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    SM961 vs 960 EVO - 1TB similar price which one to buy?

    Hi guys, Just a quick question: In your opinion which would be the one to buy? Both from the same reputable retailer. The SM961 being the OEM equivalent of the 960 Pro should offer significantly more performance over the 960 EVO. However the EVO should have a better warranty and easier to...
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    Samsung 950 pro stuck on PCIe 2x

    Hi guys, Perhaps you have some ideas on how to solve my issue: Just purchased a 950pro to populate the M.2 of my GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK board In the specs: GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1150 - GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK (rev. 1.0) gigabyte claims It should run at PCIe 4x however from the benchmarks and what...
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    800mm vs 600mm depth racks?

    I am rebuilding my home lab and i was thinking about consolidating all my servers + network gear into a rack. The rack will be installed into an apartment room so space is at a premium. Height is not an issue, even a 42U would be fine Width again probably not an issue a 600mm will...
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    Worth it to use a NVMe M.2 SSD for a ESXi 6 home lab?

    I am in the process of rebuilding my home lab and I was wondering if it is worth it to use a fast NVME M.2 SSD for a ESXi 6 home lab (something like a Samsung 950 pro) I will probably be using a i7 6700 as cpu with 32-64 GB of ram (depending on final budget) Will the increase in IO give me...
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    My planned SMB network architecture - please critique

    Hi guys, Background: I am currently helping a dentist friend set up his IT infrastructure. Current layout is: 2 dentist offices + patient waiting room + dental assistant/secretary office. All this is attached to a medium size 3 story house. This is how I currently plan to set up his...
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    Portable 4G modem with very good reception. Any recommendations?

    Due to a job location change it seems I will be forced to commute quite a bit. So far I do plan to buy a surface pro 4 + a 4G modem for the VPN connection (I am thinking this would will give me the best power/weigh ratio ;) ). Unfortunately along the way 4G coverage is very spotty (on my note...
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    EDIMAX AC1750 good for an SMB?

    Hi guys, Does anyone here have any experience using this access point? review...
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    New Synology uses Btrfs

    I just saw that Synology just released a new diskstation the DS716+ and it seems to have the option to use Btrfs, I did not follow the development of Btrfs too closely and I had the impression it was not mature enough yet to be production...
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    It seems Lenovo installs malware on their PCs (in purpose)

    This is unbelievable: I think I will just say no to that X1 carbon I was planning to buy. As a big fan of thinkpads this pisses me off incredibly. :(
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    Sennheiser HD650 vs HD700 vs Beyerdynamic T1

    I want to upgrade my current set of cans: Senn 555 with the 595 "mod" I was initially set on a pair of Senn HD650 (~300 EUR) since you simply cannot go wrong with them, however while browsing I noticed the HD700 dropped in price to about 500 EUR and now I wonder if it would be worth it to...
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    Street photography in Ghent (new XT1 on test drive)

    Hi guys, I just got my xt1 (18-55 / 55-200) so i decided to take it for a spin in a nearby city: Ghent The camera is amazing, such a joy to shoot with. Love the manual controls and the responsiveness of the camera In camera RAW dev + film...
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    New Genelec 3 way

    Looks like Genelec just put out a new 3 way speaker: Looks like It's trippin on acid ... cannot figure out where the woofer is (guess this is why they call it concealed ;) ) Unfortunately it will probably cost a fortune :(
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    Simply copy photos to iPad

    Hi guys, Perhaps you can help me with this, I just copied some photos from a nexus 5 onto my PC (drag and drop). Now I just want to copy those photos onto my mom's iPad (version 7.1.1) It seems it will not allow me to do a drag and drop, so I installed iTunes but It warns me that if I do a...
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    Any opinions on RCF Mytho 8?

    Just found RCF Mytho 8 at a good price (600 eur a piece) so I'm quite tempted to pick up a pair. Even at half price they are not that cheap and I was wondering if anyone has any info on them. For some reason I could not find many reviews of them.
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    Se Munro Egg 150

    For a while I have been intrigued by those speakers. The theory behind them sounds quite good. Here are some reviews:
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    ASUS Essence STX II

    I just noticed that ASUS updated their sound cards (my apologies if there is already a thread about this) they come in two flavors: I really wonder how they stack against the ZXr
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    New DAC from NAD D 1050 vs ZxR or other DAC(s)

    What do you guys think of this: since my ZxR had issues I returned it to the store to replace it. They did not have any other in store I got store credit. Now I'm debating it to try a standalone DAC/preamp/headPhone amp like the...
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    Creative ZxR – headphones stopped working

    Just bought a ZxR about 2 weeks ago (really like it). Problem is since yesterday the headphones output stopped working (tried it with 2 headphones directly plugged in). The speakers output still works just fine. When I use the software switch (speakers/headphones) I hear a click - I...
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    Home theater: Active vs. Passive speakers?

    I’m building a home theater from scratch and I just cannot decide what would be the best approach. (Estimated usage will be split evenly music/movies). I’ll be starting off with a 2.0 setup and probably adding at a later time surrounds/center and a sub if needed. My expectations would be...
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    vSphere Distributed Switch pVLAN issues

    Hi guys, i was wondering if you could give your opinion on an issue we are having. We have a cluster of 3 ESXi 5.1 hosts on a blade system HP gen8. I set up a vdswitch to give us easier centralized management of networking and allow us to use pVLANs. all hosts are now part of the switch...
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    Samba 4 released: The First Open Source Active Directory Compatible Server

    from my perspective as a sysadmin with lots of AD background, but also as an open source enthusiast, I'm blown away by this: man this weekend I'll have some fun, need to fire up some virtual machines :) PS. kudos to all the Samba team...
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    Plain Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 vs Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC Vapor-X

    Quick question: Would a plain 7970 would be worth ~60 USD premium over the OC 7950 at 950 MHz? 7970 7950 I'm living as an expat right now in the Czech...
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    M-Audio BX8 D2 static noise

    I was wondering if you guys can help with a small issue. I just purchased a pair of M-Audio BX8 D2 studio monitors: They sound really nice especially listening to the piano guys on you tube (really...
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    Win32_product class issue

    Hi guys, Has anyone here used the Win32_product class to list installed software from remote computers or used its methods like Uninstall() ? It seems that Microsoft advises against using this class: I found some alternatives here...
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    Recover deleted files from a 2003R2 running on ESX

    If you guys could help me with this i would appreciate. Some files were deleted from a folder in a windows 2003 R2 server. The problem is that this server is running on top of a ESX virtual machine. No snapshots and/or VMDK backups are available. Is there any way to recover those deleted...
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    Scheduler patch

    Looks like there is a new patch for the Linux scheduler that does wonders...even Linus seemed impressed. I'm hoping we'll see it soon merged in the official kernel.
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    Ultimate gaming monitor

    I think we might have stumbled upon the ultimate gaming monitor here - wonder if i can fit it in my living room;) "The way its meant to be played" indeed
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    How to query a webserver about the apache version it runs

    I was wondering what would be the best way to find out what version of apache a webserver is running either though some external scan (perhaps some open source or trial version scanner you guys might recommend) or through a local script since we have have ftp access to the site on it. There are...
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    Asus Xonar D2X

    Well it looks like we are about to receive some more much needed competition in the audiocard industry. I know the link its from the Inquirer but they do have pictures plus since this will be unveiled at CeBit we'll have further details...
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    ATH-A900 Vs ATH-A700

    Well I need some new headphones for my computer (X-FI Platinum), old headphones got crushed in a moment of distraction:(. Originally I was leaning towards an open air headphone since they are generally considered to have a better sound stage, however I'm worried that they leak too much sound...
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    3007WFP voltage question

    I was wondering if you guys can check on the back your 3007WFPs purchased in the US if they support 100 to 240 VAC / 50 to 60 Hz like most of the other dell monitors, so I'll know if they work in Europe too. Unfortunately they do not display this information on the Dell website.
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    Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP banding and other issues

    I would like to ask a few questions for the ones of you that have experience with the 3007WFP 30" from dell: Are they known to have any banding issues in gradients? I'm also upgrading from a 2405FPW will I lose anything in the change beside the extra cash (I would hate to pay more for a...
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    Raid 5 array rebuild issues

    Just got a phone call from one of my friends, he is having some nasty issues with his array. this is what happened: He has a Promise Supertrak rx8350 PCI-Express 4x raid card with six 400GB HDs all Seagate in a raid 5 array. Tonight he added 2 more Seagate 400GB drives in slots 7 and 8 and...
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    Lian Li V1000 vs CM Stacker 830 - weight

    I currently own a V1000 and I was thinking about upgrading to a CM Stacker 830 black for the extra space. There is 1 problem: I hate heavy cases and I cannot find good enough info online to compare those 2 cases. The V1000 is perfect weight wise, and I was wondering if the 830 is much...
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    False positive?

    I am dual booting right now with Xp and Vista 5472 and while running a scan with the online version of bitdefender it found this: Scanned File Status F:\Windows\System32\drivers\srv.sys Infected with: Generic.Malware.X!.D1C2FC81 F:\Windows\System32\drivers\srv.sys...
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    Asus A8R32-MVP CrossFire Xpress 3200 driver question

    Well in my last thread I reached the conclusion that the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe will not suit my needs due the problems of running heatpipes upside down. Therefore it seems that the A8R32-MVP would be the better choice for me, it's based on the ATI R580 chipset and the ULi M1575 south bridge...
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    Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe orientation

    I have a quick question about the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe. I plan to purchase one to replace my DFI (mainly to get rid of that annoying chipset fan). Anyway my dilemma is: I have a Lian Li V1000 case which sports a...
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    Alternative to SolidWorks

    I have a roommate that just received a mechanical engineering degree and he needs some software. The best one for him I understand is SolidWorks but their licensing prices are very steep. So I was wondering if you guys know of some open source alternatives. Basically what Gimp is to Photoshop...
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    2405fpw backlight issue

    Well I just purchased a 240FPW to replace my 2007FP which had banding issues. Now i love ths monitor, great size, no dead pixels, no delay or lag i can notice etc... However just today I just noticed some bad backlight bleeding a you can see in the pictures bellow. Now the interesting...
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    Need help choosing headphones

    Well I am torn between two sennheiser models: the cheaper HD280 and the significantly higher priced HD590. Is the price difference worth it? My main uses will be: movie watching and listening to my mp3 collection. Btw I have found some HD590s for only 99 dollars on froogle however the...