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    Does anyone want or

    These both expire on September 28. They both just redirect to the main DC forum. The URL shows up on the 5 or so t-shirts that were purchased, which is not enough of a reason to renew them in my opinion. So, if anyone wants to register either or both of them to avoid expiration...
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    Is a 6950 too old for F@H?

    So as part of the "official project" discussion in another thread, I switched my CPU folder over to WCG from F@H. Now I am trying to fold on the only "decent" GPU I own - an old unlocked 6950. I installed the card, loaded the "Crimson" drivers since the card is on the legacy support model, and...
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    WTB: 2 x CM Hyper 212+ or 212 NEO

    I need a couple of HSFs for an I4P - 212+s or 212 EVOs would be great, or anything else that would fit a narrow ILM socket 2011. Let me know what you have and how much to ship to 53719. Thanks Edit: EVO, not NEO, although if there was such a thing as a NEO, I'm sure it would work...
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    Intel Socket 2011 4ps, PSUs,Misc

    Parting out now, all prices are shipped 4 - Xeon E5-4650 processors - PM for details - $400 each, minimum purchase of 2 1 - Supermicro X9QRi-F+ motherboard - includes I/O backplate and 6 SATA cables - $500 each 16 - 1GB PC3-10600E memory modules - $4 each, minimum purchase of 8 1 - Seasonic...
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    [FS] ASIC Bitcoin Miners

    All prices include standard shipping to the US. PM me if you need something else. Heatware and eBay 3 - BFL Single SC 60 GH/s (Actual hash rates from 56.8 to 58.6 GH/s) - these are approx. 3 1/2 months old and have had zero issues. They include the original power supplies and USB cables. I...
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    G34 stuff

    All prices include shipping to a US address. Ebay and Heatware. All sold! Thank you
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    Congratulations Grandpa -#1 For [H]

    It is finally official - Grandpa is the new #1 folder for team 33. I held him off as long as I could, tripling my production since he joined a year and a half ago. That was not enough to hold him off, however. Congratz old man on a well-deserved accomplishment. Just make sure you don't let...
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    Anyone with a Jalapeno need a Dragon?

    If you don't understand the title, then you don't need one. I have an AVR Dragon with all required cables to update the firmware on your Jalapeno. I will rent it to you for the cost of shipping (USPS small flat rate box.) If I don't know you and you don't have sufficient feedback (ebay or...
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    For Sale - GPUs, G34

    All prices are shipped. If you do not fold for [H], add $10/card. Everything listed works perfectly. All prices are OBO. Please PM me with any questions or offers. eBay, Heat All gone! Thank you everyone!
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    Folding on a Ramdisk

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    WTB: Smaller SSDs

    Looking to buy a few smaller SSDs - somewhere around 32 GB. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    Attention GPU Folders: Make sure you are set up for QRB units

    If you are folding an nVidia GTX400 series or better video card, make sure you have your client set up to receive the quick return bonus (QRB) work units now in beta. You mainly need two things (3 with the v7 client): 1. A passkey - this is the same passkey you use for SMP work. I assume...
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    FS: 2 GTX460s - EVGA 1GB and Galaxy 756MB

    I have 2 GTX 460 video cards for sale. One is an EVGA 1GB, and the other is a Galaxy 756MB. I have been folding on both of them this month and they both performed flawlessly at stock speed. They produced 12K - 14K ppd each all month, depending on WU. I would like to sell them together for...
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    [H]orde call to arms! Let's catch EVGA in September!

    EOC is showing us at ~230M points down to EVGA with a projected overtake on 10/6, and we know that the first of the month EVGA ramp is coming. I want to see us do it before the end of September! To make this happen, we are going to need a little ramp. Here is my proposal - for the month of...
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    Temporary pause due to the heat

    Due to the record heat here in Wisconsin and the fact that I couldn't get the house temperatures under 80 yesterday, I will be bringing down my folding boxes today. It looks like the weather will break this weekend, so I should be able to turn them back on Sunday evening. Don't panic - I'm not...
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    FS: Tascam US-122 USB Audio/MIDI Interface

    PayPal or Amazon accepted Heat eBay Tascam Audio/Midi USB interface PC/Mac compatible 2 powered mic inputs 2 line inputs (switchable to guitar) Self-powered via USB Product Link: Great condition Asking $55 shipped
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    Ubuntu 12.04 - Notes for install

    3/20/2013 - Removed all references to I/O, as this is being handled now by folding on a ramdisk. For my new 4p, I went with Ubuntu 12.04 Server instead of my beloved 10.10 Server. 12.04 is an LTS (long term support) release, which is good news for folders I suppose. So far, I am not seeing...
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    Ubuntu 12.04 - Notes for install

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    New addition

    Just another boring 4p G34 6180 system: It is not overclocked yet - a project for tomorrow.
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    G34 12 Core Magny Cours Blowout!

    I am making some farm changes, and have the following stuff for sale. Terms: Paypal or Amazon payments accepted Shipping is to the continental US - PM me if you are elsewhere for a shipping quote Heatware - eBay - Prices...
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    Multiple Processor G34 Checklist

    Thanks to tear and the rest of the Area 51 crew for this list. 8/28/2012 - Updated to TPC version 0.43 2/19/2013 - Updated to TPC version 0.44-rc2 (previously) 10/9/2013 - remove i2c-tools/i2c-dev references Here are some basic things to have installed and to check for with a 2p/4p G34 system...
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    Multiple Processor G34 Checklist

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    P6903 R5 C23 G7 won't start

    The machine hangs on "Mapping NT from 48 to 48" indefinitely. Edit: tear already found it -
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    Significantly less credit for 6903s?

    EDIT: This has been resolved. It was specific to my account and WU history. There is no issue with the F@H points system. My last two 6903s: Download: 1/17/2012 6:29 PM UTC Upload: 1/18/2012 4:41 PM UTC Credit (HFM Calculated): 504545 Credit (EOC Stats): 302330 Download: 1/17/2012 7:22...
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    More alternative G34 cooling

    Dynatron A6 HSFs Nexus CFA-300 adapters, slightly modded to fit the 77mm fan bolt pattern Cooler Master R4-L2R-20AC-GP 120mm Blue LED Case Fans Temps dropped probably 5 - 8C accross the board over the board over the stock Dyna fans, and although I can't really tell with the Scythe monster...
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    CM Hyper 212+ - Alternative G34 Mounting Method

    WARNING: This HSF mounting method is pretty difficult to do. If you choose to do this, please be careful. Here is an alternative to R-Type's CM Hyper 212+ mounting on a G34 board. Due to space constraints, mainly with SuperMicro 4p boards, this method is necessary to allow you to use these...
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    'Twas the Night Before Christmas

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the [H]orde, All the boxen were crunching, fans humming a chord. Billions of numbers dance through circuitry, To aid with the science and solve mysteries. From the humblest of boxen with one single core, To the massive 4 processor G34s...
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    Christmas "D" - What did Santa bring you?

    I know of several systems coming on-line around this time. Show us what Santa left under your tree. I'll start: This is what happens when you get enough parts to run a system, but not everything you ordered. This is a 3p 6172 G34 system The specs (for now): SuperMicro H8QGI+-F-O 3 x...
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    Musky's For Sale Thread

    PayPal or Amazon Payments Heat and eBay Please post you folding badge when posting or pm'ing me. PowerColor AX6950 1Gb (twin fan model) - can't be unlocked, 800/1250 @ 1100mV stock, w/box and some accessories $170 shipped Link PowerColor 5850 Reference 1Gb, bios modded to allow higher max...
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    Musky's For Sale Thread

    All prices are shipped to [H]orde members only, and are OBO. Processors 2 - E5640 socket 1366 quad core Xeons - pm for details - $450/pair 2 - X5550 socket 1366 quad core Xeons - pm for details - $400/pair 4 - 6134 G34 eight core 2.3 GHz - $300/each Motherboards None right now Heatsinks/Fans...
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    Linux FAH Backup Script - V2

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    Linux FAH Backup Script - V2

    UPDATE: 6/22/2013 THIS UTILITY IS OBSOLETE. PLEASE USE THE FAHINSTALL SCRIPT FOR YOUR LINUX FAH INSTALLS, WHICH ALSO HANDLES BACKUPS =========================================================================================================== This is based on foxtrotniner's original backup...
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    FS: SR-2s + Extras

    SR-2s are sold A couple of items left if someone want them. Cogage True Spririt HSF - These work perfectly with SR-2 motherboards without removing the stock mounting plate - $25 each shipped (1 available) Noctua NH-U9DX HSF - These work perfectly with SR-2 motherboards without...
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    WTB: 3 or more PCI-e slot MB and Proc

    I would like to get ahold of a 3 or more PCI-e slot motherboard and processor. The cheaper, the better in this case. Any processor is fine. DDR3-compatible preferred, unless you have some DDR2 that you would sell me with the board/proc. Let me know what you have. Thanks (yes, Doozer, I...
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    Ubuntu 11.04 - kworker processes?

    I am sure others are seeing this as well - anyone figured out how to stop these kworker processes from spawning? This is the 2.6.38-8-generic-ck kernel. I think it is a kernel issue, so you will probably upgrade into the problem if you are running 11.04, if you haven't already. 1215 dave...
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    G34 Frame Time Comparison

    I wanted to put together some frame times for those thinking of going the G34 route. These are all from the same P2689 unit. Cores are at 1.8 GHz. -smp 48 - 8:08/frame -smp 32 - 12:12/frame -smp 24 - 16:01/frame -smp 16 - 23:40/frame Not quite linear, but at least close.
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    Ubuntu Desktop Installation Guide for F@H

    As promised, here is the Ubuntu Desktop installation guide. The basic installation is HERE (Post #2). Everything else is optional. BFS Installation (Post #3) is OBSOLETE. There is no reason to install BFS for Folding@home on any system configuration. tear's Langouste Installation (Post #5)...
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    WTB: Stock Phenom HSFs

    I am looking for stock HSFs from Phenom/Phenom II CPUs - the ones with the heat pipes. If you have one or more that you will not use, PM me with what it would take for you to send it to me. I am looking for several of these. Thanks