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  1. CaptNumbNutz

    Ryzen 5000's memory controller improvements, 4 sticks versus 2

    Gamer's Nexus shows data showing 4 sticks giving a performance improvement of 5-10% in most cases as well as how the added capacity is not where the benefit comes from. However, someone in the comments gave an excellent breakdown of why this matters and what GN is missing in their video. It's...
  2. CaptNumbNutz

    Filament Brand Preferences and Resellers

    What brand filaments do you like to use for each type (PLA, ABS, PETG, etc.) and where do you like to purchase from. I've read sometimes filament can make or break a print. Any thoughts? Temperature suggestions for particular brands?
  3. CaptNumbNutz

    ASRock H110 Pro BTC+. 13 PCIe Slots for Ethereum Mining

    Perfect for Ethereum Mining. Could save you guys some money buying more motherboards, cpu's, RAM, etc. by allowing you to condense some rigs.
  4. CaptNumbNutz

    Laptop Keyboard Replacement to different language

    I was recently gifted an Asus X54 laptop. It had a bad power port that would have cost the owner too much to replace by a shop. I soldered a new power port, dropped some spare RAM in it, a spare SSD, installed win10. $20 and 2 hours later I have a brand new machine. One problem... the machine...
  5. CaptNumbNutz

    Dell Latitude 2110 Netbook. OS recommendation.

    I was recently gifted this snail. Atom N470 Single core w/ hyper threading 1GB of DDR2 RAM 5400rpm 160GB WD drive. Non-touchscreen version. Full Spec sheet from Dell. I maxed it out with the junk I had laying around. It now has 2GB of RAM (maxed) and a 240GB Crucial M500 SSD in it. I also...
  6. CaptNumbNutz

    Parent friendly NAS recommendation

    My parents need a new NAS. They have used a Western Digital My Book in the past, but it has its limitations. They need reliability and simplicity. Cost is negotiable, this will be a business expense but lets keep it under a couple grand. My father is tech savvy, but he is also stubborn and...
  7. CaptNumbNutz

    How to tell what is using the GPS service on Android

    Phone: HTC One M8 (ATT, not rooted) Android: KitKat I'm trying to determine what is triggering GPS on my phone. I have noticed the icon a lot more often than usual and it is draining my battery much quicker. I have allowed Google services to track my phone, but I do not allow much else. Under...
  8. CaptNumbNutz

    Win7 MCE vs Win8.1 MCE

    I'm looking to re-install the OS for my HTPC in the near future. I have lost the license key for my current Win7 install on it (it was from my old technet license that I have mistakenly run testing on for far too long), making me a little nervous if I ever have to re-install. I'm going to buy a...
  9. CaptNumbNutz

    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    We have had enough different threads discussing pre-release, alpha, beta, and pre-loading. Time to consolidate everything. Let's keep all further discussions here just like we have with the BFBC2 and BF3 threads before. Pre-loading has started for those who bought it digitally. For those...
  10. CaptNumbNutz

    Center Stemmed Stepped Caps Lock Key for Cherry MX

    After searching forever to find these, I finally found a source of them. Only thing I could find up until now were small group orders in forums or mod guides on how to make your own. Now you can buy them. For you Corsair users, I believe the correct font...
  11. CaptNumbNutz

    Thermalright Ultra-120 (original) vs True Spirit 120

    For clarification, we are talking about the much older original Thermalright Ultra-120 with 4 heatpipes, NOT the Extreme version (aka TRUE) with 6. I have an older Ultra-120 sitting around that I could buy the socket 1156/1155 bolt thru kit and suddenly have it work with my new 2600K. Which...
  12. CaptNumbNutz

    i7 2600K $249.99 at MC via FB coupon (in store only)

    The deal they had from December is back!!! i7 2600K (yes, K) for $249.99 via their Facebook page. $120 off. Go here: Click on "Exclusive Deal" on left hand side, fill out your information, then get coupon via email. Print the coupon out and bring it in to your...
  13. CaptNumbNutz

    Video Card Recommendation. $180 or less

    I am upgrading my GF's computer as a Christmas present. She currently has a AMD X6 and running the integrated Radeon 4200 graphics. She also has a Corsair 600w PSU, so power won't be an issue. She can barely maintain 30fps at lowest graphics settings on her 2 favorite games, Starcraft 2 and...
  14. CaptNumbNutz

    Shuttle SFF power supply quality

    I built my parents a Shuttle system in June of 2009 after my father fell in love with their small size. It was a Shuttle SP45H7 system. The power supply that came with it was a 300w unit, model # PC61. The system was built with 4x2 GB RAM sticks, 1x Nvidia 9500GT, 1x 500GB Hard drive, 1x dvd...
  15. CaptNumbNutz

    Foxconn A7DA-S No Post

    A couple years ago I bought a Foxconn A7DA-S socket AM2+ motherboard. It worked beautifully for about 6 months. The motherboard has built in power and reset buttons. One day the system hard locked during a game (not overclocked). I couldn't ctrl-alt-del out, nothing. Only solution was...
  16. CaptNumbNutz

    PlayReady DRM

    I'm about at my wits end with this. I need some help and suggestions from you guys. For the record, the problems only occur on premium digital channels (HBO, STARZ, etc.) , and not the lower channels. My HTPC has the specs in my Sig. Nothing is overclocked, and the PC4000 ram is actually...
  17. CaptNumbNutz

    Folder view for Windows 7 Media Center?

    In Vista Media Center, when you open up your Video Library, it would always sort them by Folders, then by name. It would present my videos exactly how I arranged them in folders: Action, Comedy, Drama, TV eps...etc. followed by anything that I hadn't placed in those folders. I had Media center...
  18. CaptNumbNutz

    Recovering Data after deleting volume?

    Long story short... I was planning on reformatting a 160GB drive on my pc using the Computer Management Console in Vista, except I deleted the volume on different 160GB drive hooked up to my PC...which happened to be my backup drive. I hate it when I live up to my name. :rolleyes: I have NOT...
  19. CaptNumbNutz

    CableCard for any DIY HTPC. No more OEM only restriction for ATI OCUR tuner.

    It has finally been figured out. No more OEM only CableCard setups with ATI's OCUR tuner. Here is the full guide, courtesy of -edit- provided more direct link to guide.
  20. CaptNumbNutz

    IR Hardware Not Detected

    I recently purchased a Hauppauge HVR-1600 MCE to start a HTPC with. It comes with the VISTA MCE remote with the IR blaster, NOT the Hauppage remote. The OS is Vista Home Premium 32bit, all latest updates except SP1 (can't seem to...
  21. CaptNumbNutz

    Is it possible to throttle a home network?

    Let me explain the situation. My roommate is abusing my network with his bittorrent downloads. I know for sure he is seeding at well over 100kbytes upload. I have asked him time and time again to tone it down, however I believe his lack of knowledge about the software prevents him from using it...
  22. CaptNumbNutz

    DIY anti-static wristband?

    I have an anti-static wristband, and use it religously since my apartment is completely carpeted and I have zapped a video card before. Since I started using it, I have not had any ESD zapped gear. *knocks on wood* I have a couple problems with it, and I haven't found a decent replacement at...
  23. CaptNumbNutz

    What size sleeving and heatshrink?

    I'm about to attempt to sleeve for the first time. I will be doing custom wiring for my rig. I have no clue which size you use for each size wires. I also don't know what size heatshrink I should use to cover the sleeving and the wires. I have to sleeve and heatshrink the following: - 24pin...
  24. CaptNumbNutz

    120mm fans recommendation, high pressure and quiet

    I need some 120mm fans with relatively high pressure and are relatively quiet. I mean quiet, not silent...I'm willing to trade a little noise for performance. In other words..NO NEXUS or SILENX fans, but rather the kind you would use on a heatsink with dense fins. I will be using these fans for...