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    RAID 10 on Adaptec RAID 2405 - array not seen when degraded

    I have Adaptec RAID 2405 controller with RAID-10 4 HDDs. I want to dismantle this ancient array but first I need to archive the data from it. I wanted to disconnect one drive from this array (making the array degraded), then plug it in as a normal drive and copy the data from the degraded array...
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    Issued an unintended command

    Hi, I issued an unintended command in my Windows 10 cmd console (non-admin account, non-admin cmd instance). I accidentally right-clicked on the cmd window, which to my greatest concern copy-pasted and issued a command (there was actually a command and some Enters in the clipboard, that's why I...
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    No GPU acceleration in Windows 10 desktop

    Hi, I have a pretty snappy machine even for the games, but simple desktop environment in Windows 10 is very sluggish. Window resizing is like 3-5 fps or so. Definitely no GPU acceleration of any kind. But when I run a linux distribution, the window work is very smooth. Is there any way to force...
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    Enormous temps on Ryzen 5 3600

    I am getting enormous temps on my CPU. CPU: 89 degrees C in stress (when CPU fan is 500 RPM), 83 degrees C in stress (when CPU fan is 1376 RPM) CPU: 60-70 degrees C in idle (when CPU fan is 300 RPM) (the readout temp jumps) Ambient room temp: 27 degress (it's summer) MB temps idle (C): Sys 40...
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    Monitor will not wake up

    Hi, My monitor will not wake up after waking up the system. The system itself wakes up (power LED, disks start spinning, I can hear audio activating), but the monitor will not power up. After 20 secs the system then restarts. That's with the motherboard BIOS setting of Wake on -> BIOS. When I...
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    Adaptec RAID will not power off

    I have a little bit ancient Adaptec RAID 2405 controller, but it works fine for my RAID-10 4 HDDs array for archiving data. Now, I actually need that array just once a week, as my OS and most of my work data is on a separate SSD. I would love to have that 7200 RPM disks powered down for energy...