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    Is this the most multi-threaded game there is?

    Behold, the first game I've seen where I was glad to have a 16C CPU instead of 8, or even 12. This is Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, running at 1440p with everything turned up, during a battle with the maximum 1000 combatants on the field simultaneously (over 2000 in total over the course of the...
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    10Gb Network card + GPU heatsink = ?

    I think this might be [H] enough to post here. I bought a 10Gb network card, a Solarflare SFN7022F, and tried to use it in a fanless computer. It overheated to the point that it shut itself off, since it's a server card that assumes a large amount of airflow. Rather than add one of those noisy...