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    Need Build Help - New Mini Gaming/Performance PC

    If you can get that for 900$ I spose so.. You may want to sell the GPU though and go for a 780 or something. Keep in mind: most of the parts in that PC are older.
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    Crucial MX100 SSD

    never heard of it
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    Need Build Help - New Mini Gaming/Performance PC

    Here: r7 270x better option over 760.. if you get that korean 2560x1440 you will need the amd gpu since its runs better at higher res than the gtx 760!
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    Need Build Help - New Mini Gaming/Performance PC

    is this pc small or what ?? What form factor, damn.
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    DDR3 1200Mhz?

    Go to mobo bios, use XMP.. or look at your Ram timing and set them manually in the bios also adjust the clock of the ram
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    Is No-One Excited for DDR4?

    I believe we will have 32gb sticks (More gb per stick) but that's about the only thing to get excited for, from what i hear anyways.
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    How many of you have reached >80% on 8GB?

    When I have all my Sh*# Running and have 200 tabs open in chrome i get the error atleast once a day :)
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    4K Displayport issues vs HDMI for 4K resolution

    I also recommend CRU
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    Seiki SE50UY04 3840x2160 50" TV ($1300)

    Kind of expensive, they only run at 24 or 30hz, right? I wouldn't get it if that's the case.
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    120hz hardcore gamers happy with Korean ISP monitors?

    I have a qnix qx2710 and absolutely love it.. No problems at all it has the MOST CRISP display I have ever had. It's truly amazinG! 110hz too!
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    Monitor Buying Advice

    Get a qnix qx2710 on ebay and OC it to 120HZ best bet imo
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    Finally did it...what OS to run

    Freenas imo best reliabilityy
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    Is the 3770K considered ancient now?

    Nah it's still a great CPU!!
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    Looking for upgrade advise

    Wait for the new nvidia 8xx series imo
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    XFX R9 290X DD vs EVGA GTX 780 Ti SC (what to choose)

    Get the r9 290X, then when the nvidia 8xx series comes out get the 870 and sell your radeon on ebay ofc
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    Worthwhile upgrade from GTX 760?

    I would honestly just wait for the new cards.. You can probably run most games max anyway.. what's the point!!
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    Where Can I Buy New Socket A Processors?

    Superbiiz has really good deals, newegg also.. Microcenter bundle deals are THE BEST.
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    Watch Dogs on AMD CPUs

    Cousin says it's pretty bad.. He did some patch that made the game think it was using a GTX 660 and it somehow helped alot.. Pretty wierd >.<
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    No video on SuperMicro X7SPA-H-D525

    What is the monitor res? May not support it
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    Help troubleshooting Asrock X79 Extreme4?

    Make sure the sticks are inserted properly.. If there is only one notch that needs to be clicked the other side may be lose. Push hard.
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    Plasma or LCD for HTPC

    Hi.. I am planning to buy 40-47 inch Plasma or LCD tv and am unsure of which to get. I do not know how the Refresh rate works on the plasma's will there be an option for 120hz under windows? Will the motion look like 60hz? If it does look like 60hz in Windows or something like XBMC, is there a...
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    Full 4k/60Hz HTPC

    Z97 is able to hit 3840x2160 @ 60hz VIA HDMI, particularly the MSI Z97 I AC GAMING
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    Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI Antenna replacement

    Well, it is an HTPC, so I plan on streaming alot of content. I have an ASUS RT-N66U so signal shouldn't be much of an issue.. Atleast I don't think.
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    Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI Antenna replacement

    hi, I just bought a gigabyte motherboard (in the thread title) and it came with a really bleepty plastic antenna that is attached by wires (Who the hell wants wires for wifi?) and I was wondering what would be compatible with my motherboard for 2 of those antennas that attach straight to the...
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    A6-6400k or a8-5500

    What exactly do you mean by multithreaded/single threaded is this options in dolphin? or? the A6 is dual core (The one I'm referring to) Well I have been thinking of running dolphin, but I am more interested in SNES, NES, N64, PS1, GBA emulation? How well would that work out?
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    A6-6400k or a8-5500

    I plan on using it for emulators and as an htpc. Do you guys know how well it works with emulators? Will I get a larger benefit from the a8?
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    A6-6400k or a8-5500

    A6-6400k 65 on newegg or a8-5500 for 80 on ebay (new) is there a big performance difference between them? Which do I get?
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    Upgrading the ISK 110's PSU?

    has anyone successfully modded the ISK 110? I would like a damn pico psu, or better power board in here, just in case i would want to uprade.
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    AMD APUs and Emulators

    Fx-4100 is quite a bit quicker though, and the A6-6400k is only dual core.. Yours is Quad.
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    Pico PSU in Antec ISK110?

    Will a PICO PSU fit/work with an ANTEC ISK110. Just curious on my upgrade options in the future. I may want to upgrade to a A10 sometime.
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    AMD APUs and Emulators

    How well would you guys say an AMD A6-6400K would work with a Dolphin/PCSX2? Curious how well it would work with it.
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    A6 6400k and TV Tuner

    Is it compatible with openelec?
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    A6 6400k and TV Tuner

    Well, I ordered the CPU,etc.. not the Tuner, yet.. Do you happen to know any good external tuners? Can't seem to find many.
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    A6 6400k and TV Tuner

    Hi, was wondering if the A6 6400k will work well with the Hauppauge TV Tuner 950Q. I hear some people complaining lagging/stuttering with slow CPUs. Will I have this problem with the A6? Using this with Openelec, btw.. Just ordered parts.
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    Help! Which cpu cooler?

    Do you guys think the Scythe Kozuti would fit on the Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI FM2 ITX. I believe with the Heatsink/fan the height would be around 51 mm. Not sure what the max heatsink height is for the 110.. if it's the same as the 100 .. Here's a guy that used the kozuti with the same case...
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    Help! Which cpu cooler?

    I'm using a ISK 110.. isthe 45mm height limit the same.. That post he is referring to the ISK100
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    Help! Which cpu cooler?

    Would this watercooler fit? --- just curious. Edit: Never mind it wont fit
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    Help! Which cpu cooler?

    Hi, I'm currently building a HTPC with an ANTEC ISK110, A6-6400k, and a gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI FM2 A88X Mini ITX motherboard. What CPU cooler will work for me? I want it to be cool and quiet. I may end up undervolting so that temps stay low. Could someone recommend me some good CPU Coolers. I...
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    battlezone 2 multiplayer

    There is a spiritual successor to the game.. Look up 'bionite origins' they have a facebook page.
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    battlezone 2 multiplayer

    Hi... What do you guys think of this game..? basically this game came out in 1999, and has had a small playerbase since then. We have a small community of people who play in strategy games, with a mod called VSR, which is basically a "Pro Mod"...