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    APU3 - pcengines

    Hello, I have not yet seen APU being mentioned on the forums and figured I'd share a link to a product I've found incredibly useful. It has found uses in our environment as a network control plane for ASICs/FPGA's Can be had in the ~100 USD range. Let me...
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    Electronics/Maker forum?

    Hello, I'm interested in PCB design and production but [H] does not seem to have a sub forum that covers the 'maker' culture? I'd like to see a "Maker" forum where we can post our current projects. Thanks
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    1U Rackmount - Custom build

    Does anyone have recommendations for a machine shop able to build custom 1U enclosures? DXF files would be provided by us. Companies such as would fit the current needs.
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    CNC Suggestions

    Hello, Don't see a forum that would match so 3d printing it is. What kind of CNC does everyone use? I'm looking for engraving, light PCB work & thin aluminium Shapeoko, X-Carve, 6040 are the most common that I see.
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    FS: Sony Vaio Laptop

    Sony Vaio svf15a18cxb Intel® Core™ i7 processor ( i7-3537U) 12GB DDR3L memory 1TB Hard drive, 8 GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GT 735M graphics (2GB Video memory) Price: $475 shipped Condition: Prefect Bought from best buy...
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    FS: MSI HD R5770 Hawk

    Selling a MSI HD R5770 Hawk I bought from [H] a few weeks ago Paid 150, selling for 120 shipped Never used as I bought another card before this one arrived...
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    Remote Control Car/Heli Combo

    I am selling off my R/C gear as I am no longer into the hobby. I have a Ofna GTP Upgraded radio, Hump pack battery and Prophet charger (Can charge off wall outlet or Car) Losi Speed-T Electric, No battery. Does...
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    Hello All, Been awhile since I been around so not much rep. 1 Heat on PaulTech 12 "Postive" on ebay - PaulyPaul18 Will provide cell phone number Onto the selling! 8 Port Belkin KVM Over IP - Brand New. Never been used. - Includes 8 Modules - Uses Cat5 Cabling - Easy to deploy - Web...
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    Free Lan Party - Orlando Florida

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    F/S:Sony VPL-CX10

    Hello, Selling a Sony VPL-CX10 Projector (Projection TV, Large). Sells for about $3,000. Comes with remote, Cords and carrying case. This projector is it good working condition. Make me offer on price, I was hoping for about $750. Pretty good price :). I am in Orlando FL and will...
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    FS: Dell Laptop - Cheap -

    Hello, Going to sell my Dell Insprion 8200, It has a small crack in the hindge for the Monitor, This makes it fall back if your using it a angle (Fine on a desk or anything like that), Cause of this im going to drop the price alot, Also the power button contacts need to be Sanded, It's...
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    Free Lan Party - Orlando Florida

    Hello, I am trying to get a estimate on how many people would be willing to come to a Free Lan Party in Orlando Florida, I work for a large Hosting company and we are looking into running a Yearly Lan Party, We will provide food,drink,prizes. We will also provide high end servers for...
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    FT:Dell Inspiron 8200

    Hello, Trading a Dell Inspiron 8200 Laptop for a Desktop. 2.0Ghz P4M 512Ram 20Gig 16' 802.11b CD/RW/DVD Battery - Does not hold a good charge AC/DC - Brand New Windows XP - Not sure if I can include Warranty Expired last month 56k Modem and 10/100 Ethernet Problems: It...
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    FS:Network Equipment

    Hello, I am back, Trying to raise some money for rent, Let's get down to it Selling: 19' 12U Wallmount Rack Includes 8 port Power Supply 32 Port 3COM Superstack II 3900 - Great Condition (SOLD!!) provides 36 Ports at 10/100 Mbps autosensing full-duplex mode and one...
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    WTB:Mac ibook, PayPal Waiting

    Hello, Mac ibook Mac OS-X 500 MHZ 128 MB Of RAM Cd Rom G3 10 Gb Hard drive 2 Usb Ports Firewire Port Are the specs Im looking for, Shot me a email or a PM Thanks
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    WTB:Dvd Drive : PayPal waiting

    Hello guys, I'm looking to buy a DVD Driver - Lite on would be nice, Black if possible, PayPal is waiting, Will of course pay first and upfront, Will want your phone number, So hit me up AIM: PaulyPaul18 MSN: Thanky
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    WTB: Screws

    Hello, Yes, I am actually looking for screws, Rackmount server screws, Good strong ones, As many as possible, Let me know the price and I will send Non CC Paypal Thanks
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    WTB:Laptop Cleaning Service

    Hello, Weird question huh? Well, I have a dell Inspiron 8200, I would like some moding + cleaning done on this. What I need: A new keyboard (This one is soo dirty, It's horrible. If possible I would like it transferred to a 8500 case. Screen cleaned. I would pay cash, Would -prefer-...
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    FS/FT:Netowork Gear + Servers

    Hello All! For sale or trade. 24 Port LinkMAX (24 10/100 AutoSending Full Duplex) ($30 + shipping) 3Com SuperStack II 3900( SuperStack II 3900 Switch provides 36 Ports at 10/100 Mbps autosensing full-duplex mode and one 1000Base-SX port. Excellent Condition! Inlcudes rack mounts) ($200...
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    FS/FT: Network Switchs + Server + rack

    Hello All! I am currently looking for a nice unlocked Cell Phone or a very lightweight laptop 24 Port LinkMAX (24 10/100 AutoSending Full Duplex) ($30 + shipping) 3Com SuperStack II 3900( SuperStack II 3900 Switch provides 36 Ports at 10/100 Mbps autosensing full-duplex mode...
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    Hello, I am in the market for a new cell phone (Must be UNLOCKED). I would like something with a camera and color screen. What I have for trade: 3Com 36 Port switch (1 Gige Port) 36 Auto sensing. (Managed level 3) Sun Cobalt Raq2 Servers (Can get stats and pictures later) LinkMAX...
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    Hello All! I'm looking to buy a LCD For my servers/switches, I'm looking for about 7-10 inch (This is for a command line so 10 is more than needed). It must be stanard hookup so I can use as a console. Thanks! (Also will do service trades + cash, Such as Game Server...
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    Wanted: Rackmount

    Hello, I am in the market for Rackmount(1U,2U) servers,switchs,UPS's. For Purchase only, Or if you offer a disc!!!! for service trade (Webhosting, GameServer hosting, Colocation in a state of art datacenter Verio Bandwidth). (Also looking for rackmountable terminals, and non...
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    Hello, I will purchase nearly all servers, In good working condition. They should be 19 inch rackmountable. I will pay all shipping and handling plus whatever fee, They dont have to be high end, Lower end 300-600Mhz would be best. Email me at I can pay...