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    1440p 144Hz Monitor on a Budget

    Hi, i can get my hands on a Dell S2719DGF for relatively low amount of money (around $360). Has anyone tried this particular monitor and is it a good choice for 1440p gaming ona budget?
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    Need some advice about 1440p gaming with RTX2060

    Hi there, i currently run a 4670k @ 4,2GHZ and a GTX780 (non-Ti) together on a 1080p monitor. While this is fun, it is appearant to me that i am now at a point, where i have to go back in details in some games to get decent (around 60) FPS. I mostly play FPS or RPG games, but not competitive...
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    Good single Player FPS wanted

    Hey guys, i just played the Destiny 2 Demo and have to say that i really like the gunplay in the title. Now i usually only play single Player games, and usually not FPS but Destiny 2 has really good feeling when it comes to guns. Which other single player FPS games are out there with a decent...
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    Any (newer) FPS games with SMALL maps out there?

    I enjoy the COD series (yeah i said it) for it's uncomplicated, quick game play. Now let me explain what i mean with "quick" in this case: I do not enjoy the fast running speed and general fast pace of the game but rather the small maps (and therefor quick gameplay if you know what i mean)...
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    Group Calendar without Exchange

    Ok, I'm getting desperate here, that's why i post this as a last resort kind of: We have a network with around 150-200 clients, based on Ubuntu Servers with LDAP, Samba and Mail (among other services that are not that relevant for this topic). We have multiple satellite offices all over the...
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    Group Calendar without Exchange

    Ok, I'm getting desperate here, that's why i post this as a last resort kind of: We have a network with around 150-200 clients, based on Ubuntu Servers with LDAP, Samba and Mail (among other services that are not that relevant for this topic). We have multiple satellite offices all over the...
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    1366 with SATA2 connectors only. Samsung Evo coming. Need a bootable SATA3 card?

    To make a long story short: I have a 1366 board with SATA2 connectors only. I now have a Samsung Evo drive on it's way, which can sustain some pretty high transfer rates. Would i benefit from a bootable SATA3 card to make the most of my new drive or is the SATA2 connector on my Asus mobo...
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    Have 12GB triple channel from 1366, can i use for Z87?

    Hi guys, I'm in the middle of upgrading my computer from 1366 to 1150 and i have 6 sticks of triple channel memory for a total of 12GB in my current setup. What i have: 3x 2GB G.Skill F3-12800CL8-2GBPI (1,5v@1333 and 1,6v@1600mhz) 3x 2GB Corsair CMX6GX3M3C1600C7 (1,5v@1333 and...
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    ARMA III has been released

    Any first impressions? Is the inventory system easier to handle now for example? God i hated the first two parts just for the shitty inventory system and how to equip things.
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    Leviathan Warships by Paradox - Best Trailer ever

    taht is all.
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    Caution: Do NOT buy "Star Ruler" from Greenmangaming!

    Just a word of caution for those who think about buying the game "Star Ruler" from GMG: The game is horribly out of date, can't be patched via Greenman Gaming, nor can it be patched manually. GMG is aware of this issue, has not reacted to it yet. Support can't help with the issue either, except...
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    So there is a new 4X Game (Endless Space) that is actually REALLY good....

    ...and nobody talks about it. How bizarre. Take a look at "Endless Space" on Steam ( ). To me, after playing only for a day, this is the first game in YEARS that would be worthy of a MoO2 successor.
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    EA Origin Client: smaller icons somehow?

    Hi there guys, having used Steam for most all my games, i have a couple of them through Origin now... One thing irks me the most and it's the bloody darn Origin Interface. Is there a way to make the icons smaller, or the window stay the same size as last used before closing origin? These...
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    The Duke is 5 Euros on Steam I bit at that price.
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    Good 4x games??

    I´m looking for a good 4x space game. I already have Moo1&2, GalCiv2 and Sins.... Which other ones are good/better than those? Thanks in advance!
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    HD595 for $149 a good price???

    I was under the impression that these usually go in the $180-200 range....i just picked up a pair at amazon for $149 with free 2 day shipping via prime trial. Heck at that price point i even added a small FiiO E5 Amp into the mix..... Am i missing something here? Is it because they released a...
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    Questioning the sanity of Treyarchs server admin tool developer

    Seriously, what were they (he/she?) thinking when programming this joke of a tool? Let's make a list of things you can do and can't do with this "tool" for ranked servers: CAN: - determine gametype and exclude maps - kick - ban - tempban - see scores - see names - see IP's/GUIDs...
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    TDU2 beta

    Anyone else in? How do you like it?
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    Any paritular websites dealing with Fallout New Vegas crashes and fixes?

    I'm having a horrible time with the stability of the game and wondered if there is a site or a thread that only deals with crashes and fixes for this game. Fallout3 runs flawless for me, as does every other game in my library, but not New Vegas. I have CTDs and weird "jumping to windowed mode...
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    COD: Black Ops - Steamworks game but no preorder?

    Seems a little odd to me that the game is appearantly tied to your Steam account but yet, even though it's release is imminent, there is no advertising or pre-order via steam to be seen. Does anyone know what i'm missing here?
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    Just purchased my first laptop! How did i do??

    Alright, i needed something under $900 and it was supposed to not simply give up when i am gaming lightly on the road. Battery life was a concern as well....turns out there's not that many options around and so yesterday i ordered the Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-3195 for $829...
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    Section 8 PC game $10, Borderlands $10 etc.

    GamersGate's Summer Sale goes into week 2 with a couple nice offers, here is the link: Personally, Section 8, Borderlands and UT3 black as well as Frontlines and Batman are worth it's money. Sorry if that's been posted already but i didn't see it...
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    Price and dedicated server issue aside....MW2 vs. BFBC2

    ...and without any kind of grudge in the back of your mind about whatnot, does anyone here actually think that Modern Warfare 2 is actually a more FUN game than BFBC2? I am totally honest, i think MW2 is more fun to play with friends than BFBC2. I know i know, I'm a heretic and should not...
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    Good example of a game being destroyed by Windows Live : Section 8

    Section 8 is as close a game to Tribes as there has been in ages. It's fun, has good game modi, excellent weapons, nice mechanics such as "superspeed-run", deployables, good maps. Everything that would make a game a success but it uses Windows Live. I don't mind it but i know one of my friends...
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    Blokus Online

    Strangely addictive...
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    Any games like "Empire Deluxe"?

    I'm looking for a strategy game that plays like a light wargame, almost like the classic Empire Deluxe. Some VERY light production, cities, world maps and stuff like that. Not too heavy on the strategy side, no hex based gnognard games, but a rather light title that captures the Empire Deluxe...
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    In search for a good Strategy/Tactics game turn based

    Ok here i am, someone who likes the genre that has been dying for years now and apart from the occasional good game (Fantasy Wars, Elven Legacy), the whole industry went kaputt on the turn based Tactics genre. Is there anything out there that is fairly modern and still decent as far as...
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    A question of symantics.

    Call me Grammar (not grammer please) Nazi, call me whatever you want.....but i just NEED to get this off of my chest: People who use 3rd party tools or certain "cheat codes" to gain an advantage within a game are NOT hackers. They're cheaters and nothing else but cheaters. A hacker has...
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    Direct2Drive cybermonday sale....i'm not getting it...

    anyone understand the stunt over at d2d for their cybermonday sale? The timer went to "0" and nothing.....
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    [S]team Cyber Monday sale

    Section 8: 24.99 (OK deal) Riddick Dark Athena: 9.99 (lame, d2d had it for $5 3 weeks ago) Mirrors Edge: 5.00 (good deal) Evil Genius: 2.49 (good deal) Monkey Island SE: 2.49 (???) Dawn of discovery (anno 1404): 34.99 (very lame, d2d has it for $10 less right now) Call of Jaurez BiB: 20.99...
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    All you Tiger fans

    Is PGA 10 worth picking up over 2009's version? I'd like to pick up a Tiger Woods game and the 2009 is under $20 used and the new 2010 is still $50, even used. Is 2010 so much better than 2009?
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    Steam slipped on by / Valve complete Pack for $99 including L4D2

    This is a VERY interesting package for anyone not having many Valve games yet (all of you 7 people, yes, i mean you). For $99 you get Every Valve Game, INLCUDING the new Left 4 Dead 2, which retails around $40 right now. That means you get all the other valve games together for only $60, an...
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    hmmm....PES 2010 demo PS3

    Anyone else thinks that the gameplay is leaps and bounds better than Fifa 10?
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    Fifa 10 or NHL 10?

    Darn i can't decide which one to get for the PS3...... Anyone have both and can give me the heads up which one is a must-have and which one is not? I have no other Hockey or soccer game right now, so no previous gen title either.
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    What's the big difference between L4D2 and L4D?

    Am i just not seeing it? To me, L4D2 looks like an expansion pack for L4D? I really do NOT want to start some flamewar, i am genuinely interested in L4D2 and i own L4D. I just don't know what justifies the pricetag?!
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    Fallen Earth anyone?

    I don't find much info about the game except the obvious on the steamforums and the impressions are VERY mixed. Anyone here play it and what do you think? Worth $50? Worth the Subscription price? Care to tell me a little more about pro's and con's?
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    Wanted: Google Wave invite

    If you have one left, please send me a PM!! Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
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    Loving Wipeout HD on my PS3. Is Fatal Inertia EX worth it??

    I tried the demo and had good clean fun with Fatal Inertia EX on my PS3. Is the full game worth it if i already own Wipeout HD and the fury expansion? Also, any other good downloadable titles on PS network? I don't like shooters on consoles due to the controller, so those are a no-no.
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    Which PC monitor under $300 for PC and PS3 gaming?

    Anyone have a recommendation? So far i think the Asus 24" and/or 25.5" are the best options, but maybe there's something better out there that i don't know?! Right now i have a Soyo 24" 1920x1200 M-PVA but it doesn't work with the PS3...
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    Need help chosing a monitor

    I have a Soyo Topaz 24" P-MVA right now and am fairly happy with it EXCEPT that it won't work with my PS3 at all!!!! Which monitor out there supports 1920x1200 (NOT JUST 1920x1080) resolution, has DVI and HDMI and can display 1920x1080 natively (1080p) just fine with a PS3 hooked up to it...