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    iDuplex - Prodigy on the Rampage

    As some of you may remember, a while ago I started a project worklog, named iProdigy. This was going to serve as a small, yet powerful gaming/everyday monster for my iWife :) Well, the system is doing really well, I gave it a few weeks burn-in on the online racing simulator, iRacing, where...
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    Alcyon DX700 - where to get?

    Hello Gents, I have been drooling over this case for a while - do any of you know where I can get one in prisitne condition? I think they have been made obsolete, but I would luv to get one. Help/Feedback appreciated. ps: I have a colleague in Japan, who can help me with shipping it to...
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    Worklog: Macho Mini

    Hello Guys, Pretty excited about this one. How would you go fitting 8x hard-drives + a Crucial M4 SSD, a 140mm radiator, DDC pump, res, 450W PSU and Wade-8011 mini-itx into a Lian-Li PC-Q08? Easy, I would reckon. Check this space. As a teaser, the following components have been...
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    Bitspower D-plug help needed, please

    Hello Guys, I've posted this over at Xtremesystems as well, hope someone can help me - quite a simple request..... I am busy with my HP BlackBird mod, and needed some help - I'm trying to do something very special with the watercooling tubing, I am really forced to due to all the internal...
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    HP Blackbird 002

    For a while now I've been eyeing the recently released HP Blackbird 002. No, not the system, just the case. But, as you all know, they're notoriously difficult to come by, at least as an empty case - and, in the Land Down Under, you cannot even buy a complete Blackbird system. With the...
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    Project PowerMac G5/X86 - SLI you bet!

    Hello, So starts my 1st Project Log Down Under. Greetings from Melbourne. It has always been a dream of mine to convert a X86 System into one of the newer generation PowerMac boxes, having admired the sleek, curvatious body...err...I mean cases for a very long time. On relocating to...