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    FS: 3.5" Wafer P3 motherboard and processor

    Wafer 7850 3.5" P3 Motherboard Comes with Sealed box celeron 600a processor. Motherboard is brand new and never been used. Paid over $200 for this..willing to sacrfice both for $125 Figure $10 or so for shipping . Open to all offers...
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    FS: Full Retail XP Home/Wafer Mobo and more

    Wafer 7850 3.5" P3 Motherboard $200 USD Sealed Retail Celeron 600 processor $15 USD Retail Windows XP Home Full Version **SOLD** $100 USD Slimline Slot Load DVD with free adapter $75 USD *SOLD* Farenheit-T6801RS 6.8" TFT/LCD Monitor...
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    FS: 3.5" Wafer P3 Motherboard 133mhz FSB

    Brand new still in box Wafer 7850 Motherboard Retails for $378.75 How small is this thing? Here's a picture of it next to a floppy drive for comparison. Copy and paste...
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    FS: 20x2 Futuba VFD

    Can be hooked up serial or parallel. Schematic PDF sheet provided. Ribbon cable attached. You will need to wire them yourself. Brand new. 3 available. $20 each email: for any questions. Reference can be found at...