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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    Is amazon ever going to have these damn things back in stock? I don't mean the 3rd party service that is selling them right now, I mean actual amazon! Saw one of these at a local fry's but it was the last one and someone ahead of me got to it first :(
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    Picking up HAM radio through my speakers?

    WOAH WOAH WOAH... making friends? Screw that!
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    Invite some of us friendly peoples here to play with! :) I'm not super good or anything, but I am usually down to play :D
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    How To Speed Up A Slow Internet Connection

    I wish Cox was like that with me here in Arizona :( Their reliability and speed has always been GREAT, but when it comes to billing its just awful. I wish they would lock me into a 2 year so that I wouldn't have to deal with random charges every couple of months lol.
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    Tablets Make Your Kids Stupid

    As with everything in life, it is all about moderation!
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    Yeah it isnt too hard once you got a decent group of people that choose hero's well lol. I am enjoying it though, its a nice change of pace from the normal game, which at times I can dread so much.
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    That is the problem I have been having! After playing magic for so many years it just feels so... Odd. I am completely helpless when it is their turn, which drives me nuts. I know it's not magic, and that is probably what they want to do to innovate and all that. Just doesn't work for me, and...
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    TV Evolution: The War for the Start Screen

    Every time I turn on my Panasonic TV there is an ad just sitting there at the bottom of the screen :/ I already paid the company for the damn TV and they want to shove ads down my throat?
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    Invisible Helmet Deploys Like an Airbag on Impact

    I don't mind treating them like other vehicles, but so many of them suck at following the damn rules them selves. Where I work we have a ton of them, and they are such a pain sometimes :/
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    Asus VN279Q Review by PRAD

    I am still most interested in how fast the screen is, and any lag (or lack there of) that could be associated with it. I know the review earlier is a trusted site and all that, just like to view several before I come to any conclusion :p
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    monitor died :( recommendations?

    That is the problem, is I know I would want to buy a new video card. Mine isn't even 6 months old! I don't know how much I can justify spending the money on a new one haha. I may not be poor, but I am certainly not rich :( I think the best decision for me might be to try one of the...
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    monitor died :( recommendations?

    Luckily that won't be a problem since the monitor is dead :p Sounds like if I were to go from 1920x1200 to 1920x1080 won't be too much of a problem. Now if I were to go from 1440p to 1080p i'd almost immediately notice. I guess the question is really, could my GTX 670 even drive a 1440p...
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    monitor died :( recommendations?

    Hmm, would hate to lose some resolution so probably atleast 1920x1200 or anything decent that is higher. I should try hooking up my computer to my TV and see if going from 1200 to 1080 is a difference that would bug me. Anyone else go from 1920x1200 to 1080p and notice a difference gaming-wise?
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    monitor died :( recommendations?

    Hello everyone! So my monitor finally bit the dust :( turned it in this morning then about 2 minutes later it lost power and wouldn't turn back on no matter what I tried. So I am now in the market for a new one! Unfortunately my knowledge in the many technologies is very limited. I guess my...
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    Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC - August 13th 2013 (PC/PS3/360)

    I thought the game was GREAT.. for the first few levels. I loved the atmosphere and everything about it, but playing a stealth character with few kills really becomes boring after a while. They had a ton of fun options on how to murder people in horribly gruesome ways, but fell flat on the...
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    Breaking Bad Sparks Global Piracy Craze

    Well you make me look really dumb, thanks :p I honestly didn't know you could do that... I guess *I* am the one who is behind the times :(
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    Breaking Bad Sparks Global Piracy Craze

    The problem comes from what everyone here has been saying, there is no easy way to get the channels or even just the singles shows you want in a legal way. If there was a way where we could subscribe to just a single channel for a decent price I would be willing to bet they could make a LOT of...
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    Darker spots on monitor?

    Hello everyone! I have a question about my monitor that I am sure the experts here might be able to help me with. I have been using my monitor, which is a Soyo Topaz S, for the last 6+ years. Within the last several months I have noticed some darker spots showing up that really start to bug...
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    LG 27EA83-D 2560x1440 IPS Wide Gamut 10-bit 99Hz Overclockable LCD $699 @

    Ahh okay I see, so it is just the laziness (or cheapness) of manufacturers. Thanks for the info :) been interested in a monitor for some time now (got an olllddd Soyo Topaz S) but can't budge until winter time when my pockets are lined with more cash :D
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    Lightening storm fried my 60 inch plasma..

    I invested in the TV around the beginning of the year after doing so much mind-numbing research on TV's. It was a great choice, I love this TV so much.
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    LG 27EA83-D 2560x1440 IPS Wide Gamut 10-bit 99Hz Overclockable LCD $699 @

    Single input as in just.. like one DVI, or HDMI input? Why would that be, just out of curiosity? Does the extra inputs add latency to the monitor or something?
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Or it could be on the other side of the ship that they don't show =o
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    Poll for a game about Pay 2 Win

    The question is if these ships that you pay for are vastly superior to one that you would start out with of the same type? Even then, we also don't know how long it will take to get any of those other ships that people are buying too. What if the large majority of the price of a ship is in its...
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    Sneaking suspicion of Valve, incoming Steam sale & HL3

    Naw we'll just get complains about either how awful it is for the time we had to wait. Another possibility is we will get spammed with threads about how amazing and awesome it is =o Can't win!
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    Started playing Eve online! its amazing!

    I did it a longggg time ago and kinda thought the same thing. I guess a lot has changed since I last played though, so who knows. I went to look and see if they had something where I could reactivate for another couple days or something, but alas, nothing :(
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    PSA: DOTA 2 is offically out, F2P on Steam

    Yeah my friends and I have started to not queue with all pick. You still have that happen with single draft and stuff but not as much. All random is actually my favorite since.. Well its not all just carries lol. Of course then you have a chance to get a horrible Comp and they're a stacked comp :/
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    Fx-9590 $877.99 Preorder

    Man that is a lot of Dong.
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    Cute Kid Bills Dad For Tech Support

    Yeah, warranties can take quite a long time =o Or she didn't want to pay any shipping so choose the longest option! Yeah I do hope someday my kids (that I will eventually have) would do this too lol. I know I currently do some Tech Support for my family now, but who knows what will exist many...
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    Google Developing System to Eradicate Child Porn

    Yeah it is quite scary the technology behind that, and what other ways it could be used. My question is though, is it really necessary? I have never ran into any child pornography in all the time I have searched the internet. Isn't that stuff usually found/traded through other means?
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    Planetside 2

    Yeah or one of the other early certs for vehicles that can hell until you get the higher cert stuff is stealth. Only costs 30 cert and is great until you upgrade some of the other stuff a couple levels. I wish nanoweave was more useful, level one increases the shots to die by 1 more, I think...
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    Planetside 2

    I don't know, you really don't need the latest and greatest gear if you don't want to spend the money on it. As far as vehicles you can run all the vehicles without having to spend money on them to make them useful, with the exception of maybe the ESF's. Even the Liberator's Shredder is now...
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    Planetside 2

    I love this game so much! I have already put 320 hours in it.. which really says something about my outside life.. You really need to find an outfit, not even necessarily a good one, but one with people you like to play with! My outfit does so much fun, stupid stuff I love it.
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    Razer has a new VOIP chat client

    Yeah, it's honestly really dumb and everyone I play with has a different one :mad:. PS2 uses Mumble, brother uses voicechatter, old WoW guild uses Ventrillo... etc, etc. It's crazy and pointless to release another client. Oh, don't forget everyone that wants to use Skype too :/
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    Defiance Discussion Thread

    They didn't give big money to them I guess :p
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    Bioshock Infinite - $36 Steam Key Intkeys

    I usually am too, but I am a huge fan of these games, so I couldn't :( I did get it for $25 though from one of our amazing users in the FS/FT forums :D worth every penny!
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    Rumor mill: Next xbox to be water cooled with a custom AIO unit

    I have to kind of agree that this is a bunch of bull. As many others have stated, it's just another point of failure for them to have to worry about. Not only that, but Water Cooling only starts to out perform Air Cooling with much larger radiators, right? Especially in the AiO territory. I am...
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    Next gen MMO's; Titan and EQ Next

    So many MMO's I have been burned on. All my friends tell me to "buy this game! we will all be playing it!" then not even 2 weeks later no one is logged on. Age of Conan, Warhammer, Rift, Guild Wars, all of these this happened to. I think the only game that have a potential to capture me is...
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    Post your opinion of games as you beat them!

    :cool: Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm :cool: Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty :D FTL: Faster Than Light :cool: Planetside 2 (online only, but still a great game) If this thread shoots off, someone could even keep count of all the ratings everyone gives for a game!
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    BioShock Infinite

    Oh =o you just opened up a whole new world for me sir or Madame! =D
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    BioShock Infinite

    I have never actually used that part of the forum here. I technically can't even post in there yet :(