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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    According to StatCounter, Win 10 is already over 3% of the North American market, within a week of release. It took Win 8 nearly three months to reach that point. I guess "Free Upgrade!" really is a good sales pitch. :D
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    Top 5 Announcements Made at Microsoft BUILD 2015

    So it's not a PC unless it's running a 30" 4k display? That sure does shrink the market. Seriously, the vision is that you leave your displays and keyboards and mice at work or home or wherever and you'll just carry your phone between them, or even to displays and keyboards and mice that...
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    Studio Monitors for Nearfield listening

    My pair must not know about that rule. They flank my monitor, the rear panel is about 8 inches from the wall, and they sound terrific. I do have them on some stands to raise the tweeters to ear level. I highly recommend the 305s as an audio bargain.
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    Windows 10 Is A Free Upgrade For All 7 And 8.1 Users

    Have you seen the sales figures for Windows 8? I'd say Microsoft is very worried. Why should I worry about that? I have had a motherboard die on me, replaced it with a different one, called Microsoft, and got a new key. I should worry about having to make a phone call? Just out of...
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    Windows 10 Is A Free Upgrade For All 7 And 8.1 Users

    All this angst over the new way Microsoft is going to distribute and update Windows. People are speculating that this is some sort of ploy to screw over end users. If Windows 8 has shown us anything, it is that Microsoft can no longer dictate terms to end users. If the folks on this forum...
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    Looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers

    Good Grief! What on earth was going on in those interim posts? Kueller, what can I say? I don't work for JBL, I only own some of their speakers. I don't know if the 305s are the best speaker out there for their regular price of US$300 per pair, let alone their current sale price of US$240...
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    Looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers

    I think you'd be very surprised at the amount and quality of the bass you can get even from the 305s. Not to mention how loud the 305s can get. I'm speaking as PC speakers, where the speakers are on your desk flanking your monitor and you are sitting a few feet from them. My main reservation...
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    Looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers

    If you can stretch your budget a bit, Amazon has the JBL LSR 308 Speakers on Sale for US$400 a pair, down from US$500. These are 8" speakers so you probably won't need a sub. These are pro monitors so no cherry finish, sorry. No grilles either and you'll likely need to get a set of RCA to XLR...
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    This. Right now you can get a pair of JBL LSR 305s for US$240. (Amazon even throws in free shipping.) At that price they are an astounding value. Along with a pair of modest stands and some cables you can have sound that simply demolishes old style "PC" speakers and that easily takes on...
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    ASUS Essence STX II

    OP's link goes to a "Reported Attack Page?" Neutrino, got any other links to the card? Edit: Answering my own question:
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    Windows 8 Users - Do You Use a Start Menu Replacement?

    Why use some half-assed Start Menu replacement when Windows 8.x already comes with a superior, full on Start Menu replacement? Where have you been the last few years? Hasn't anyone told you about the new Start Screen in Windows 8.x? It can do all kinds of things the old Start Menu could only...
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    about to re-install windows.... and still sticking with Windows 7

    Whoa. Imagine that. Someone on the HardForum doesn't like Windows 8! Dislikes it enough to in fact go out of their way and start an entirely new thread telling the world at large that they dislike it! Doesn't this thread more properly belong on the front page? ;)
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    25% Off Hotness! Audioengine A5+ Desktop Speaker @ $299

    Strongly recommend to the folks jumping on this hot price that you get some sort of stands to elevate the speakers so that their tweeters are at or slightly above ear level. Books, boxes, bricks, it's not so much important what the stands are made of as that they get the speakers away from the...
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    Windows 8.1 update

    Seemed like a pretty straight forward upgrade to me, but then, what do I know? I'm just an end user, not some smart, high powered IT type who needs to roll it out on tens of thousands of machines. Then again, unlike many of these IT types, I can, if asked, actually find my own ass if I'm...
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    who has seen this? windows 8 pro retail license won't activate correctly

    Sure there is. They just call it the "System Builder" version. Who knows if they will keep this around for 8.1 though.
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    So now that 8.1 is out, what do people think about it overall?

    If I knew, would I have asked the question? Edit: removed needless snark. Sorry, bAMtan2.
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    So now that 8.1 is out, what do people think about it overall?

    I mean besides trivial things such as the default wall paper.
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    Less than 2 months til Windows 8.1 release day

    Who says Windows is a mess? I know who does say Windows works and works well: the few billion end users who can't be bothered with wondering whether a bunch of hobbyists can be relied upon to maintain their OS of choice. You're trying to compare a diffuse, unrelated, ad hoc group of PC...
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    Windows 8.1 clean install?

    Unless MS posts an .iso online I don't see how you could upgrade to 8.1 as a clean install. Unless of course you want to buy a brand new disc!
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    Windows 7 or 8

    Does it do this full screen or can you snap the start screen to a portion of the monitor's screen? I don't need to see my entire start screen all of the time, but it would be nice to see part of my start screen all of the time. Just enough space to park updating tiles so I can keep an eye on...
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    Windows 7 or 8

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could "snap" the start screen to the side of one of your secondary monitors and have it remain there while still being interactive?
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    Windows 8.1 Hands-On Preview

    I think a better way to say it would be that the future of computing will no longer be solely based on the desktop. I don't see the need for the desktop going away any time soon, but I do think that form factors different than the desktop will make up an increasingly larger share of the...
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    Confused about windows 8 versions

    Don't feel bad about being confused by Microsoft licensing. This is assuming you are going to buy a separate Windows license at retail. Licenses that come pre-installed on a PC are tied to that particular PC. Microsoft has dropped the "Full Retail" version of Windows 8. Instead...
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    What is your opinion on Windows 8.1

    What makes you think they can't do the same with 8.1? I'm just pointing out, don't buy into the trolls' arguments.
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    Windows 8 Will Surpass Vista’s Market Share in June

    A fresh Windows 8 install is much snappier than a five year or so old Vista install. I'm amazed at how much speedier that dusty old hardware is when running Windows 8 than it was on Vista.
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    Microsoft shows off Windows 8.1

    And this ruins your life, how, exactly?
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    Microsoft shows off Windows 8.1 It's pretty much what I expected: Microsoft is not so much trying to go...
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    PC World - Win 8 Users Rarely Use Metro Apps

    LOL! Windows 8 sure treats it as a Metro App! :D
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    MS Fixes the Windows 8 Start Menu & Metro issues (just $39.95!)

    So wait a minute. That blue strip is directly under where your thumb grips the mouse and swiping up on it will cycle you through open applications? :eek: That's going to be a laugh riot. I can imagine the support calls this thing will generate. Many here call me an MS fanboi, but even I...
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    Satisfaction Index

    This is what I just don't get. I fully recognize that while there are millions who use Windows 8, there are hundreds of millions of people who do not. Windows 7 market share dwarfs Windows 8. So does XP market share. There's also Vista, and OSX, and Linux floating around out there. I'm...
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    Satisfaction Index

    Hey, bigdogchris! Are you desperately trying to shape the battle space in advance? 100 million copies moved in six months, baby! That's more than half a million a day! Shape that battle space!
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    Win 7 or Win 8

    Are you sure that price you got for Windows 8 is for the Pro version? If so, that's a heck of a deal as Amazon and NewEgg are asking ~ $135 - $140 for Windows 8 Pro. One consideration is that the licensing between Windows 7 OEM and Windows 8 OEM versions is different. The Windows 7...
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    Any one with larger o365 Deployment.

    Oops! My bad! Scolding duly noted, and deserved. :( Wrench00, I apologize for bawling you out for doing something you're permitted to do by the forum rules. I was over the line. Again, I'm sorry about that. :(
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    Any one with larger o365 Deployment.

    I'm sorry. What is it that makes you think that posting profanity is appropriate? You have posted elsewhere that English is not your first language. You need to learn that conversational and written English are very different. What your co-workers say is very different from what they would...
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    Digital CD Audio and No Sound

    What do you see in your Sound control panel? Are there other options under "Playback?" If so, have you tried choosing them to see what happens? Edit: There are also a lot of smart people posting in the Computer Audio forum. You may want to post this question there.
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    Could REALLY use some help with Windows 8 please

    I wonder what would happen if you used the "refresh your PC" option? It cautions you that it will toss all non-Metro applications, which sounds like just what you want. Call up the Charms bar, click on the "Settings" charm, then click on "Change PC Settings." In the "General" heading...
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    Warning: Don't Drink and Internet

    "Onish, Ossifer, I only had tee martoonis!"
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    Could REALLY use some help with Windows 8 please

    I've never done what you are trying to do, but if I wanted to upgrade a vanilla Windows 8 machine and had a key for Windows 8 Pro, I'd go into the control panel for the vanilla machine, click on the control panel "Add Features to Windows 8" and follow the steps that it lays out. Please post...
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    is ms telling us the truth about windows 8?

    Actually, Microsoft is saying they shipped over 100 million copies of Windows 8. It's up to you to decide whether that is wonderful or not. Not everyone hates Windows 8. I don't. What with the various previews and the RTM edition I've been using it for nearly fifteen months now. It...
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    Poll: Would you pay a fee for Windows 8.1 update?

    I wonder if 8.1 will show up as a number on the "Store" tile they way upgrades to Metro apps do? LOL!! I hadn't thought of that, but I suppose there will be people complaining about how 8.1 has ruined the Windows 8 experience! ;)