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    WTB 3770K

    PM ME
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    FS: Random stuffs

    I Have :: EVGA X58 FTW3 Rev 1.1 with i7-950 in it : Make offer 1x PowerEdge R610 Gen2 : Make offer ( Prefer local pickup ) ...... 2x x5650 6 core 2.26ghz ...... 6x 4GB pc3l-10600r ...... Drac 6 enterprise ...... ISCSI enabled for the 4x broadcom nic's ...... Internal bootable SD card ...
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    WTB: 8 matching sticks of 4gb of 8gb DDR3-1866 registered for a Dell R620 / R720

    WTB: 8 matching sticks of 4gb of 8gb DDR3-1866 registered for a Dell R620 / R720 server I am in central florida LMK
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    WTB: I7-3770K, 16GB (2x8) ddr-1866 low latency, z77 board

    In Central florida. LMK
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    WTB: AM3+ mATX board

    I am looking for an AM3+ mATX board comparable to Pro3/ for my AMD Phenom II X4 945 I am also looking for 16GB of good ddr3, 2x8GB...
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    FS/FT: Various PC components, mostly LGA775 era

    removed for now, life got in the way. i'll have to dig everything out of storage at a later date and post a new thread
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    Main page/advert issues ??

    chrome reported Danger: Malware Ahead! Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on Content from, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware. Malware is...
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    FS: My xbox 360 slim 250gb glossy, less than 50 hours 'on' time

    I am selling my factory un-modified xbox 360 slim 250gb glossy It has less than 50 hours of time on it, has been on a APC UPS with power filtering the whole time I have owned it it will include a charge and play kit for the controller with a good battery I have the box and packing materials...
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    WTB: a good pci/pci-e 5.1 soundcard that works for htpc

    as the title says, i have tried a few and not happy with their performance, looking for something better than just an x-fi extreme(pops and crackles all the time) but not quite ready for a $200 price tag of an ht omega claro plz post links to some info about the card, thanks! [/COLOR]
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    WTB: DDR2 High Performance/LowLatency DIMMS looking for 2/4x4GB sticks 8GB total

    As the title says, im looking for 8GB total of DDR2 ram, something with 5-5-5-18 or better rating at DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) if you have 4x4GB sticks i might be interested in all 4 if they meet these requirements post what you got and what you want for it if you have overclocked with it, lmk...
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    looking for low profile gpu cooler for a half height card for a sff pc

    looking for low profile gpu cooler for a 9800gt/gts430 half height card for small form factor pc. pretty simple, i have a slimline computer that has a phenom2 x4 940 (3ghz) and it currently has a gts250(9800gt with more ram and cores) and when i game it can get pretty toasty i have room for...
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    ultra 320 80pin hot-swap 10,000rpm scsi drives

    looking for some ultra 320 80pin hot-swap 10,000rpm scsi drives for a server i aquired recently i know they go upto 300GB and 15,000rpm, but im not doing anything that crazy. just wanted to get my hands on like 5 146gb 10k drives if anyone has any or knows someone/somewhere
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    WTB: LGA 775 Motherboard, C2D, minimum 4x DDR2 slots & 4x SATA2

    WTB: LGA 775 Motherboard, minimum 4x DDR2 slots & 4x SATA2 --> must support C2D chips im looking for something to replace this bad board. i dont need anything super snazzy, the one i have now is an msi-7176-020 i would take something similar. my zip code is 32835 prefer local if shipped...
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    questions on a LGA 775 board for Pentium D 930

    so i got this computer, it has a bad board, all i need is a decent board for it, to use it.. anyone know of a decent board for cheap, not looking to do any overclocking, it just needs at least one pci-e x16 and GB lan w/ 4x ddr2 slots..i dont care about firewire or 8ch sound. probably just...
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    WTB ddr ram, 2x1gb, agp video card gf 7600gs

    im trying to hold off on building a 600$ computer and instead just upgrade the a64 3200+ i already have the memory i want to be able to overclock with, so 3200 spec cas2 2x1GB kit or matching 1GB sticks minimum, but needs some overclocking headroom as for the videocard, agp gf 7600gs or...
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    seagates questionable 1tb 7200.11 drive...

    i was looking into getting one of these drives, but after seeing how much failures are reported in the reviews on neweggs site i am second guessing that.. :eek: my question is do any of you that have had one of these drives fail, still have the serial number from your RMA paperwork? going...
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    nstor 5000 SAS/SATA 12 disk rack

    i found one for a good price, but it needs drive rails and the psu's does anyone have any exp. with nstor products? maybe shoot me a pm with p/n so i can try and find the psu's and rails? otherwise if someone is interested it might be for sale since i really dont have a use for it anyway...
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    WTB compaq laptop parts

    for the EVO n800c series, looking for the motherboard and bottom/top case and the lcd hinge from the 15.4 model
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    WTB Nvidia 6/7 series AGP with min 512MB ram

    as the title says, nvidia only, agp only, 512mb ram is what i would like, but if you got something else, post it anyway and i'll see i only have cash/paypal, ipod nano and a partially working compaq evo n800c (the ati7500m displays artifacts) that could be used for a trade lmk
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    looking for a ST3250823A/CE PCB

    looking for the PCB off a seagate 250GB PATA 7200 hdd, it's actual model number is ST3250823ACE it's a 7200 RPM 8MB cache drive, the drive is not able to be rma'd due to comeing out of a tivo or similar unit, i just need a working PCB off a drive that has other physical damage my main concern...
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    remote desktop and dual mon?

    does anyone know a way to trick RDS on windows XP pro to run at 3200x1200 so that my secondary monitor doesn't get reset(along with all my applications) when i connect remotely using remote desktop? i would prefer this so i can just use the activeX remote.. but i know i could also use...
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    looking 4 working 8k5a3+ or 8k9a3+

    i have an epox 8k5a3+ that seems to have memory issues now, random reboots and such... i really dont want to start all over with a new motherboard so im looking for a used one