dip my toes in... i just dont like dealing with other players, usually.
  23. pendragon1

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    does rdr online just work or is there a monthly sub. ive never even tried it but i like free stuff....
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    never has been. just lock it.
  25. pendragon1

    Migrating Windows boot drive to larger drive

    the others mentioned all have free version or trials too...
  26. pendragon1

    What's a good temp for my 13900k?

    yeah thats good
  27. pendragon1

    Migrating Windows boot drive to larger drive

    Paragon is good too
  28. pendragon1

    Should I install these drivers from Windows updates ?

    yes. one is a bios update so it will reboot to do it.
  29. pendragon1

    Migrating Windows boot drive to larger drive

    that ^^ or if you use aeomi backupper and its clone function, you can hit the adjust partitions button and it will keep the small ones small and increase the largest partition(usually c:) with the extra space
  30. pendragon1

    Is this guys method of applying thermal paste a good idea? Wrap cling wrap over your finger and then use it to spread the paste?

    yeah just get some fresh stuff off the roll. idk if he still does but kyle used to promote using a finger condom(cot?)
  31. pendragon1

    Will air cooling be enough for 7950X?

    yup theres that too^^ hence "a bit"
  32. pendragon1

    Case selection = SAD!

    theres a ok selection without windows 600546033 600006506 600473852 600006302 600546574 600006305 600556975 4131&page=1 the fractal define 7(or xl) might suite you, the POP XL is a decent option too and if you can get over the weird face the meshify are...
  33. pendragon1

    ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 Intel AMD AIO CPU Water Cooler PC B-Stock $54.99 EBAY

    lots of options. i like my phantek and the fractals ive built in recently. cooler master has some nice new options too.
  34. pendragon1

    Windows 11 can't pin files to apps anymore!

    are you at least on 22h2? have you opened any files with the pdf reader before right clicking, ie no recent list?
  35. pendragon1

    Attempting To Restore My Old SNES - Inside & Out

    i feel ya, buddy. lesson learned it guess. can always play it nekkid until that cool new shell arrives.