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    Booting into Windows causes other machines to lose internet access

    I run Ubuntu and Windows and once a week I'll boot into windows to play some games. The past few times, I've noticed every other device on my lan will lose internet access. Other desktops, phones, tvs whatever. Router is a asus RT-AX58U and I see the WAN link is down... Try to access console...
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    Tower server

    I've been running old gaming hardware for my homelab but I'm kinda bored I'm not set up for any racks So looking though my local ads I came across a tower server that seems well priced and was looking for advice because I don't know much about these products Dell PowerEdge T320 Tower Intel...
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    looking for cheap windows keys

    Any names I should stay away from? Kinguin comes up a lot but never tried. Thanks
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    bad ghosting on LG 32GK850F

    wondering what's up sometimes, mostly noticeable in RTS games, I get some really bad ghosting until I hit ALT enter to get a window and then ALT Enter again to go full screen again. running at 1080ti in gsync compatible mode without vsync no frame limiter
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    Retro build from old parts

    Going through my old gear and I decided to try to put something together. I don't have many old boards but I do have this : I have a couple socket A chips like a Duron (600 I think? crusty pasted I haven't cleaned off yet) Athlon 1333 and Athlon 2200+. I'm using a Geforce 6200. I have other...
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    Suggestions on where to go from 28" 4k 60hz ?

    Hi all, Just wondering what others would change to in my situation My current monitor U28E590, isnt playing super well with Gsync despite my attempts. If I was to swap primary monitor, what are my options if I'd like move up from what I currently have... Without breaking the bank...
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    Tearing when using Gsync on freesync monitor

    I'm using a 1080TI on a Samsung U28E590, a little old but works well In games like Forza Horizon 4, Project Cars 2, Metro Exodus, when I enable G-SYNC, I get this terrible stuttering, horrible frame times, tearing all over the place. When I turn it off, it all goes away, I was using freesync...
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    Crashes during gaming with solid color on screen

    got my card back from RMA and I still have the crashing during gaming with a solid color on the monitor. A lot of googling led me to believe it was a problem with the card 2700x Prime X470-PRO (latest BIOS) Ripjaws V DDR4 3200 C16 16-18-18-36-58 Strix Vega 64 (fresh from RMA) Corsair RM750 (was...