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    Dungeon Hunter: Alliance for PSN

    I didn't see a topic for this new game. My roommate and I played for a couple hours last night. I really like it so far. Diablo copy Only $13 3 classes (warrior, rogue, wizard) local and online co-op I think the skill tree could use some work, such as increased run speed available for...
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    Benq 15" LCd, Modded Xbox, DIY Projector Lenses/ballast/bulb

    Biostar m7viw motherboard. Socket A, AGP, DDR or SD ram (one or the other, not both at tthe same time) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also selling...
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    New footage of Fortress-Forever (dustbowl map) I recognize most of the places in the video. Looks fun. Hopefully they will release it soon.
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    Driver Issue. x800xl

    I do not think my motherboard likes ATI video cards. I originally had a geForce4 and it worked fine. Then I put in a 9800pro and it didn't work well so I reformatted to make sure there were no driver conflicts. it worked better but still had freezing issues. Now I have an x800xl and...
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    My video card is artifacting :(

    I went on a trip and turned off my computer (I usually leave it on all the time). I came back, turned it on and it was artifacting. I took off the case cover and it improved. It still shows up in videos (both quicktime and WMP). I haven't tried playing a game but I suspect it would be really...
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    Just got a 9800pro having some issues

    I just upgraded my Nvidia gf4mx to a radeon 9800pro When I uninstalled the gf4mx, all I did was go to Add/remove Programs and removed the Nvidia software from there. I never uninstalled the driver from the System Properties. This may be what's causing my problem. After I restarted...
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    Computer Rebooted itself, now it wont load Windows

    I was surfing the net, then all the sudden my computer restarted itself randomly. It never made it back to Windows. At one point I got it to start loading safemode, then it froze. Now all I can get it to, is the safemode select screen, and when I select any option, it freezes immediatly. I...
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    problem with sp2

    I JUST installed SP2, and I have already noticed a couple problems. I will post screenshots and then explain them: This picture shows me trying to install Windows Media Player 10. If you look at the accept and decline buttons, you notice they look funny. If I try to click them, they...
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    My CPU is overheating

    I have an Athlon Xp 1800+ (with AMD retail fan and heatsink) and it has worked great for about a year now. This morning when i woke up, my computer was beeping constantly alternating a high pitch with a low pitch. I have a biostar m7viw motherboard which uses Award bios. When I turn the computer...