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    Cisco 7911 No Screen coming up.

    Hi there, I've got a 7911 Cisco IP Phone, I haven't used it for a quite a while, so I decided to use again. So I plug in the power adapter, it boots up normally, the lights light up. Once the lights finish flashing, nothing comes up, not even the Java logo. I've tried doing pressing the #...
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    Post your Cisco Network Diagrams.

    Post your Cisco Network Diagrams here. This is my Network Diagram.
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    My Network setup.

    Hello and welcome to my Network setup. I'll be uploading Images for current my network. Also I might upload new pictures if I ever upgrade my network. This is My current network setup Dell PowerEdge R200 (Quad core Xeon, 8GB ram running ESXi 5.1) Second server has a dead motherboard...