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    Wtb 3070 or 3070ti

    Looking for a 3070 or 3070 ti. Trying to upgrade from a 5700xt. Please post or pm me. I only have paypal goods and services.
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    wtt 5700 xt xfx

    Looking to see if anyone would be interested in trading. I have a xfx 5700 xt gpu never overclocked, never mined on. Mainly looking for a 3070 or 3070ti. I can add to make it even.
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    Wtb ryzen cpu 3600 3700 5600x other

    Looking for an upgrade from my 1600af cpu. Looking for 3600 3700 5600x or others. Let me know what you have. PayPal ready.
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    best new gpu for around $350?

    Hello what would be the best gpu upgrade from a 1070? I was thinking about a 5700, but should I be looking at other options? 27 inch 1080p 60 hz monitor and 24 inch 60hz monitor is what I game on with semi new titles Thanks :)
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    Win 7 trouble with nvme drive

    Hello when i try installing windows 7 onto my nvme drive i get a bsod 0000007 error when windows boots. I used msi win7 tool to add nvme drivers. Is there anything else i can try to get it working? I5 6400 Gigabyte z170 h3dp Lite on 250 gb nvme Ati 4550 gpu
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    i5 4690k to i5 6400 sidegrade for htpc?

    Hello would changing from a i5 4690k to a i5 6400 be a sidegrade? Most of what im reading is the cpus are about the same speed at stock clocks but the 6400 uses less power. Is this information correct? Thanks
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    Best 144hz monitor for around $150? 24 vs 27

    Hello could you guys point me in the right direction for a good 144hz monitor around $150. Mainly would be used for gaming. Also would you choose a 1920x1080 monitor in 24 inch or 27 inch?
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    upgrading hard drives and partition questions

    So If I upgrade to a 2tb hard drive to replace a 1tb(with another 1tb backing it up). Can I partition the 2tb drive into two 1tb drives so I can use the old hard drives to back it up?
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    brave browser with amd problems

    Whenever i install the drivers for my amd hd 6450 graphics card. Brave browser will no longer appear on screen. Removing drivers solves the issue, does anyone have any ideas what might cause this?
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    200ge as plex server?

    Would a 200ge handle being a plex/download/web box? I want something a little bit more power efficient than my i5 2500k@4.4ghz.
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    home security camera for home computer server

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but Im trying to find recommendations for an outdoor security camera. Looking for a camera that can save footage to a computer. I've been looking at some on amazon, but the reviews seems mixed. Any help would be appreciated!
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    no video signal to monitor

    I can't get my current spare parts build to send signal to monitor. It will turn on then restart after 10 seconds and stay on like normal. The ssd and gpu was pulled from a working computer so I'm currently running out of ideas. What should i try next to trouble shoot it? Things ive tried will...
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    Guns of Icarus Alliance

    Guns of Icarus Alliance is free on steam!
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    Hacknet - Deluxe!

    Hacknet - Deluxe! is free on