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    Android TV vs. TV + external input - picture quality

    I had an argument with a guy about whether Smart TVs in general (and those with embedded Android in particular) discriminate inputs like HDMI / DP in favor of signals they generate from their internal Android apps like Kodi. Just to elaborate. He is very positive that (android) TVs pass all...
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    Energy Efficient Ethernet - enable or disable?

    Hi. Just fiddling around with settings of my main network interface (built-in I211-AT). Found this EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) 802.3az and conducted some investigations. It seems to issue LPI (low power idle) and similar (new) commands for the PHY level during idle periods of the link. All...
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    Can a PSU cause such freezes?

    My current system is one year old. Up until the last week it was powered by CoolerMaster B700. It was a 5-year old PSU I bought back in the day when my previous PSU died and I was in a hurry. For the one year life of my system I had two freezes, one in BIOS/UEFI when I was fiddling with fans...
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    Windows Server 2016 Automatic Maintenance not working

    I have several Win2016 machines (incl. virtual). Automatic Maintenance is not firing. Task Scheduler tasks that are of "Maintenance" type only run once after each boot, then they never run, until the next reboot. Up until Win2012R2 there are few special tasks in Task Scheduler under Maintenance...
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    Firefox leaking memory in dwm.exe

    Win7 Ent. X64 SP1, Firefox 19, hardware acceleration enabled. Geforce driver 310.90. A week ago I found dwm.exe is leaking Working set memory and after few experiments I found the culprit - Firefox. dwm.exe's Working set would grow indefinitely, I spotted it once at 500MB. After closing FF...