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    Printer for vinyl stickers

    My daughter wants to make stickers and likely sell them. Anyone have experience printing on vinyl stickers? Which brands/models have been good for you? Is laser out of the question? Also hopefully one where cartridge replacement isn't draconian.
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    8 inch floppies retired for Air Force ICBM launch control

    Replaced by SSDs. Do you feel more safe now that the launch control systems have been updated? "Those floppy disks have now been retired. Despite the contention by the Air Force at the time of the 60 Minutes report that the archaic hardware offered a cybersecurity advantage".
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    SSD prices

    Are NAND prices really going down in the future or will we just get a huge influx of cheap QLC drives while the TLC becomes "pro" and prices for those stay the same? Debating on jumping in for these deals but could wait longer. But I don't want QLC.
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    What's your method for tracking video card deals?

    By the time it's on slick deals it's out of stock or the price reset.