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  1. chaikovski2002

    Cases - New Build - Phanteks, Lian Li, Corsair.

    I cant decide theyre all soo good! Which do you prefer? Ill have a Single GPU, 280mm AIO cooler, 3 HDDs, 3 SSDs.
  2. chaikovski2002

    What do you take Screenshots with?

    I tend to take screenshots as JPGs with 95% quality using MSI Afterburner 3840X2160 resolution. I used to do PNGs on my old monitor with FRAPS 1920X1200 resolution. I cant do that now with 4k because the file size gets huge real fast. 4K PNGs get stupidly massive! Any suggestions how to balance...
  3. chaikovski2002

    Windows 10 Redstone Update 14257

    Last week, Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 10 Insider Preview for PCs, making a big jump in the build number, from 11102 to 14251. Anyone try this yet?
  4. chaikovski2002

    Skyrim Paid Mods After Fallout 4

    Bethesda Plans To Revisit Skyrim Paid Mods After Fallout 4. What is wrong with these people? Donation button isnt enough for the modders? Bethesda needs to stop scheming over mods.
  5. chaikovski2002

    Windows 10 Alternative to Photo Viewer

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I want a program/app that will open a photo from explorer, will provide flip/rotate and delete options, and will shift to the next photo simply. Id like for it to have minimal UI.
  6. chaikovski2002

    W10 Clean Install ISO to USB Stick?

    So I just got an email update: "After July 29, when Windows 10 is ready for your device, it will download in the background. You’ll then get a notification to schedule your upgrade right away or at another time that’s convenient for you." What is this upgrade nonsense? I want to do a clean...
  7. chaikovski2002

    Headphone Dac/Amp or Soundcard 250Ohm Cans

    My asus xonar essence st is dying, I took it out, using onboard audio and it sounds like shit. Im torn I cant decide whether to get another soundcard with built in headphone amp/dac or to get an external solution. Im using Beyerdynamics DT770 and DT990 250Ohm versions. Im a stereo guy, you...
  8. chaikovski2002

    Corsair HX750 and HX1000 cables

    Are the cables between these 2 units compatible? Does anyone know?
  9. chaikovski2002


    Anyone know the difference between these 3 motherboards? They all cost about the same -/+ $10 GA-970A-DS3P $69 GA-970A-D3P $79 GA-970A-UD3P $84
  10. chaikovski2002

    Micro-ATX HTPC

    Hello, I would like some input into building a new HTPC for 1080p playback/web surfing/Media Streaming over network. This is going up into my bedroom, I will not be encoding or gaming on this machine, that’s what my downstairs main PC is for. Parts I have: Case:Silverstone GD09B, mouse...
  11. chaikovski2002

    My Benches on Z77

    Here are my HD benches on Z77, any thoughts , comments?
  12. chaikovski2002

    Building a Gaming Computer

    If you're gonna ask us to build/list a PC for you or seek advice about a build, please answer all of the following questions: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Primarily Gaming, BF3, Crysis, Metro, Modded Oblivion, I dont even wanna get started on...
  13. chaikovski2002

    Fast Mechanical Drives

    Im going to be doing a computer build soon, and I was wondering if any of the drives here in my current system are worth reusing into my new computer for gaming: Western Digital Caviar Blue WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB 7200...
  14. chaikovski2002

    Mechanical Drives Performance Question

    How much free space needs to be on a drive in order for performance not to degrade? Im putting all my games on 640gb caviar black. I remember if you filled a drive all the way full it would start to get slow and just bog down.
  15. chaikovski2002

    Why I Won't Be Buying Modern Warfare 3 I agree for the most part of the video, yet again PC gets shafted. BeachHead Studios say PC is an insecure platform as a scapegoat. To be honest I have gone back to COD4 and CODWAW and I still enjoy those COD titles from time to time with dedicated...
  16. chaikovski2002

    Updated to 275.50 SLI Gone

    Everything was working fine before, any ideas? All I see is physX and no SLI options. Im running 2 gtx285's, and evga x58 mobo, I can see both cards and everything else under device manager.
  17. chaikovski2002

    Steam - All C&C Games 75% Off

    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 $4.99 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising $4.99 Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight $4.99 Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath $4.99 Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars $7.49
  18. chaikovski2002

    Want to buy an xbox 360

    Is there anything I should know or to look for before I go out and get one?
  19. chaikovski2002

    DOWII Question

    Does this game support AF through nvidia control panel? The [H] review I found stated that the game did not support any form of Anisotropic Filtering, its been a while since I played this game and I would like to know if any patches for this game fixed it.
  20. chaikovski2002

    What did you get?

    Since all the recent games: Assasins Creed 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, SupCom2, Silent Hunter 5, C&C4 are all garbage and the DRM is keeping me far away from those games as well, I went to FRYS today to look around and got 2 Guitar Hero games for my Fiance and 3 PC games for myself. What older...
  21. chaikovski2002

    Steam Qeustion

    Can I have Steam installed on 2 different PC's? Sometimes I want to play my games on my downstairs HTPC.
  22. chaikovski2002

    Replacing Dying 8800gtx?

    What card would be a good replacement for my 8800gtx? I game at 1920x1200 with e8500 and 8 gigs of ram.
  23. chaikovski2002

    X-Fi Titanium Settings?

    Im a little confused about sampling rates with games and movie playback. I have G51 5.1 surround sound speakers, should I be using 16-bit 44 kHz or 24-bit 96 kHz sampling rate?
  24. chaikovski2002

    Did I damage my drive - BlacX

    I recently got a thermaltake BlacX docking station and I plugged in one of my storage drives and played around with it for a bit. I did not power down the unit before taking out the hard drive, I thought the eject button automatically cuts the power to the drive, so when i took it out i felt the...
  25. chaikovski2002

    Any games for PC?

    That are like Armored Core/Heavy Gear type?
  26. chaikovski2002

    C&C 4 requires always-on Internet Steam has an offline mode...
  27. chaikovski2002

    AF question

    If there isn't an option for AF in the video game settings, you can force something like 8x/16x AF through the gpu control panel? Will this work in most cases such as for h.a.w.x. bf2, etc? I noticed its broken in a few rare cases like deadspace and gta4.
  28. chaikovski2002

    2-Way SLI AA?

    Im not sure how this works, but I have 2 way SLI atm, and what is the best way to go about AA in CP settings under game profiles? When running SLI supported game should i have 8xAA in CP or SLI 8XAA in CP? Is there a big difference in terms of visual quality? Is there a big performance hit with...
  29. chaikovski2002

    Warhammer 40k - Dark Crusade or Soulstorm?

    Which one did you like better?
  30. chaikovski2002

    FRAPS Question

    Whats the best quality screenshots format? JPEG? PNG? TGA?
  31. chaikovski2002

    What site do you go to

    To get the latest game patches? I just built a corei7 system and have about 20 games to install.
  32. chaikovski2002

    Vista 64 Install Order

    I ordered a corei7 system it will be here next week. I want to go over just the basics of setting everything up right, ive done this before many times maybe some of you have new suggestions or better/easier way of doing things, so here goes: 1)Install all the hardware, power on the system...
  33. chaikovski2002

    Updating Nvidia display

    It is necessary to uninstall the old display drivers when updating to the newer ones? Or can you just install the new ones over the old ones?
  34. chaikovski2002

    SoundBlaster X-Fi 2.18.0008

    I updated to the new drivers and my AC3Filter in Media Player Classic stopped working, I get no audio now in any of my movies, anyone else have similar problem?
  35. chaikovski2002

    Valve Offers Refund for GTA IV

    "Yesterday we (and just about everyone else) reported that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV was, in a word, broken. Not broken as in “oh, the gameplay doesn’t transfer to the PC”, but rather broken as in “…hey, why aren’t you booting?”. It has gotten so bad that Valve, the company that owns...
  36. chaikovski2002

    StalkerSoC Question

    Fanatic got shot by military and died in my game while i was talking to sid, is he an important character thats needed later on? Should I reload and try save him?
  37. chaikovski2002

    Do you trust ebay?

    Im about to make a purchase and im kinda on the fence about it, so i need your input. Did you ever buy speakers from ebay? Was everything in good condition like the seller listed or was it a cat in a bag purchase?
  38. chaikovski2002

    How much AA and AF

    How much AA and AF is good enough for the eye candy at 1680x1050 resolution?
  39. chaikovski2002

    Need speakers for x-fi soundcard

    Primarily to play games, price range is around $100. I looked at logitechs G51, klipsch promedia 2.1, logitech z-2300, z-5300e, etc. My head hurts, so many choices, help me decide please...
  40. chaikovski2002

    Spinpoint F1 HD753LJ 750GB

    Need a single drive for OS/Games, any thoughts?