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    2x 8TB Western Digital WD80EZZX - $210 for both, shipped. obo

    2x WDC WD80EZZX-11CSGA0 8001.5 GB Pulled from EasyStore external enclosures. Excellent Condition and taken care of, no bumps or anything. The only thing are some CRC connection errors in smart, from a set of bad cables. When I changed the cables, everything was fine. Drives are healthy...
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    nvm, please delete

    nvm, please delete
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    Get speedfan working on Dell XPS 15

    Anyone know how to get Speedfan working on the Dell XPS 15? Even in Dell performance mode, the fans take too long to spin up.
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    FS - Death Stranding Game Codes, $35 each - BTC accepted

    I have 5. 2 left. $35 each. Legit game redemption codes from Newegg. Note: Must be redeemed by August 31st. Must have qualifying graphics card installed at initial activate to redeem your key. RTX 2060 - RTX 2080 Ti Offer is valid for North America, exclude Puerto Rico. Limit...
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    Android: Dual clocks in notification bar, without root?

    How do we do this? Galaxy S9
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    Nvidia Quadro P520 Maximum Displays?

    Anyone know how many displays you can run off of this? Can you run 1x4k and 2x2k all at 60hz? What about 3x4k at 60hz? Or 1x4k and 4x1080p all at 60hz? The laptop screen would be off plugged into a dock. What about the Quadro T1000?
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    Galaxy S9 Horizontal Black bar on screen

    Anybody ever have anything like this? It's very very faint, it looks like a security strip in a bank note. It just started yesterday. It's not enough to be a big deal, but can be a bit distracting sometimes. Is the screen going bad? I would take a pic, but it's too faint. Upon very close...
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    Galaxy S10+ Exynos, Thoughts?

    Anyone having any problems like being reported in some reviews or is everything all good? I'm thinking of upgrading from the S9. The phone is great overall and wouldn't need upgrading, but the battery issue on this model is a joke. I read the snapdragon version is relatively problem free. But...
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    PrimoCache & SMR drives

    Just wanted to give a little heads up about something I noticed this week. I bought a 4TB WD 2.5" external to copy some files onto for portable use thinking it was PMR. One hour into writing I realized it was definitely SMR, the speeds were bouncing and crawling (copying from a fast server)...
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    Phones with brighter screen than Galaxy S9?

    I love everything about this phone but the screen brightness outside is pretty weak for a top tier device. Any phones that are just as good which are brighter?
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    Windows 10 iconized taskbar

    How do we get this? I've used this in Win7 for years but the reg edit doesn't seem to work in Win 10. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics] "MinWidth"="60"
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    Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme

    Anyone have this yet? I am wondering about temps and throttling on the 6 core model. If anyone has this could you confirm all core temps after 10-15 minutes of 100% cpu stress testing. While also using Throttlestop with core and cache set to -125mv each. What are the temps and final all core...
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    Are all Dell laptop keyboards the same?

    I just received an XPS 15 that I ordered. The keyboard on it is the crappiest I've ever experienced and is completely unusable. Are the Inspirion keyboards the same or are they any better? What brand laptops have the best keyboards? I don't need to type books on it, but it at least needs to...
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    Where to buy new international phone from Reliable Source?

    I need a Galaxy S9 Europe version, brand new. Where can we buy one in the US? I know the Snapdragon version is a little better on this model in regards to some performance and battery, but I need the extra bands included in the Europe version for some upcoming extended trips, and dual sim would...
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    Any 40-43" 4k without PWM?

    TV or Monitor
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    Ripbot Distributed Encoding

    Been using this a bit and love it. Does anyone know if this works when using the avisynth plugin? It only seems to work with regular encoding jobs but when I use avisynth it only uses the CPU on the main machine. Avisynth is installed in the shared folder on all server machines. *mods feel...
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    4k, fav screen size for pc use?

    What do you guys think is the sweet spot? I don't mean best image quality, but most enjoyable & productive. No worries if you haven't tried them all. If you have one and couldn't imagine it another way, then vote for that one.
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    Outlook 2016 can't send attachments

    It produces this error: "To protect against computer viruses, e-mail programs may prevent sending or receiving certain types of file attachments. Check your e-mail security settings to determine how attachments are handled." I looked all around in the settings and couldn't find anything...
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    Remove Fan Hum when speed controlling?

    This is for regular AC powered fans, not computer fans. Anyone know how to do this? I saw a video a long time ago about soldering on some capacitors or resistors, etc. I have some industrial fans that I need to speed control to be more quiet which they do wonderfully but I need to remove the...
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    Need For Speed Rivals, remove pedestrian cars?

    Anyone know how to edit this game to do this? Everything about it makes it one of my Favorite NFS games except for the pedestrian vehicles. I want to shut them off. It would also be cool to increase the power of the shock wave. But the other is the priority. Even a trainer that could do...
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    Good brightness dimming software?

    What's a good brightness dimming software? One that doesn't screw with PWM, uses every window on the full screen, and doesn't look like a foggy opacity filter. Anything exist?
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    Snapraid -e fix permission denied

    I got some errors in a scrub and I keep getting an example like below. The strange thing is the errors that are coming up are of files that are also long term seed in a torrent client and upon doing a rehash in the client the actual files have not changed at all but snapraid seems to think that...
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    Good Youtube Channel Downloader?

    Need to download a few full public channels for backup. Looking for something that will do up to 2160p. What do you guys recommend?
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    Amazon storage

    Anyone use these with a lot of storage? Anybody know what kind of redundancy they use? It's amazon so I assume it's pretty solid. Thoughts, experiences, etc, post
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    Block websites in router

    How can I block websites in my router? I tried entering in some URL's and it's not working. Using DD-WRT Would prefer to have control in the router vs editing the hosts file on that machine.
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    Bulk Rename Files from List?

    For this little project, I have many folders with many files in each folder. I have a individual lists of what the files names should be for each folder. It's not as simple as adding, removing, or replacing characters as there is no pattern. What I need is a script that will take all the...
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    Lenovo vs Dell

    Family member needs new computer. As a fellow builder I don't really pay attention to what the Brands are doing. Reliability is most important. I'm leaning towards Lenovo as the large Dell outlet has always made me raise an eyebrow. Thoughts? I'm eyeballing the M Series Tiny ThinkCentre M...
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    LSI 9201-16i CRC errors

    Helping my buddy setup his NAS. We installed the P20 IT firmware, driver, bios kit for Windows from the site, 80% of his drives are reporting CRC errors. It's not the cables as we tried that already. All other system hardware is rock solid. Any ideas? SAS 9201-16i Host Bus Adapter
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    Mini SAS 8088 to 4x SATA with latches

    Anyone know where to find these with latches? I can't seem to find them anywhere. *edit* ones for sale in the US as I need them now. I know I can get them from China.
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    Are these drives screwed?

    I was in the middle of testing 8x 8TB WD Reds on my test bench, I turned the fans off for what was supposed to be a couple minutes while I was moving some cords around, then the door bell rang and I completely forgot about them. I've come back about 1 and a half hours later and the temps are...
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    Drivepool, Liquesce, Drivebender, or Something else?

    I'm setting up a Snapraid box for my uncle. Which pooling is best and why? Will be on Windows 7 x64.
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    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Yay or Nay?

    Obviously it looks good. But, does the edge screen cause issues? I've heard a few complaints regarding sensitivity and such. Post your thoughts.
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    List of phones that are Dual SIM & hold MicroSD

    Post any that you know. Must hold all 3, not 2 of either like many phones that are dual sim. Moto G4 Plus International Version Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G9008W Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900FD
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    Shockwave Flash busy lag

    Any site with flash causes this lag popup for 5-10 seconds. Fresh install of latest Firefox. Fresh update of shockwave. I tried the disable protected mode trick and it doesn't help.
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    8TB WD My Book, what's inside?

    Some people were getting the HGST 8TB drives, here's a link here and saw a couple users report the same on Amazon. Is this still possible to find these? Or do they have Reds in them now? If they are Reds do they have crappy firmware or are they the same as the NAS drives? HGST Enterprise He8...
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    International Travel, Advice?

    What's the best route to go? AT&T, T-mobile? Something else? Or buy in country sim cards for local carriers? I'd like to preferably use a US number. Will be traveling many European Countries for an extended time. Thoughts?
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    Good screen PPI/PPD calculator?

    Google search shows a bunch that pop up, but I'm looking for one that lets you input Windows scaling into the equation, not just resolution and size. This one used to be awesome, but link is dead now.
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    Long delay on updating "New Posts"

    It seems like new threads are introduced into the "new posts" section on a more than 15 minute delay. Is this the new norm? Seems like that would cut down on activity.
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    Hauppauge HVR-1265 not getting channels

    I tried everything and every option. When I scan for channels nothing comes up, hooked up through the coax connection to the cable box. I tried scanning both digital and analog. Tried with the WinTV software and also Media Center. Tried the Digital QAM hooked directly to the wall and that...
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    Good TV Tuner?

    What's the current goto device? One of my fav shows is coming up in a few weeks and this one in particular I want to capture it in superb quality so I'm looking to do it myself.