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    Philips 27E1N8900 27″ OLED

    Did a search and didn't find a topic about it. It apparently uses the same JOLED panel as found in the LG 27EP950 This is not a gaming monitor however. Only 4k at 60Hz There is also mention...
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    LG plugs NVIDIA G-Sync into its 2019 OLED TVs

    Not sure if this was mentioned, or exactly where to post this, but I just saw mention of it LG G-Sync Compatible 2019 OLED TVs 65-, 55-inch E9 77-, 65-, 55-inch C9 Other features in its 2019 lineup that make the TVs appealing for gaming...
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    ELSA Launches a Single-Slot GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB SP
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    Palit releases Silent 0dB 1050 Ti

    The first passively cooled GTX1050 Ti on the market
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    GALAX Unveils a Single-slot GeForce GTX 1070

    GALAX is marketing the KATANA as the world's first single-slot GTX 1070 single-slot graphics card with a maximum thickness at just 16 mm maybe some will find this interesting GALAX also Launches Low Profile...
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    Colorful motherboard with built-in GeForce GTX 1070

    Colorful motherboard with GeForce GTX 1070 on board | proof of concept, but still looks interesting
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    Msi Vortex Gaming Tower

    looks to be based off the design of the apple mac pro, but in comparison supposedly can be upgraded. has 2x gtx 980 mxm cards stuffed in a 6.5L case. design might be an acquired taste :)
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    props to kingwin customer service

    Probably not the most popular brand out there but I felt I should give them some props for their customer service. Basically I bought one of their power supplies a couple years back, never used it or opened it until recently. When I finally opened with the intention of using it on a new...
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    LG Electronics to launch quantum dot TVs

    Supposedly will go on sale in 2015.,news-20018.html I know this is tv hardware, but I wonder how long it might take for this technology to 'trickle down' to computer displays. I also wonder how much of an improvement it might really be, or if it...
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    F/S Samsung Green 30nm Ram MV-3V4G3D

    no longer for sale
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    what hardware is required to split internet?

    here is the setup: internet comes via wireless mifi device. computer has wi-fi and is connected to the mifi. also have some secondary hardware that is non-upgradable, but has an ethernet port. device is a cc terminal, so needs to send data out occasionally. I've never had to split...
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    Ncase M1 complete build

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    FS/T Misc. Steam Games

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    [looking for] bluetooth transmitter with optical/toslink

    looking for something to hook bluetooth up to my tv through optical. closest thing i can find is this but it is pretty expensive (for me anyway). anyone know of any other options out there with the same connection?
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    via artigo a1250 i dont know anything about it, just posting a link :P
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    VIA EPIA-P910

    did a search, didn't see it posted
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    Fs (practically new) Corsair Force 3 60GB ssd

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    hp to sell touchpads on ebay (December 11th.)

    edit: well didnt last long. all sold out. i suggest checking this topic to see if more pop up in the near future:
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    FS/FT Kingwin STR-500 (modular fanless psu)

    edit: removing this item due to lack of interest. Details: KINGWIN STR-500 platinum certified, modular, fanless power supply for sale. it is new, unopened still in plastic shrink wrap. Comes with a 5 year warranty. For more info about it you can check their website...
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    is there anything similar to NZXT HALE90?

    its time to buy a new psu, and i'm really liking those flat ribbon cables of the NZXT HALE90 series... but i was wondering is there any other manufacturers that have cables like these? so far my searching has not turned up anything. or is it possible i can buy them separately for any modular...
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    how hot do soundcards get?

    planning a sff build soon and contemplating getting one instead of onboard audio. but also concerned about additional heat output