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    Geforce 320.49 Drivers

    Looks like a new set are up on Nvidia's website.
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    Tell me if I got this straight. iBassoD2+ Boa

    I am looking at providing a nice boost to the audio quality of my pc. I know I would like to stay under $200. I have looked at different sound cards and amps/dacs, and frankly, I'm a little confused by all of it. (specs in sig) From my current thinking, I could ditch my current sound card, get...
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    Updating M4 firmware. 0002 -> 0009

    I tried everything last night to get a working cd image. I can't seem to get my computer to recognize it and boot from the cd. I hate to ask this, but can someone spell out the steps for this? I tried unzipping the file, and burning an image of the "boot" folder onto a cd (with its contents). I...
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    FYI, Silver Arrow and AP-15's

    Bought 3 GT AP-15's for the silver arrow. They do, in fact, cool better than the stock fans, by about 4c. I've run the three of these fans from a molex connector, so 100%. When I first installed these, I was getting a louder whine, from the fan(s). I just thought this was just due to these fans...
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    z68xp-ud3p fan issue

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    Odd bios issues, now no boot :(

    Specs in sig. Using Windows 7. My Gigabyte board's bios has basically been unusable as of recently. Anytime I enter the bios it will just sit there and flicker. Only work around I have found is to reflash the bios from within Windows with the Gigabyte @bios utility, but even then It only works...
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    Raid-0 current drives or Faster single?

    Been a long time since I've added new hardware to my machine (long for me anyway). Have been getting my modding fix with the car for the past year or so. Anyway, I am looking on upgrading the HD portion of the computer. Current drives are listed in sig, consisting of two WD 320gb (single...
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    Grado 325is verdict

    Well i just received these cans yesterday. I gotta say I had high hopes for these things as i heard all kinds of good reviews. First of all they are a little big, i have to use them at the smallest setting and even then i wish they would go a little smaller. I actually find these things quite...
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    Upgading...again...need some suggestions

    I am looking at adding another gtx 280 to my setup and im gonna have to switch out the power supply and motherboard, What im looking at in the power supply regions are the corsair tx750 and the hx1000. Im by no means a p.s. guru so i have the question as to whether or not the 750 would even be a...
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    max ppd per single client

    Within the last week or so i got the gpu2 client running on a gtx280, i want to start a war! For those of you that run a single client, lets see what you got! :) , Im running my card at 700/1627/1253 and im currently getting 8467.2ppd monitoring with fahmon here ya go-...
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    max ppd per single client

    delete please :confused:
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    trying for a raid setup..will this work?

    I'm totally new with this multiple hard drive thing but i have a reasonable goal in mind. I have 2 western digital 320gb drives and i want to run them in a raid-0 configuration. I got a wd 500 gp drive today that im gonna use for backup. I have vista installed on one of the 320's and the other...
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    Need help reverting to xp

    I just switched my hard drive out for a raptor x with vista 32. My old hd being a seagate 160gb had vista 32 on it. Now im trying to install xp on the old seagate in a different computer but i keep getting errors saying some files are corrupted. Ive reformated and wiped the seagate clean with...
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    just got my true

    This thing kicks ass. I just got it all together and my idle temps went from 40-42 to 28-33 and load temps from 60ish to 40-43 with coretemp. My case fans are on medium and the cpu fan (scythe s-flex 60cfm) is on high. Here is some screenies from my phone...
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    true in antec 900?

    Anyone here run the true in an antec 900? Im sure it will fit in the case but does anyone know if itll fit with the side panel fan in the case? Im ordering the lapped true from crazypc with the scythe 60cfm fan and im excited to see how high i can get this quad.
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    Need board for rig upgrade

    Im looking at updating my rig and i have my mind made up on these two things Im looking for a board roughly $100-130, but i am willing to go higher for quality if it is...
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    iphone jb 1.1.3

    i dont know if im allowed to link to the site but google ziphone and you will be able to jailbreak, and unlock any version iphone, i just did this and it worked on mine, good luck
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    need help deciding on a new phone

    I plan on getting a new cell phone this Thursday and i'm deciding between the iphone and lg voyager. What i like about the voyager is it takes videos, expandable memory and the plan is decent cons... interface seems sketchy and i really would like a phone that has good internet browsing...
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    worst ipod touch screen?

    I got an ipod touch a few weeks ago and last night i watched the movie "the core" on it and noticed a bright green dot right in the middle of the screen. OH NO'S i though and tried to push it and rub it, no luck, i had a stuck pixel, so i tell myself im just gonna ignore it for now, what else do...
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    Small crysis problem

    Does anyone know how to get the games shortcut to crysis working in vista x32? i click it and it gives me a error saying this file does not have an application associated with it, it also does this when i try to right click on the icon and click play dx9 or dx10. Its just annoying that i have...
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    Need help with a new build

    Ok im building a new system soon and i need help. Unfortunately i've been an amd guy till now and i wanna switch to a intel quad core system. The thing is i know alot about amd systems and little about intels. So all im gonna need now is a new motherboard, processor and ram. The only thing im...
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    Yay first video card overclock

    so i was messing around tonight and though hmm.... wouldnt it be nice if i could make my 8800gtx faster? Ya, so i did, right now it is at 661 core and 1100 memory. and shaders at 1556 running ati tool for 20 minutes with no errors and with stock cooling, fan at 100%, i know this isnt very...
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    Need help with bioshock problem

    So i just bought bioshock yesterday and have managed to play a little bit of it (and theres a reason why). It seems that i cannot play the game very long due to crashes or freezes. Usually i take care of all my computer problems by myself but this one has me stumped. From what i read is that...
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    Need help on deciding which ps to get

    Its near upgrade time so ive been looking at finally going pci-e and getting a 8800 series card, the system i plan on running is a amdx2 at 2.7ghz, 8800gts, asus mobo, creative audigy 2zs and 1hd, ive done some research and it seems the reviews for what im looking for arent very consistant, im...
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    2.7ghz x2 enough for a nice pretty gts??

    Ok so heres my deal im thinking of putting my 6800gt agp to rest and upgrading to a evga 8800gts but as most of you know theres the fancy "its only this much more $" versions ex..ko and superoverclocked. Im looking for a lil advice as to if buying one of these overclocked gts's would benefit me...