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    epic game store GTA5 for free

    GTA5 for free this week
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    Stock Voltage for 1090T

    Stock voltage on my Gigabyte board with the F10 bios is 1.475v.Is this safe to run 24/7 at 4ghz+.That really sounds high.Temps so far are great with 45C highest recorded.
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    Thuban and BIOS update

    For those interested my GA-MA785GM-US2H(bios flash) supports the new 6 core processor.If there are other users please post your motherboards that support these. BIOS F8 and turbo function version 1 or 1.1 could possibily go under mb section
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    ATI BIOS Editor

    Where can I find a BIOS editor for a ATI 4850? Will it do any good to push stock voltages and clocks for this card? Thanks.
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    Paranoid & OCZ 600 Watt

    Have a OCZ 600 watt StealthXstream with the setup on sig.Have been reading reviews and I am now wondering if this unit will survive the overclock as I push it higher.Ripple is my main concern.Do I need to ditch this unit and replace with Antec?
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    Video card or Monitor

    At the moment I have a 4850 and a VeiwSonic 20" WS monitor.I am looking to replace the 20" monitor with a 24" with 1920x1200 resolution.Can a 4850 run this type of monitor.AA is not a big thing with me,as resolution can take care of some of the jaggies,or would a 4870/4890 be a better deal and...
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    IE8/Desktop Crash

    Using W7 7100.If IE8 crashes my Desktop will do the same.I can either restart computer or enable Desktop in the Toolbar and work from there.Anyone having the same problem?If so how do I work around it,or do I just install a different browser and see what happens. Thanks
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    CPU core voltage

    Have a X3 720 BE that I can get to 3.4 at stock voltage and is stable.At 3.5 the machine will boot into vista and hang(mouse works nothing else.) The core voltage is around 1.4. In the bios there are 3 options .50mvs,100mvs,and 150mvs.I have added the voltages up and it appears that the max is...
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    Vista IE=sloooow

    have vista 32 and have updated to new sp the internet crawls.everything else seems fine other than web browsing.any thoughts.
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    bad ram +no video output

    can bad ram cause there to be no video output to the monitor?i am down to my last piece of hardware before rma'ing a motherboard
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    is my system fubar

    turn system on get no output to monitor i have tried resitting the cpu and video card,using one stick or ram then swapping. using barebones system swaped cpu coolers video card in different pci slots do not have an extra video card to test with thats all i can think of system has not been...
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    Heres what i have +1200$

    heres what i have antec p150 case,antec true power trio 650watt ps,20'ws monitor 80,160,500 gig ide hd this may be a problem looking at asus striker extreme or maximus extreme mb or suggestions intel core to duo e6850 suggestions corsair xms2 240 pin ddr2 800 nvidia graphics card...
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    stay with vista or go xp

    have windows vista home premium installed and the gaming is terrible.Should i stay with vista? and, hope service pack 1 speeds things up or go back to xp which is faster at the moment
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    Dual Boot

    how do i dual boot vista and xp? do i need to reinstall all apps for xp? i have 3 hds or can someone stear me toward a thread that has covered this subject.
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    shader model 2 for older cards and bioshock

    gamespot has shader model 2.0 for download.allows older cards to play bioshock
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    vista firewall

    is the firewall that comes with vista good enough or should I install a second firewall?
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    7800gs & 20 pixel pipelines

    My GF7800gs has 16 pixel pipelines is it possible to enable 4 more pipes in the bios?If so, how do I do it?
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    ASUS + Vista drivers

    I have a ASUS motherboard,A7N8X-X(yes i know it's old:D)does Vista come with support for this chipset series.The board has been discontinued and I have used the program that microsoft uses to determine if it is compatable.I see no issues.Am I correct?I plan on updating in the next week.Thanks.
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    ati 1gb 2900xt review

    new(I guess) review of 1gb 2900xt over at