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    newer nvidia cards on the horizon?

    do you guys think is it a good idea buying a 1080ti now? are there newer nvidia cards coming out on the horizon soon?
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    i7-7700k vs r7 1700

    i think its time for me to buy a new cpu but i am having a little difficulty.. what do you guys think i should get a i7-7700k or the r7 1700 ryzen cpu?
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    Apple MacBook pro 2016 keyboard...with touchbar

    hey guys what do you think, will apple make a keyboard of their new MacBook pro 2016 Keyboard with the touchbar? people are saying they want the touch bar on the keyboard. I just want thato slick keyboard!
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    anybody have a geforce titan xp here?

    how is it? is it fast?
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    are you going to abandon intel for ryzen?

    1- post here what processor brand/model you have now? i have an intel i7-4770k that i have been stone waiting for some better to come to replace it with something faster for almost 2 years i think. i must say guys jumping from a 4770k to a 6900k to me is just amazing. 2- and how soon will you...
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    wd blue 1tb ssd or samsung 850 evo 1tb ssd?

    i need to buy a ssd. which one do you guys recommend? wd or samsung?
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    do you loose anything by going from win10 back to win7?

    directx 12 is one thing... the spy business is another thing.... going back to windows 7 is that a bad thing? will my computer run a little faster? what are the pro/cons of going back to windows 7?
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    980 ti vs 1070

    what do you guys recommend? no one has a definitive answer, so i guess i should ask here on h.
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    amazon prices too much?

    hey why are the prices for 1080s like $1000+ on are they crazy or something?
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    speculation zen processor

    I want to know more about the zen cpu. how much will it cost care to speculate? and, performance? more like or better than a i7-6900k, or more like a i7-6800k/5820k?
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    do you actually "like" virtual reality?

    i have a question. are you guys actually going to use vr? rich people think that if they scream to the heavens oh they will like. people will actually begin to like these things? first was metro, then, windows 10, and now, virtual reality! do they think i am going to sit on my chair in front of...
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    what your buying, Intel i7 6950X , i7 6900K , i7 6850K or i7 6800K?

    what processor are you getting next? i'll probably get the 6800k. you?
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    kinetic energy cooler

    what happen to it?
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    windows 10 is full of viruses

    this is the 2nd one. this time my sound tab get reduced to 0, slowly and then it is muted. anyone else experiencing viruses on windows 10?
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    Is the 6700k the last cpu for the 1151 socket?

    Is the 6700k the last processor intel is going to make for the socket 1151 platform?
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    390x or 980 gtx?

    please vote!
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    macosx compatible?

    are rhere any computer companies that still make computers with mac os x installed? not been hackintoshes or apple?
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    does the chinese have any video cards for sale?

    does anyone know if there are Chinese made video cards? competition with NVidia, amd, intel? I just curious, you know, are they cheap?
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    Do you still use windows 8/8.1 ?

    Why? :(
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    whats the best passive cpu cooler for a 4770k?

    can you guys help. what do you guys recommend? what is the best passive cooler (no fan at all) for a 4770k (socket 1150) cpu? and I wont be overclocking at all. stock speed.
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    do you have this issue with windows 10?

    I had to reinstall win10 a few times now. what happens is, after installing, when I update windows, when I click on any explorer folder window, like personal folders that use the explorer app, clicking on this pc, or trying to open control panel. it just wont open, nothing involving explorer...
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    what will the next nvidia card going to be called, anyone know?

    does anybody know what is going to be the next nvidia card?
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    i have a question for you guys about the mac mini

    i am talking about the latest mac mini, 4gb of ram (clued to it). i recently bought a 4k monitor that i use with my pc. i heard that the mac mini works on 4k using 30hz refresh rate with the hdmi input. my question is, what if i use the display port in the mac mini, to my 4k moitor display...
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    who does better 2d?

    how does nvidia and amd perform in 2d, which one is faster on 2d?
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    i just bought my first 4k monitor...

    I got the dell p2415q 4k monitor, reason I got this was because I am after the small dot pitch that ill get with the 24in. its really, my first pc retina display.
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    hey! anybody here went from a high resolution to a lower resolution monitor before?

    i like higher resolutions monitors. BUT the higher you go the more money you got to have. so i was thinking on giving up my 2560x1440 monitor and going to a 1080p or 1200p monitors (with higher gamut of course). has any of you guys done that? do you regret it? and any monitor recommendations...
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    directx 12. anything new on the news?

    is it still true that directx 12 will make amd cards faster and nvidia current generation of cards are screwed?
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    how many people have upgraded to win10?

    will/have you upgraded to windows 10?
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    quick. 980 (non ti) or fury (non x)?

    if it was you...would you get a 980 or a fury video card? and what 980/fury would you recommend?
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    Are you guys going to upgrade to a 6700k when its out?

    will anyone upgrade to the 6700k cpu when is it out? (and it will require a new mobo huh)
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    fury non x vs 980 gtx

    for 1440p gaming. do you guys recommend the 980 or the fury (non x)?
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    what is the fastest 980 gtx card there is?

    since the Radeon r9 fury (non x) is going to be slower than a 980 I have decided to buy a 980. which is the best 980 gtx card there is out there?
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    why cant windows 8.0 users get the free upgrade to win10?

    this seems like discrimination (just kidding) (c; windows 7/8.1 users will be able to get the free upgrade! but not 8.0 users? why?
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    specs and benchmarks for the R9 Fury (non x) ??

    so can you guys help? I like the price for the fury (non x). but I cant find a lot about it...
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    How do I install my new 256gb m.2 sm951 ssd?

    I am getting around 600k read and write while I should be getting 1000k+ right? what am I doing wrong, can you guys help?
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    is the surface 3 for $500 any good?

    the new surface 3 with a atom it any good?
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    4770k to 5930k what do you think?

    I have a good speed system, a 4770k. but now I am thinking about buying something with a little more muscle, a 5930k cpu. what do you guys think? worth the trouble? (and my main use for this system is everything and not games.)
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    will they sell win10 in flash drives (usb keys)?

    does anyone know, will they sell windows 10 on usb keys. Like apple does?
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    ms spartan/edge/s* crashing

    has anyone seen this? edge is crashing all the time on my computer....anyone else?
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    how long until the 6930k?

    hey does anyone know how long until we get the 6930k's? I feel like upgrading I feel like really upgrading!