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  1. velusip

    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    I hear ya. I was just comparing to the particular segment of high volitility stocks which I see so many people lose their shirts in. Trailing edge VC, pump and dump activity, etc. It's much smaller scale in the crypto world, but it's the same general premises. I never knew how it could be so...
  2. velusip

    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    There's a mad dash to GPU mine before the ETH DAG ends sometime in 2022. The date was pushed back twice so far, but I only hope it ends sooner than later---and even then I'm not convinced this card shortage will wane. There are a lot of people heavily invested in the pump and dump alt-coin...
  3. velusip

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Sorry for potato. Keyboard is very custom. Plans for a fully custom (6 row) ortholinear on the backburner, but for now this one is real nice. Mouse is a G203, which I quite liked at first, but after a couple years of use I'm liking it less. Might try an ergonomic next. No plans for custom, but...
  4. velusip

    Micron Cuts DRAM and NAND Flash Output as ASP Falters

    Thanks for this refreshing bit of sense. I mean, Micron expects a certain profit margin and it just so happens that they can adjust it at will using the most basic supply and demand principles. You can't blame them for doing what works and adjusting the numbers to suit. However, putting...
  5. velusip

    Steam Is Getting a Redesigned Library and New Events Features

    Seems reasonable. Just improving what was already there, in place. I've been wanting an integrated friends list for some time, so that's nice. Tear-away windows really need to be optional.
  6. velusip

    DroneClash Turns Counter Drone Research Into a Sport

    Seems fun, however the most effective methods would immediately be banned in the arena for literally giving everyone in the audience cancer. i.e. High C battery + inverter + magnetrons.
  7. velusip

    What Happens When You Water Cool an Air Cooler?

    Neat little project, but you still need to dissipate heat. Ideally, to the air so you can blow it away... Adding a water step kinda adds complication and length to the process.
  8. velusip

    Epic's Tim Sweeney Calls Store Exclusives "Procompetitive"

    It doesn't matter how hard you rationalize your actions -- when you are trying to establish yourself in a middleman position we all know there are easy ways to abuse the role. A distributor wields enormous power in commerce and effectively gates the industry. Calling resource gating...
  9. velusip

    PC Sales to Decline in 2019 Amid CPU Shortages, Weak GPU Market

    I'm in the same boat. I picked up this 1300X with the intention of upgrading since AMD said they were going to stick with the same socket for some time. I didn't upgrade to a a higher core count, passed on the Zen+, and I'm not sure I'll get a Zen2 either. Not because I don't want one ;) it's...
  10. velusip

    Valve Addresses Review Bombing on Steam by Removing Them from Review Scores

    I'm guessing this doesn't detect paid/free key/influencer reviews.
  11. velusip

    Prisoners in England to Be Taught Code

    There has got to be better hobby programmes in prison. "in order to better prepare them for the world of work." What "world of work" are they talking about?
  12. velusip

    Steam Link Anywhere Enables Game Streaming over the Internet

    I suppose it's just another easy thing to do to pad the list of "things we do." It's just a "yeah, but why?" moment for me.
  13. velusip

    America and Canada Ground All Boeing 737 MAX Planes

    Upstream firmware upgrade available. Download and install? [yN]
  14. velusip

    Citrix Hacked by a Cyberespionage Group

    "... any more than it already is."
  15. velusip

    "Uncharted" Creative Director: AAA Development "Just Doesn't Feel Sustainable"

    She's talking about interpersonal relationships at scale in the office. Not financial feasibility or market analysis. It seems to be quite a narrow view as well considering the number of asset haus studios churning out textures, models, sounds, and other assets for use in games for the past 15+...
  16. velusip

    Whole Foods Cuts Workers' Hours after Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage

    The funny thing is that many food distributors in Canada were bracing when Amazon bought out Whole Foods as if tech giants entering the market would stir things up. Nope. Same shit, different pile. Cuts to working hours is exactly what every other major food distributor is doing and they are...
  17. velusip

    MSI Releases AMD X470 and B450 Bios Updates for AMD Raven Ridge Processors

    I think that's just how marketing people talk. ;)
  18. velusip

    DRAM Prices See Sharpest Decline Since 2011

    The price fixing was painfully obvious. Especially with production slowdowns while prices were still rising.
  19. velusip

    ScaleMP and AMD Announce Collaboration for Scale-Up EPYC Servers

    Exactly. SDSs can be feeble. I haven't personally witnessed any multimodal systems in action yet, but the idea of smoothly transitioning from the brute-force, aggregate model to a clustered model once the software problem has been sorted out is ideal. It also means users are more likely to stick...
  20. velusip

    Huawei Launches a Lawsuit in Texas

    Yeah, 'not influenced' isn't really something anyone can say honestly. One may not even be fully aware of the level of influence a secret actor has over your company. However, Huawei has every right to challenge all these unconstitutional bans since they are based entirely on allegations...
  21. velusip

    ScaleMP and AMD Announce Collaboration for Scale-Up EPYC Servers

    I get that sometimes you need to satisfy a growing pain NOW -- and that in most cases the need for an SDS stems from urgent demand, sudden influx of money, or just more money than sense -- but holy smokes, the larger these systems get the funnier this whole solution is. I mean, how much budget...
  22. velusip

    Anthem Is a Buggy Mess

    "Anthem is a buggy mess" Of course it is. Now pay your fee and get to bug testing.
  23. velusip

    NSA Releases Free "GHIDRA" Reverse Engineering Tool

    There are several similar tool sets and I'm not finding what this one brings to the table. I've been using r2 for a while now and it is excellent, but perhaps this one is less lean and more like IDA without the crazy license fee? I suppose that would attract some people.
  24. velusip

    German Court Upholds Paid Amazon Review Case

    It makes me think of that broken windows theory. A gradual reduction in quality of storefronts and products let open the floodgates for more shady activity. I remember when it started to happen to ebay and that leaked over to amazon. Now you can search for one thing and you get hundreds of...
  25. velusip

    Google Pay Equity Analysis Results in $9.7 Million in Adjustments

    Overreaction seems to be what the complainants want.
  26. velusip

    German Court Upholds Paid Amazon Review Case

    That's interesting. Do tell. Considering how little moderation goes into popular online services, it's nice to see them actually crack down on this kind of abuse every so often.
  27. velusip

    Activision Blizzard Layoffs May Cause Key Talent to Leave

    Lakados, you make a good contra point against me without even knowing. I haven't played any of those. They don't look interesting at all. :) These companies have no legal requirement to provide a detailed listing of corporate expenses and how they are factored into the development cost of a...
  28. velusip

    Activision Blizzard Layoffs May Cause Key Talent to Leave

    That's a great point. However, initial cost for AAA titles is usually blown out of proportion due to an accelerated and regular production cycle. I like to think that what we call AAA is not really what anyone actually wants, but merely what a megacorp has fallen victim to producing on a regular...
  29. velusip

    Singaporean Retailer Lists Purported Ryzen 3000 Pricing

    *sigh* Looks like I'll be doing some irresponsible spending here soon.
  30. velusip

    Steven Spielberg Is Gunning to Make Sure Netflix Never Has Another Oscars Contender

    Awards and recognition are powerful advertising, whether you care or not. This one gatekeeper would like to reel in more users of their cinema-based distribution model -- the only way they get to charge their own particular kind of tax. Some industries are smarter and don't even have to wave...
  31. velusip

    Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

    This article is literally insane. You know what? Let's take it a step further. Account sharing is basically terrorism.
  32. velusip

    Activision and EA CEOs Appear on List of "Most Overpaid" in the US

    It takes a lot of people working for peanuts to enable such a top-heavy company. The fix is to quit working there. People need better standards and higher morals to quit working at these garbage-tier companies.
  33. velusip

    Report Claims Canadian Police are Tracking and Acting On "Negative" Behavior

    Thank you for actually reading the article. I mean, you're right, the bureaucratic expenses of a program you describe would get out of hand, but this is merely a parsed/filtered view of an existing criminal database. Assuming it's some kind of conspiracy suggests you didn't read the article...
  34. velusip

    TikTok Settles with FTC for $5.7 Million After Violating Child Protection Laws

    Straight out of an episode of Silicon Valley.
  35. velusip

    New Study Claims Piracy is Driven by Availability and Price

    If you view illegal distribution of copyrighted works as if it were just another form of competition (filling a market gap), it becomes much easier to deal with. Especially considering that it clearly demonstrates your own competitive shortcomings.
  36. velusip

    Linus Torvalds Comments On Apple's Potential Move to ARM

    It's like they think they are the incumbent, and thus they can do incumbent things. We'll see how it goes.
  37. velusip

    Linus Torvalds Comments On Apple's Potential Move to ARM

    Just to clarify, this started as a comment about new ARM-based, compute-class architectures being less likely to take hold seeing as the common (home-based PC) x86 arch took over the compute world since it was familiar and readily available to developers. It's less likely to go the other way around.
  38. velusip

    Nokia 9 PureView: The World's First Quintuple Camera Smartphone

    How 'bout some battery life?
  39. velusip

    Linux Gaming Is on a Life-Support System Called Steam

    I'm guessing there are lots of games where the developer simply doesn't know what they are doing, and is too busy porting to multiple platforms for that cash to actually ensure they all work. The only problems I ever had were super simple: extended wm hooks missing (easily provided with a wm...
  40. velusip

    Intel Gen11 Reportedly Takes iGPU Performance to Another Level

    It's about time AMD had some competition. ;)