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    Upgrading from 9700K to 12600K/12700K worth it?

    go try to run Crysis on a 7800gt-speed GPU and report back ;)
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    Poll: Do you play with an inverted mouse?

    Added poll options
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    Poll: Do you play with an inverted mouse?

    Curious what the tend is today
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    Upgrading from 9700K to 12600K/12700K worth it?

    I bought a 7800gt and I distinctly remember a year later it couldn't run Crysis at 800x600 over 15fps. It slogged even in the menus, I was upset I wasted my money rather than getting the cheaper but just about as good x850xtpe. Maybe it was cheaper on AGP? I can't remember. But on the forums...
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    FS: Alienware M17 R2 laptop - i7-9750H (6 core/12 thread) - 2070 GTX - 17.3" 144hz - 16G - 512GB

    Yep it's all on the motherboard just like most modern gaming laptops. This has thunderbolt 3 if you want an external GPU down the road.
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    FS: Alienware M17 R2 laptop - i7-9750H (6 core/12 thread) - 2070 GTX - 17.3" 144hz - 16G - 512GB

    I swapped for a Thinkpad for battery life over gaming and don't really use this badboy anymore. It's still pretty lightweight considering its power, it can run any modern game at high settings. It has a few external nicks and shows signs of use but there are no issues with the keyboard...
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    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    Do option 3, then option 2 ;)
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    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    5 of the top 10 games (at least today) are shooters. They're still a massive genre, if not the biggest genre still for PC.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Same boat here. Does the current version of the game have playable content for more than 10 hours? I've fired up the game once every few years, and it seems the most basic "instant action" Vanduul Swarm game mode gets worse over time. Is it finally better? If that was the whole game with more...
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    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    3 of the top 5 games currently on steam are first person shooters
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    Long time Android user to iPhone.

    I love my V60 and it has a very good camera, but it's noticeably inferior compared to the last few late generation iphones some friends have. I do wish it "just worked" like iphones seem to, it drops calls once in a while and apps do crash on occasion. You'd have to pry the wired DAC/Amp away...
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    Is it worth upgrading to Windows 11?

    I think the answer now is not yet. Aside from the latest hardware, Windows 11 offers very little over 10 especially for older app compatibility issues which will exist for a while.
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    Unreal games deal pack = $2.79

    There is a certain enjoyment from playing on dedicated servers outside of matchmaking and a perfectly curated beginner experience. Totally worth $3 for some of the best games ever on PC
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    Received a Dead Deck

    Glad to hear even with the troubles Valve does follow through with their warranty in the end. I'm hoping their support stays strong with the popularity of the deck
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    Well I went and did it.... 5800X

    Just kidding! This made me feel nostalgic for when I got handed down equipment too
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    Looking for a quiet case with good airflow and sound dampening materials out of the box

    +1 for any Fractal Design tower. Take a look at the features you want but the quality is top notch. The pieces snap together neatly, they're easy to use, easy to maintain, they're designed really well. Perhaps other cases are equal in quality, but I don't think you can do better.
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    Do people actually upgrade just the CPU and keep using existing motherboard?

    Since Sandy Bridge the performance increases each year have been so small. Over a decade ago, yes the motherboard outlives the CPU. Now that performance holds for so many years, an upgrade usually entails a new socket with new features
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    Cooling acting weird --- Performance degraded

    Like others mentioned above, it's on its way out. You can check posts and videos for repairs, but from what I've seen it's a bit of a pain. Even in closed loop coolers, they're more of a hassle than air cooling for a very small advantage. Another +1 for air cooling.
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    Did Nintendo leave the traditional console market?

    Nintendo was always a games platform above all else. While it had some hardware advantages (and disadvantages) with the N64 and Gamecube, the lack of CD and particularly the DVD were big selling points for the Playstation and Xbox. You could argue the Wii had a hardware disadvantage, but it had...
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    What are the best 140mm static pressure fans at the moment?

    +1 for Arctic P14. Not sure if they're still at the top, but many years ago I bought them for best $/performance and they're as quiet as they were on day 1
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    Did Nintendo leave the traditional console market?

    I suspect price and games library
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    What is so special about Macbooks?

    That's surprising, I know one other person who used Dell's warranty and had a good experience. Even their "supportassist" software isn't so bad, I can definitely see how valuable it is to get drivers up to date for the average user. I sent my laptop for repair and while it takes a week or so, it...
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    Is this a good deal on a prebuilt cyberpower pc.

    I have never owned a pre built but there are certainly some made with good quality. Cheap assembly doesn't mean it's going to fall apart. It's likely they use the cheapest thermal paste, maybe the cases are on the cheap side, etc. If you're not going to overclock or swap parts much, I wouldn't...
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    What is so special about Macbooks?

    Don't have one personally, but I have a friend with a 2016/2017 MBP and her keyboard switches are always breaking. She spent something like $500 to get it replaced twice. Maybe she types too aggressively, those butterfly switches are known to be terrible, but any laptop has its issues. Also Dell...
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    Mouse and Keyboard input lag - Warzone PC

    Can you isolate everything? Try other games, swap all the hardware you can, try a different monitor, try a laptop, try ethernet over wifi, etc
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    Did Nintendo leave the traditional console market?

    Nintendo's consoles lagged behind competitors for a long time. They sell fun primarily over high end hardware that's also capable of fun
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    How come none of the mechanical keyboard last more than 3 year, what happens to 50M keystroke guarantee?

    I have a 20+ year old rubber dome keyboard I can't do without. They don't make them like they used to! In all seriousness, there is nothing particularly robust about the Cherry switches. They are mechanical parts which can fail just like anything else. Some will fail more than others, even the...
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    Klipsch Reference Premiere any good?

    That's true, but keep in mind DIY speakers are quite a bit more work than PC parts which snap together like legos. You need to glue, solder, have a little bit of care for your craftsmanship. But the labor of the speakers gets taken out of the price so you do get better drivers for the price
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    Yes cable management was a very big deal back in 2006....this was the best in class at the time, I remember because I bought one after reading this review
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    Exactly! Exactly! And those drive cages were a desired feature back then, because before those the drives had to be screwed into a large metal contraption that wouldn't move. And they were usually sharp and hard to work around. The idea of cable management wasn't really a topic of conversation...
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    What is so special about Macbooks?

    Right, but it's less to do with specific modern features. As you pointed out at the end, Jobs repeated over and over how Apple designed for the customer's user experience. That's why Apple came out with one of the earliest GUI with a mouse, the ipod was not the best mp3 player in many respects...
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    Is this a good deal on a prebuilt cyberpower pc.

    That's the best choice, you'll probably save yourself a few hundred just by waiting a few months towards the end of the year.
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    Do you remember your history of smartphones?

    I use IEMs I like to fall asleep with. The LG V60 has very low noise so it's almost silent. Every other phone, laptop, or non audio-enthusiast device has a hiss which I can't stand. I am that guy...I know, hah! I hope this V60 lasts a long time, at least long enough to keep using it for music...
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    Without derailing the thread too much, I disagree. The 10 year ruled applied to me, I had an Antec P180 and I realized it just wasn't competitive compared to newer cases. I replaced it almost exactly 10 years later. It lasted two builds, but it was so outdated in terms of quality of machined...
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    GD08 in 2022 (HTPC w. EEB/EATX). Anything Better?

    Perhaps mATX? I have a feeling you're going to end up with a tower anyways! Just consider my feedback on the GD08 having outdated features like not being covered in fan filters, etc. Small stuff like getting dust in the case gets annoying really quickly.
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    Is it normal for a 2003 game to use 100% of 1 CPU core on modern CPU

    Well normally it's a good thing to have the cpu as heavily utilized as possible, but if you're running a 20 year old game at 30fps capped something seems wrong. You may want to check the communities for each game to see what behavior is normal on a modern system. There may be some kind of...
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    How do these new laptop CPUs compare to my old 9900k?

    Don't forget that while they're comparable, they have bigger drawbacks. They are in tiny laptop enclosures are loud and too hot to put in your lap. Especially if you're going the external GPU route, take a close look at the cooling of whatever laptop you're looking at. I'm personally waiting for...
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    First world problems...(to keep or sell?)

    I would sell the whole thing also. You can always get a laptop to hold you over if you have regrets. Forget the market, imagine you bought a 2080ti a year ago. If your no-gaming period started last year through today, was that really worth holding onto? While you have the latest and greatest now...
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    I read in a few places that Valve didn't anticipate how much consumers were willing to spend. I'm hoping a second generation would come with a higher refresh rate screen and some beefier hardware now that they (apparently) know consumers are wanting to spend more.