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  1. Armenius

    Nvidia 522.25 drivers (DX12 boost for all RTX GPU's)

    FYI 526.98 came out on November 16, so they were not patched "today."
  2. Armenius

    Bottleneck...i dont get it

    At 1920x1080 resolution you are bottlenecked by your CPU. Doesn't mean you won't get insane FPS at that resolution with a 3080 Ti or 4090, though. The performance gap to a lower tier card will just be much smaller than if you ran at UHD 4K resolution.
  3. Armenius

    Is medium to high end Pc gaming becoming too niche ?

    You can still build a "high-end" PC for under USD $3,000. Just for comparison's sake, the PC I built in 2008 was just about $4,000 for all the parts in 2008 money. I went all-out with an Intel Extreme CPU and SLI 8800 GTX cards in that system. That is $5,670 in today's money. Altogether, my...
  4. Armenius

    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    Guessing those people think they can turnaround and sell the mobo for either minimal loss or small profit.
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    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    Hopefully it's out by the time I get out of work. I wonder if the talk of a delay wasn't unfounded. Have to wonder if they wanted to release the game before Dead Space remake.
  6. Armenius

    Darktide: Vermintide (same team) but in 40K IG vs Chaos Cultists

    I just like high DPI, low sensitivity since it is smoother and easier for me to do fine adjustments.
  7. Armenius

    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    The HDR implementation is really good, so I'm happy about that. It annoys me when games that would greatly benefit from it, like Dying Light 2, don't implement it.
  8. Armenius

    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    So he doesn't know that you can completely turn off autoaim for both melee and firearms. I disagree with his assessment of the combat. It feels intense and visceral, and the simplicity makes it flow. Encounters with more than one enemy at a time are there for you to do more than just try to...
  9. Armenius

    Starship Troopers: Extermination (12-Player Co-op FPS)

    One could say that you have a desire to know more.
  10. Armenius

    GPU Tariff Exemption Expires December 31, Could Spell Higher Graphics Card Prices

    NVIDIA has been moving video card assembly out of China and into Taiwan in recent years. The majority is still in China, but at least there is movement to get out of China.
  11. Armenius

    Darktide: Vermintide (same team) but in 40K IG vs Chaos Cultists

    Is it true that Game Pass players can't play with Steam players? 2500 DPI? Pfft, I play on 12,000 DPI. No joke.
  12. Armenius

    Samsung's GDDR6W Doubles Performance and Capacity

    Ampere and Lovelace PCBs are smaller than Turing and earlier boards. 2080 Ti on top, 4090 on bottom: Regardless, you want as little physical distance as possible between the memory packages and the GPU, so board size would not even matter.
  13. Armenius

    Starship Troopers: Extermination (12-Player Co-op FPS)

    The sad thing is that the RTS that came out not too long ago is also based on the movies.
  14. Armenius

    Need for Speed Unbound

    User name does not check out.
  15. Armenius

    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    The game seems fantastic in my short time with it so far, but the performance issues are absolutely ridiculous. Nothing I do can get the game running smoothly on the PC in my signature. The lighting system is something else, and I would love to be able to run the game with all of it turned up...
  16. Armenius

    Starship Troopers: Extermination (12-Player Co-op FPS)

    Another game based on the movie...
  17. Armenius

    Samsung's GDDR6W Doubles Performance and Capacity

    Radeon R9 290X and its sixteen 2Gb GDDR5 memory chips.
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    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    Wow, what bullshit.
  19. Armenius

    Amnesia: The Bunker

  20. Armenius

    Nvidia's RT performance gains not as expected?

    Rumor from known leaker kopite7kimi is that Blackwell will still be monolithic. I wonder if NVIDIA discovered that the increased latency inherent in an MCP design is too much for real-time rendering in gaming...
  21. Armenius

    The Day Before

    This is just another Youtube leecher who has stitched together clips from old videos. Very poorly stitched, I might add. There is nothing new in this video.
  22. Armenius

    How much do you have to spend approx to play current games at 4k 120mhz refresh rate?

    Want to add that my memory price is based on the recommendation of dual channel DDR4 16GB 3200 MT/s sticks for 32GB total. I would not recommend any less than 32GB these days. If you go AMD for the CPU it generally benefits more from memory bandwidth, so you may want to look into sticks with a...
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    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)
  24. Armenius

    How much do you have to spend approx to play current games at 4k 120mhz refresh rate?

    Nothing can play games at 120 MHz. Since the CX supports G-SYNC, I wouldn't worry about games running at 120 FPS. Since you're not concerned about "max" settings, a 3080 12GB could get you within reach of 120 FPS in a lot of games, but I would do a 3090 at minimum. WIth that much GPU you're...
  25. Armenius

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe $4.79 at EA/Origin

    The gameplay is a solid evolution of the series. The added verticality makes it interesting, too. Multiplayer is still fun. The story and characters are insufferable, though, and that is what makes it rough for me.
  26. Armenius

    The Game Awards Steam Deck Giveaway

    Valve will be giving away one 512GB Steam Deck every minute of The Game Awards on December 8th. You need to sign up for the giveaway with your Steam account and watch the awards show through the Steam client. To be eligible your account needs to be in good standing, not be limited, and have...
  27. Armenius

    Darktide: Vermintide (same team) but in 40K IG vs Chaos Cultists

    It's a bug. Fatshark announced a few days ago that your beta progress would carry over.
  28. Armenius

    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Best Buy is now allowing you to order the Ragnarök PS5 bundle online for store pickup. Last week you had to physically go to the store to find out if they had any. I just ordered one for my sister that will be ready for pickup on Sunday. No issues getting it into the cart and checking out.
  29. Armenius

    Voice Assistants Dying, Alexa $10 Billion Loss Expected in 2022

    I've never taken a shit in a public bathroom, so I'm good.
  30. Armenius

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    New expansion Rise of Rasalhague was announced, launching January 26. In a conflict that pre-dates the formation of the Star League, Join Colonel Månsdottir and the people of Rasalhague in a fight for freedom and independence from the Great Houses...
  31. Armenius

    Black Friday Deals on LG C2 OLED @ Best Buy

    The 42" is up to $1,000, the rest are the same.
  32. Armenius

    Who here is keeping their 3 series and skipping 4 series nV cards?

    You still don't need a 4090 to run Infinite.
  33. Armenius

    Nvidia's RT performance gains not as expected?

    Portal with RTX is a patch that upgrades the assets and adds ray tracing. Quake II RTX is a modification of the engine code to use Vulkan RT and full path tracing. The former is a mod while the latter is not.
  34. Armenius

    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    Competitive games don't do that. Developers go out of their way to make sure that all graphical settings preserve strategic cover.
  35. Armenius

    Look at the 4080 launch price chart compared to the last 8 launches omg wow

    I'm not sure if all the prices are accurate, especially on the older cards. I was quite surprised that not a lot of reviews actually mentioned prices in their reviews. I tried to keep it to the "xx80" product category, too, but I'm not too sure if I am accurate on the older cards from that...
  36. Armenius

    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    I think the age of Web 2.0 (centralized social networks) has skewed your outlook, and it's reinforced by your own personal example. To be fair, I looked up for ways to gain advantage in online games at that age, too, without understanding what I was reading about. Now at 39 I think all this...
  37. Armenius

    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    I'm old enough to remember when setting a large positive LOD bias was a thing until games started considering that cheating. That was back in the late 90s-early 00s. People turning down graphics to the complete detriment of the aesthetics for any conceivable advantage has been a thing for...
  38. Armenius

    Marvel's Midnight Suns

  39. Armenius

    LG quietly launches 27" OLED monitor with 240hz refresh rate

    Anything to say about Samsung's blue OLED + quantum dot solution yet?