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    Wtb am4 aio

    Looking for an 240mm AIO preferably just the rad/block as I already have some 120mm fans. Also being rgb and white would be a nice bonus. Shipped to CA.
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    Wtb raspberry pi 3

    Like the title says, looking for a raspberry pi 3 or equivalent for some small footprint kodi and emulators.
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    WTB Swiftech H220-x or H240x

    Looking to get an expandable AIO cooler setup. So fractal s24 or s36 are okay too but I'd rather have either one of the swiftech or the x2 versions. I'd be open to the 320 as well. Local pickup in SoCal or shipped to 92844. Edit: found
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    FS Nvidia In-game credit code

    Selling the bundled Nvidia in-game code for $25 hawken, and $25 planetside 2. World of tanks code sold to TechloGoblin. Other games don't seem to be as popular, will give the other codes to whoever PM's me.
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    When to replace psu?

    I'm upgrading my old cpu/mobo/ram/gfx card setup and was wondering when do people typically change their psus. I always figured if it isn't broke, don't fix it but I got this psu in 2008 and even then it was second hand. It's a antec neo he 550w and I know it's capable of handling my new setup...
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    WTB LGA 775 motherboard

    looking for a 775 motherboard that accepts ddr3. possibly a cpu + hsf as well if the price is right. pm with offers.
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    WTB video card

    looking for a card that's preferably under $50 (the cheaper the better) that has a hdmi output and can handle htpc/very light gaming work. Pm what you got
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    wtb 775 motherboard

    wtb lga 775 motherboard that is compatible with ddr3 i have a gigabyte p35-ds3r for trade or sale as well
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    WTB: ps3 games

    Just got a ps3 and looking for games PM with anything you got with prices shipped. -bought metal gear solid 4
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    hardware issue not sure what though

    So my brothers had his computer working for awhile, then one day the monitor says that its not getting a signal so we assumed it was his graphics card which was a old 7800gt and got a used 3850 instead. when we installed it, nothing happened. i checked both cards in my computer and it works...
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    WTB cheap LGA775 mobo

    im looking for a cheap (something under $40) fully working lga775 motherboard to replace my old one. Brand doesnt matter so much, pm with offers.
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    wtb: cheap graphics card

    im looking for a card to replace my 7800gt pci-e so nothing of lower quality but not looking to spend alot so around $40-$50 shipping. i live in the socal area if that helps. heatware is onedestinazn2
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    ssf case mini-itx,flexatx mod?

    so my little brother just bought a case off of craigslist that he thought he might be able to use with his matx board but it turns out it is a chyang fun cfs868 case which is a flexatx case which doesnt even have the included motherboard with it! so im wondering if i can get a flexatx mobo or is...
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    what is this case?

    well my little brother comes home after buying this little tiny cube case thing off craigslist and asks me to put his computer in it and im having a hard time figure what motherboard it accepts. its definately too small for a matx so im trying to figure if anyone knows what this case is and what...
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    FS/FT: new netgear super-g router (DG834GT)

    i just recently (talking one hour ago) bought a brand new Netgear super-g router hoping to use it when i got home unfortunately i just found out its not working because this takes dsl and im using road runner so its of no use for me. hoping to trade this for one of equal quality but...
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    new netgear super-g router (DG834GT)

    i just recently (talking one hour ago) bought a brand new Netgear super-g router hoping to use it when i got home unfortunately i just found out its not working because this takes dsl and im using road runner so its of no use for me. hoping to trade this for one of equal quality but...
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    WTB/T: computer parts for brother

    im trying to piece together a computer for my little brother so im either trying to find parts that would compliment parts i already have lying around or maybe you would want to trade my parts for yours, just shoot me a offer. i would also take any upgrade offers for my pc (in sig) so i can hand...
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    is it worth it to upgrade?

    i currently have a gigabyte p35-ds3r rev2 with a e2200 but someone around here wants to sell me their abit x38 quad motherboard for $80. i know that my cpu is a little dated and was going to upgrade that first but the ability for crossfire seems so hard to pass up even though im gaming at...
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    can someone tell me which is better

    i currently have a dell 22'' monitor (e228wfp) but i can sell my monitor and get this samsung one for the same price, is it worth it? dell: samsung...
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    is this a good deal? e8400 + ecs mobo = 159.99

    i saw this in my newspaper is this a good deal? a e8400 plus a ecs gf7050vt-m for 159.99 at frys. i dont even know if the mobo can use the e8400 but newegg sells just the processor for 189.99.
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    quick sharing internet question

    i currently have roadrunner connected to my desktop at home and i was wondering how would i share internet with my laptop. and would this slow my internet connection down? sorrry if this is a dumb question.
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    wtb geforce go 6800, 6800 ultra, or 7800gtx for inspiron 9300

    looking to buy or trade for a geforce go 6800, 6800 ultra, or 7800gtx for my 9300 preferably under $50. pm with offers
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    wts/wtb/trade lga775 mobo, 7800gt zalman

    All items are 100% working pm me a offer to buy/trade/sell. all offers will be looked at. items are shipped out from 90503. if your looking please bump. paypal and ebay is joeurgod (100%) new to heatware so its currently 0-0-0 : onedestinazn2 Looking To Buy: a fully working 8800/9600...
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    wtb hard drives

    looking to buy cheap working SATA hard drives for desktop not really important what speed (5400 or 7200 preferably) or size (40gb and up would be nice) for nothing over 40 shipped.
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    2x1gb + 2x2gb ?

    i currently have the gskill 2x1gb ddr2 6400 sticks and i wanted to know if i could/should put in a set of 2x2gb making it 6gb, but im concerned that is overkill and wont work well with the older sticks. or should i get another set of the 2x1gb but ive heard that 4x1gb doesnt work as well as...
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    Evga 650i ultra overclock?

    someone on [h] is selling a Evga 650i ultra for 40 and im wondering if this is a good deal and if it overclocks well
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    need help with bsel mod

    i recently bought a e2200 and ecs 945gct-m/1333 combo and i heard that you could do a bsel mod but i have no clue what it is and if it is potentially dangerous
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    graphics card nvidia sentinal help

    i just installed a 7800gt i got from someone and it had a zalman cooler installed on it. there was only one plug which i supposed goes to the sys power of my ecs 945gct-m/1333. after i turned it on and installed the latest nvidia driver for it, but it says it had to turn down performance due to...
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    help "new" graphics card

    i recently bought a used 7800gt and the seller didnt give me any driver cds or anything. is there anything that i should download to make it work. if it helps im currently using the integrated graphics on my 945g
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    single and dual channel ram

    quick question on if a dual channel ram would work on a single channel only mobo