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  1. elm669

    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    Seems like ages ago now, I didn't even have DSL yet when I created my account :ROFLMAO: Downloads were.. Interesting
  2. elm669

    How much RAM you got?

    Still 32GB in my laptop, Wishing I could up it to 64GB but the machine is incapable. Between VMs, multiple build projects and multiple browsers with untold tabs open I'm running deep in swap these days. 4GB is a light day, Have seen it upwards of 30GB of swap partition use. nEeD mOrE POWAH.
  3. elm669

    Activision Blizzard CEO To Get Even Bigger Bonuses...

    Sad, I remember the days long ago when they made good games. They are now just a husk of what they once were. Greed killed Blizzard.
  4. elm669

    How much RAM you got?

    32gb in laptop 32gb in desktop
  5. elm669

    Pretty good! How ya been?

    Pretty good! How ya been?
  6. elm669

    Windows 10 users fume: Microsoft, where's our 'local account' option gone?

    I just bought a new little Asus Vivobook L203MA and made the mistake of connecting to WiFi during the OOBE setup and it would NOT let me create a offline account, even with a hard reboot and cutting the router off. Just kept throwing a unable to connect error and try again button. I ended up...
  7. elm669

    Athlon XP Barton for retro gaming pc?

    This reminds me of my old AXP 2400+ mobile rig I built in highschool, was just barely fast enough to play doom3 with a heavy overclock on cpu and gpu with the shitty FX5700le. I built it in a Thermaltake Xaser III which I got on sale from frys. I had a Zalman CNPS-7700-CU precariously strapped...
  8. elm669

    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    I feel like quite a few of you have never been out west of the Mississippi! There are ALOT of Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado roads where you can run 100+ all day without issue. I-70 coming out of Colorado into Utah has a 80mph speed limit on it with people routinely running 110+, some even...
  9. elm669

    Forbes Tries To Game on Linux

    Ever since Windows 10 came out in 2015 I haven't been able to take microsoft windows products seriously. Between the lack of control and customization of the OS, the forced updates, including drivers "updates" that crater the system, the spying and phoning home on users, The vastly shortened...
  10. elm669

    Are computers becoming more and more boring to you?

    I got bored/burnt out with gaming and computer hardware builds about 5 years ago and I finally got fully burnt out on WoW in 2016. After that point there would be times where I wouldn't touch a computer for weeks at a time and would groan at the thought of having to boot one up to pay a bill or...
  11. elm669

    Video Games Will Be “100% Digital” by 2022

    With Data Caps more prevalent than ever I don't believe this one bit!
  12. elm669

    Google and Facebook are Already Accused of Breaking GDPR Laws

    Privacy is one of the most important and most easily lost rights we have these days. In the last few years I have removed myself from all social media. all but one email account (proton mail) and all but two forums ( [H] being one of them ). Even then data is still probably being scrapped from...
  13. elm669

    Amazon Prime at Whole Foods

    For those of us with Celiac Disease Whole Foods is a godsend. Its one of a few or the sole source for many Celiac safe items. Any relief from the "Celiac Tax" (Higher prices for certified gluten free foods) is a GOOD thing! Hope it rolls out across the country soon and they include gluten free...
  14. elm669

    Guys let's support AMD gpu, and boycott Nvidia, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI

    I'll be glad when PC Gaming dies. The Toxicity and GREED of the people (and corporations) involved is astounding! Well Said, So long as greed rules we are all screwed in the end.
  15. elm669

    Desktop Chrome Now Sports Autoplay Muting

    Good! autoplay videos are the worst kind of advertising
  16. elm669

    NVIDIA Moves Fermi GPUs to Legacy Status, Ends 32-Bit Driver Support

    This, This is a blow to us budget gamers. Up until last year I was rocking a eVGA GTX560ti 448core and used a PNY 9800GT for years before that. With the current costs and scarcity due to the miners, this action feels like a bit of planned obsolescence and an attempt to force upgrades to newer...
  17. elm669

    Pure UNIX and how to get it as well is it legacy and if so what's happened to it?

    They are attempting to resurrect Unix from the original prints, You need the SIMH pdp emulator to run it You may also want to look at as well I personally have a copy of BSD 2.11 running in SIMH PDP11 emulator...
  18. elm669

    Dropbox Is Said to Be Planning to Go Public This Year

    About time to find another Cloud service I guess...
  19. elm669

    In the Market for a Android Phone

    Alot of good options here and on swappa. Thanks yall!
  20. elm669

    In the Market for a Android Phone

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy J3-6 running Android Marshmallow and the 8gb of space is killing me. I'm sticking with Verizon and looking for New or Used. My only requirements are: It must have a SD card slot and must have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Price range is $200-250 Any ideas?
  21. elm669

    Nothing PC at Gamestop ...

    This, I gave up on Gamestop as a source for PC games and accessories years ago.
  22. elm669

    Freeware to replace Windows Live Movie Maker?

    Do a search for `windows live essentials 2012` it still works with windows 10 including the newest fall update.
  23. elm669

    Roku Files for a $100 Million IPO

    My Girlfriend has a Roku and its a damn fine device for sure. Small, simple, compact and fast. Does just enough.. but not too much. I wouldn't mind buying one myself in the future!
  24. elm669

    OFFICIAL : GTX 970 SETTLEMENT check thread

    How do you get in on this and what is required? I bought a GTX970 back in January of 2016
  25. elm669

    Mark Zuckerberg Calls for Universal Basic Income in Harvard Commencement Speech

    Good, its about time Humanity grow up and stop acting like childish, self-serving, resource hoarding brats that unfettered capitalism promotes. I'm also of the belief that left unchecked.. humanity will consume and destroy all available resources on this planet.. much like a virus.. then lead...
  26. elm669

    Windows Users Should Want Windows 10 S to Succeed

    That's the day I check out of Windows all together.
  27. elm669

    Am I weird for doing this before I game...

    Still a habit from the old days for me, Back when you needed every ounce of power just to get a decent framerate in new games
  28. elm669

    IBM and VISA Want Automatic Payments for Usage and Potential Repairs

    Uhh.. Not happening, as much as I drive and as many places as i visit.. I would be broke in a week. As far as devices other than cars... no also. When I buy something, I buy it for the life of the device.. and i enjoy and hump it pretty hard till it dies. This pay for use shit sounds like a...
  29. elm669

    Looks like NO official driver/support for Ryzen on Windows 7

    Big IF, I have five devices running Windows 10. Only one of which it's completely trouble free. I also have an old core 2 quad on a G31 chipset that for what ever reason fails to install or run Windows 10 but has no problems with xp/7/Linux. If Microsoft can get their act together and get...
  30. elm669

    Looks like NO official driver/support for Ryzen on Windows 7

    Meh.. I was considering a Ryzen based system in the future.. But not sure now with the lack of Win7 support.. Windows 10 has given me nothing but problems in stability, drivers, and games/software since I started using it a year ago.
  31. elm669

    I feel like that kid in the backseat, asking "Are we there yet??"

    As someone with a tired and dying Ivy Bridge and a good tax check coming up soon.. tick tock tick tock..
  32. elm669

    Built a new computer and thinking about Win10, worth the switch?

    I've enjoyed Windows 10 so far.. BUT it has it's share of bugs and things that are downright broken. I would do research on known issues with any software/hardware you have ahead of time before committing to buying. I'm at the point of reverting to Windows 7 myself due to driver issues. I'm...
  33. elm669

    Windows XP Hard To Kill, Continues To Gain Market Share

    I have exactly ONE Windows XP machine left.. its an old PIII 1ghz laptop that contains all my legacy games.. while it does have a old cardbus wireless adapter in it... Its near useless for internet.. my 4 year old tablet is faster lol (not that I would because of all the exploits out there) But...
  34. elm669

    AT&T Just Declared War On An Open Internet

    Thats fine, I stopped watching and paying for TV 10 years ago. These Media companies keep this stupid shit up and I'll Leave Computers and Gaming behind all together. I would rather them lose money and starve than get my money.
  35. elm669

    Recommend me a power supply

    $129 is the MAX with shipping.. was hoping for something around $100 if at all possible
  36. elm669

    Recommend me a power supply

    600W power supply in my gaming rig finally gave up the ghost.. Computer is a quad core ivy bridge i5 @ 4.4ghz, Nvidia GTX 560ti 448 core with a very heavy overclock. Looking for something really good in the 750-850W range from $89-$129.
  37. elm669

    Looking for new Video Card

    With the advent of blizzard bringing back flying with 6.2.. and the steam summer sale I'm in the market for a new video card.. Prefer Nvidia if I can due to my linux work as well. I'm currently Using a "eVGA GTX 560 ti 448 cores classified ultra" pretty heavily oc'ed that's benching between a...
  38. elm669

    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    Running on 20/20 Fiber through our Co-op power company, its about the minimum I can stand really.
  39. elm669

    What are you doing to prepare for Windows 10 update?

    This, Fall of last year I converted my Acer notebook running Windows 7 Professional to Kubuntu 14.04 and have been exceptionally happy with it. My tablet is an android so no problem there.. just got a Samsung Galaxy S5 as well so happy there.. the only thing I have to worry about is my old...
  40. elm669

    WoW; 5th expansion Warlords of Draenor

    And with that announcement I take my leave.. not just for Warcraft.. but from any Blizzard Entertainment product permanently. They are now added to my boycott list and I will NOT suggest any of their games to friends/family/etc. They do not deserve another dollar of mine or anyone's money for...