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    Just Cause 4?

    I searched and haven't found anything recently for this... Anyone picking this up? I'm pretty sold after seeing this trailer /sarcasm The grappling hook bit had me rolling pretty good though.
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    Guitar Nerds, 18% off at Amp Factory

    Seems like Doug just put this up today. **Sale is dead** Amp Factory Custom 22 Mini Stack $474 Sale is through Monday on the entire site seems hes being salty towards NAMM. Use code:NAMM18
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    Dead Cells

    So I see a few people have bought this during the summer sale, and I'm tempted to as well. For those of you that have picked this up recently, or anyone that has played it, is it worth a shot?
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    Shadowrun, Bundle or Just HK?

    I'm not the biggest fan of point to click/turn based games these days, however I totally forgot about Shadowrun I have wanted to try it for some time but have never gotten around to buying it and got the Steam email... The bundle isn't bank breaking, are all the games worth playing, or should I...
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    Cheap Case for Front Mount 240mm AIO cooler?

    Hi All, I'm looking for a cheapish case to run a Deep Cool Captain 240 EX front mounted, less points to leak on expensive crap and ultimately better air flow for the rad. So far the Spec Alpha is standing out, any others in the $80 ball park or less? I could spend a small fortune on cases, but...
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    Is 290 Xfire really that bad?

    So I'm really tempted to say fuckit and grab another XFX 290, I have read quite a few bitch stories about Xfire, but for $240 it might be worth it, till Pascal. So either talk me out of it, or let me loose. I have hacked up my case and have mounted a 200MM NXZT fan directly next to my card...
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    Refurb the G9x or try new mouse?

    So I need new pads and grips for the G9x (even the textured grip is toast) I have put a ton of hours into it, but I'd also like to try something different. I was thinking of giving this cheapo ambi CM optical a go. Its...
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    No surprise here, XFX 290 DD VRM temps over 100c at stock volts

    I've seen a few others, from NON REVIEWERS stating insanely high VRM temps, and well here you go. Ambient temp, 73f Less than 5 minutes of test range and viola, on stock volts. Just to answer a couple of other questions too, these cards are locked and use Elpida memory. Here's a few...
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    Galaxy 2GB 660Ti Dual Fan Issues

    I know I'm not the only one, I'm not sure if it was the earlier batches, but seriously the fans are driving me up a wall.... Sometimes they sound fine, other times it sounds like the bearings are rattling and grinding, its weird.... There is vertical play with the shaft, so I'm not sure if...
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    OCZ Agility 4 256GB SSD $129.99 (With MIR)

    Agility 4 Via Newegg, use promotion code: EMCYTZT2126 Deal expires at 11:59pm PT on Monday, 08/27/2012!