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  1. swatbat

    Paper Mario: The Origami King

    I picked this up today and was looking forward to it but Nintendo seems to have looked at the glacier pace text moved in Breath of the Donkey bawls and said wait, we can get another 10 hours of gameplay easy making the text even slower. It destroys the game with its slow pace, same with the...
  2. swatbat

    The Unofficial Hard Arcade Game and Pinball thread.

    Ok so I know a few of the people here have arcade and pinball machines in their houses but I didn't see a thread on it. I figured why not start one to see what else people are collecting. Die Hard Arcade: Full Die Hard Arcade system. Replaced the starter in the marquee as well as its bulb...
  3. swatbat

    FS: Polycom, Snom, and Sangoma VOIP gear

    Heatware under ccosby and it goes back to 2006. Prefered method of payment is usps money order although I can do paypal if it comes down to it. Items priced with shipping within the us. The items are pulls from a linux based voip system that was bought around 2007 that was never put into use...
  4. swatbat

    Notebook with a parallel port?

    I need a notebook that has a parallel port and a serial port for an engraving machine. The parallel port is needed for a hardware dongle and yes I have asked about a usb one and they don't offer it. Anyone have any ideas of a current model that has both? I might end up with a dell with a...
  5. swatbat

    Recovery volume shadow copy from another computer?

    Pretty much does anyone know how to extract volume shadow copydata from a dead computer? I have a client that was using mozy for their backup of a server that crashed and mozy can't find the clients files after a raid crash. I was able to recover the raid enough to make an image file of the data...
  6. swatbat

    Anyone elce starting to see database errors?

    I'm starting to get the white database error every few pages or so. Anyone have this happening to them?
  7. swatbat

    Need printer to throw in a truck.

    One of my clients is getting ready to throw a tablet pc in a truck to do repairs at client sites and needs a printer to put in the truck. This is going to be in the hands of mechanics so the more rugged then better. I've seen some good thermal printers that would work but the software they...
  8. swatbat

    Replace xbox 360 optical drive?

    The optical drive on my 360 is messing up(someone slamed the tray in) and I'm wondering if it is as simple as buying a repalcement drive pulled from another 360 and dropping it in or will I need to flash the new drive with the consoles info? I'm not looking to bypass the copy protection...
  9. swatbat

    Very quick Java question

    I'm trying to make a quick multiplication program and can not figure out how to set a constant varriable with a decimal in it. Can anyone help me with this. Ie float salestax How would I define this as 0.055 so I can make it a % I'm looking at like final salestax = How do I set this...
  10. swatbat

    Looking for a real small case(matx)

    Hey guys I'm messing around with the idea of a unix firewall box for a customer but I want a real small box to build it in. I'm pretty much wanting something with a single drive bay right above the board. Slim line prefered. I'm thinking like the dell gx270 size or the size of that hp unit that...
  11. swatbat

    Anyone use the Endian Firewall distribution?

    I looked in the forums and saw where a couple of people have played around with this but am wondering if anyone has had a chance to really test it out. I'm trying to setup a pretty good router that does dhcp, av, proxy, and most important vpn to 2 or 3 other locations. To make it easy if I find...
  12. swatbat

    So I picked up a blue and white the other day.

    So I went to a surplus sale the other day and got a blue and white g3 for 10 bucks. Almost had 2 more but someone grabbed them before I could. It is a g3 450(fastest stock speed it could be) decked out with scsi 2 hardware. I went ahead and dropped a radeon 7000 32 meg pci card in it and added...
  13. swatbat

    Need to record video off webcam

    Hey guys I'm trying to help a friend. He wants to be able to record the incomming video off a online video chat with his daughter. Pretty much he wants to record the video of his new grandchild during the video chats with his his daughter. Prefer the software to be free but it doesn't have to...
  14. swatbat

    Screen saver issues in xp pro

    I have a system at work that will not run the screen saver. Pretty much I want it to run a screen saver with password protect so it locks the machine when the employee walks away from it. I have tried going under gpedit and forcing the screen saver that way as well. If you click preview to...
  15. swatbat

    Need some dos help....

    Ok one of the companies I know has a dos based program that they need to run. The problem is the new machine is a dell pentium d with no legacy ports. I have tried getting virtual pc to run the app but it doesn't find the pci parallel port so the program will not run(hardware lock). Anyway I am...
  16. swatbat

    FS Qoob Pro modchip bundle for gamecube

    Link to pics(more upon request) Sold I have a new nerver opened Qoob Pro "super-bundle" that comes with the top case, modchip, cables etc. The plastic bag that has the modchip in it has never been opened. See for info on the modchip. The chip does not come with the bios that...
  17. swatbat

    Need help restricting internet access on machines.

    My brother is screwing up pretty bad in school right now. I need to be able to restrict his internet access so he can't stay up all night on the net. Do you all know of any router out there that I can disable access after say 10 pm at night to certain pcs via unit name, mac etc? Will something...
  18. swatbat

    MSI Nforce 2 board bios reset issues

    Ok my friend just put in a 2500 barton in his msi nforce 2 board and we started trying to overclock it. This was replacing his xp 1800. This is one of the early nforce 2 boards that only supports the 333 fsb. Anyway we set the board too high and it will not post most of the time. We are thinking...
  19. swatbat

    Stampede for iBooks at RIR(the $50 ones)

    Check out this link for that ibook deal that was going around the net Yea being a henrico resident I got bored and went up to RIR where they were selling them just too see how many people were there. I took some pics but they didn't come out that good as I was driving. The line of cars was a...
  20. swatbat

    Sun making a 64bit notebook

    Sun's new notebook What do you all think? I'm thinking they will be hella expensive but a UltraSPARC IIIi notebook with a scsi hard drive(or ata) should be a sweet system. Too bad they are only going to come with a 802.11b wireless card.
  21. swatbat

    Any want to force quit in xp other then task manager?

    As the topic states does anyone have a way to force quit something if task manager will not quit the program in xp pro? GTA fucks up and will stay in memory so I can't relaunch it. I want to be able to kill it from memory and task manager just sits there on the process tab and will do nothing...
  22. swatbat

    Some free itunes songs(expire today) first come.

    Hey guys I got a few extra itunes pespi caps. I had a bunch left that I can't use(10 per day). Anyway first person to use them gets them. I may post some more later on if my friend does not claim them. Enjoy JQPKMFOC9T MLZTN9HOAJ BFF307RIVZ 6L9JYAGWIF OQTI6FJNYF NLAWAMEF35 Crap I just...
  23. swatbat

    Dell d600 keyboard on a 600m?

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows if a d600 keyboard will work on the 600m. I want to switch because the d600 has the easer head pointer. Both systems use the same logic board so I figure I may need to flash it to the d600 bios and thats it. Any ideas? I figure if I have to I could switch...
  24. swatbat

    Good power supply tester.

    Hey guys I work as a tech and I'm looking for a good power supply tester that puts a load on the unit. Most that you find are these cheap little crappy ones that pull maybe 20-25 watts but I want one that puts a good load on it. Any ideas?
  25. swatbat

    Cheap 1u DP for gaming server.

    Hey guys I'm looking for a 1u server to be used as a gamming server for a clan. I'm seeing a dell with dual 2.8's and a gig of ram for around 1200-1300. We plan on adding more ram but not through them. Looking around some this looks like it will be about the same or a little less then what I...
  26. swatbat

    Monitoring IM's and web access.

    I'm looking for a program that can capture instant messaging such as aim. I also would like to record web site visits with it. It need to be able to be locked so the users can't alter it. I plan on running this on xp machines although if it is server side it can run on anything(I have bsd boxes...
  27. swatbat

    HD output on a 6600gt?

    I was wondering if any of you have experience with the hd output on the newer nvidia cards. I have a pny 6600gt(got it cheap in town) and am thinking of using a 26 inch lcd tv for the monitor on that machine. It would be used mostly for games(screen native is 1280x768) and some internet surfing...
  28. swatbat

    Apple Cinema Display response time?

    Does anyone know the response time on the older 20 inch display with the ADC connector. I can get one for a good price but am interested because of ghosting issues. My 21 inch crt is dying and since I get can one of these with and adc adapter for less then most 20 inch screens its catching my eye.
  29. swatbat

    Battery calibration for apple notebooks

    Hey guys maybe one of you knows a answer to this question. I have a ibook g3 800(32 meg 12 inch) that the battery on runs about 3.5 hours or so. The problem is it thinks it will run 5.5 to 6 hours. I have looked over gsx and the only thing I can see about battery calibration is to let the...
  30. swatbat

    Dell Laser Printer 1700?

    Has anyone had any experience with these things? I mean with the dell prize games going on I can get one for 130 bucks shipped. I'm thinking its a good deal(I hate the idea of having to order a toner but for the price I may just throw the sucker away when it runs out) Hell what am I saying I...
  31. swatbat

    Clear iBook palm rest

    Ok I have seen clear ibook palm rests that were 3rd party out of Japan. Does anyone know where I can find one in the states. I have removed the paint from my ibook 800 and want a clear palm rest to complete the look. The sad thing is a had picked one of these suckers up like 2 years ago and sold...
  32. swatbat

    toast question

    Hey I have an apple that has a bad cdrw drive and I'm wondering if the toast image files that were made on it can be burned on any windows program. I need to keep some of these cds bootable(have a custom linux distro set off some). Is it true that I can burn them as a raw image in something like...
  33. swatbat

    Internal WiFi on an iBook

    Are there any pc cards that will work with a g3 ibooks internal port other then the old airport card? The airport cards are getting pricy and harder to find. Anyone know a way to work around this? I realy don't want to go with USB and I would rather not spend so much on an adapter. Thanks
  34. swatbat

    Good unix apps for an older ibook

    Hey I just got a 600 mhz 12 inch ibook and I am wondering what are some good unix apps for you all that run x11. I have some good background in BSD and am just wondering what you guys use. I got the system for 300 bucks new(it was one a store never sold that they had been sitting on 2 years.) I...
  35. swatbat

    Need help locking down xp

    Hey I need help locking down xp pro. I want to pretty much block out everything but office, internet explorer, and windows media player. How do I go about configuring the rights of the user. Do I just use gpedit and if so is there any good info on it? Thanks
  36. swatbat

    IDE raid 5 question

    I'm in the process of throwing together a cheap filebackup server to replace an old alpha machine. I'm thinking of using this p3 600 board I have laying around with 256 ram(may add more) running FreeBSD(maybe linux if it comes down to it) I have 3 40 gig maxtor drives to throw in it and will...
  37. swatbat

    Looking for a good $1000 projector

    Hey I am looking for a good projector for some movie watching and some pc gaming. I would like to spend about a grand on it because I am a full time student and this is all I can afford. Right now I'm looking at the dell 2200mp, epson powerlight s1, or the viewsonic pj510. Any ideas on these or...