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  1. FlawleZ

    WTB: Corsair 900D (or similar Super-Tower)

    Thank you to everyone who has replied so far. Really still just looking for the 900D for now.
  2. FlawleZ

    WTB: Corsair 900D (or similar Super-Tower)

    I'm the latest reply on that thread. I've pmd him as well. As far as what I'm looking for, I'm not 100% just yet. It will be for a new build on the future.
  3. FlawleZ

    WTB: Corsair 900D (or similar Super-Tower)

    Looking for a Corsair 900D or similar Super-Tower case. I know a couple people here have listed them for sale but haven't been online in a while. LMK what you have. Thanks!
  4. FlawleZ

    [DEAD] [H]OT - 5800x3D -$377 + Free shipping.

    How are the Temps compared to 3800X? Rocking a 3800X with PBO and some solid B die memory. My 3800X always ran a little toasty. Ive had the der8uaer Ryzen bracket + AC 240mm to keep Temps under control. I've considered going 5800X3D or 5950X. Kind of torn between the extra cores vs extra gaming...
  5. FlawleZ

    Downgrade to upgrade?

    Thankfully with Amernime's drivers you can use the latest drivers with them. With FSR it makes a massive difference when trying to play games above 1080P and only having 4GB frame buffer.
  6. FlawleZ

    Wired Controller for PS5?

    I play discs with mine all the time. Its very quiet.
  7. FlawleZ

    Crypto Miners, Not Gamers, Were The Primary Buyers of Graphics Cards Since 2021, Almost $15 Billion Worth of GPU Sales Reported

    Wait, what? Literally the opposite. Only in the recent weeks to month or so have GPUs been attainable from retailers. I'm not talking about the 3090s that sat on the shelf for $2500 price tags. Demand is lower and the availability of nearly all GPUs as well as major price drops clearly prove...
  8. FlawleZ

    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

    I believe the story line ties into the mid 2000s FFVII movie Advent Children.
  9. FlawleZ

    Wired Controller for PS5?

    Unless you're going through multiple brick walls or floors the wireless signal will likely still reach. Both my PS4 and PS5 controllers can communicate wirelessly from the 2nd floor to the 1st.
  10. FlawleZ

    [Steam] ARK Survival Evolved free

    Yes. Yes.
  11. FlawleZ

    WTB: PCI Video card

    May have an ATI card or two if you're open to that.
  12. FlawleZ

    Diablo 4 - The Real Official Thread

    It's unfortunate how many people gave up on D3 so long ago. Since the expansion and new game modes the original D3 game is easily less than 10% of the overall game now. And they added a lot of replay value with adventure mode.
  13. FlawleZ

    Diablo Immortal

  14. FlawleZ

    MSI Tommy hawk 570x issues

    What kind of transfer speeds are we talking about? Is it only the USB C connector?
  15. FlawleZ

    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    Anyone else still remember when games were released stand alone without a platform? MANY great games, in fact.
  16. FlawleZ

    AMD Surpasses Intel Market Cap My how the times have changed...
  17. FlawleZ

    Will you upgrade to the S22 ultra?

    I was rocking my S8 for as long as possible but got tired of dealing with a busted screen and dieing battery. Bought a new sealed in box S10 on Ebay for $200. Soon as it arrived I rooted the phone and popped in a 512GB SD card. When I look at prices on new top of the line phones I couldn't be...
  18. FlawleZ

    Do Lan Parties happen any more?

    A LAN party is much like a true manual transmission sports car. While modern automatics may eclipse them in pure performance, they will never replace the experience.
  19. FlawleZ

    Sold: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16gb x 4 kit

    You have a pm.
  20. FlawleZ

    gmail spam 1000x increase. How do I get rid of them

    It's annoying to sift through spam but this is a tiny amount of email to skim through. Maybe I'm calloused from my insane work email volume and my Hotmail email that's 24 years old.
  21. FlawleZ

    Using LTE as home internet access, need help with towers.

    Used to live in East Texas for a bit in mid 2000s. I know the ISP struggle is real out there.
  22. FlawleZ

    4c/8t 6700k (stock) vs 6c/12t 3960x (4.7ghz oc) for my son in laws first PC. Need advise

    It's not faster at multithread with a 500Mhz disadvantage which is what OP stated on their overclocks. Moot point either way as he's already gone with 6700K.
  23. FlawleZ

    Watch out , shadows account compromised

    The low IQ scammers are always so easy to pick out. You would think they would be better at this stuff.
  24. FlawleZ

    Looking for free software for gpu benchmark test for windows xp.

    Well his actual intended use and attempted use are all missing from the context of his post.
  25. FlawleZ

    What game have you put the most time into?

    Mine would likely be The Isle. Glad to have moved on. Wasted way too much time with that game.
  26. FlawleZ

    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    I downloaded Flight Simulator on the Microsoft Store in 2020. It was also available on the Xbox Game Pass app at the same time.
  27. FlawleZ

    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    Is anyone else highly irritated having to download an "Xbox" app to play MS PC games? Most counterintuitive branding I've seen. Went to download AoE other day and couldn't find the MS Store anywhere. Turns out you have to download an app for a console to play MS PC games. If I wanted to play an...
  28. FlawleZ

    MrBeast Ranks as Highest-Paid YouTube Star Ever, Earning an Estimated $54 Million in 2021

    Linus is almost repulsive to me. Not sure if it's his personality, his noobish coverage of tech info, or a combination of both.
  29. FlawleZ

    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    When demand = ∞ it's going to be a lot longer than that.
  30. FlawleZ

    GPU MSRP is Not Meaningless @

    You could sell the Radeon VII, buy an AIB 6900XT and still have $300+ left over.
  31. FlawleZ

    ASUS Demonstrates DDR5 to DDR4 converter card.

    Still have a couple s754 boards and a 3700+ Mobile chip that does 3Ghz.
  32. FlawleZ

    ASUS Demonstrates DDR5 to DDR4 converter card.

    I'm surprised it wasn't ASRock. They're known for the odd hybrid solutions in the past. 4 Core/Dual VSTA anyone?
  33. FlawleZ

    GeForce RTX 2060 VRAM Usage, Is 6GB's Enough for 1440p?

    Gears 5 and Tomb Raider both benefit from having more than 8GB. 1080TI defeats 2080 in these cases.
  34. FlawleZ

    Starlink (Generation 2) testing

    Latency looks A LOT better than I would expect. Thanks for sharing!
  35. FlawleZ

    GeForce RTX 2060 VRAM Usage, Is 6GB's Enough for 1440p?

    Playing Halo Infinite the other day at 4K max and even on the interior levels I'm seeing 9.2GB of VRAM used. My brother's RX6800 sees closer to 10GB used. I don't really see the 6GB frame buffer a problem for an RTX 2060, but for the 2080s and especially 3070s, the 8GB frame buffer will most...
  36. FlawleZ

    Alexa is evil (If you didn't already know, now you know)

    We have a couple in the house since the wife likes them. Sick and tired of seeing it suggest "what are my covid restrictions?" Reminds me each time we're in a "pandemic"
  37. FlawleZ

    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    Q3 sales numbers showed highest production numbers ever for AMD and Nvidia. Yet we still have people even here who think that the world gained that many PC enthusiasts and gamers overnight which explains the demand.
  38. FlawleZ

    Cohabitation issues with Windows 7 and Windows 10 on 2 different HDs

    I always run this command on my systems anyway to save disk space. Been removing hibernation since Windows 7 days.