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    New nvme drive causing WHEA Error BSODs

    Anyone else run into this issue? I have a Rocket 4 Plus I just installed and would get WHEA BSODs constantly. Putting back the old Inland nvme drive resolves the issue. Guessing the drive needs to be RMA'd, but wanted to crosss reference with others to see if maybe theres an open issue with...
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    FS: XFX 8800 GTX

    Like the title says. XFX 8800 GTX 768mb - $85 shipped.
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    Windows 7 + Nvidia RAID = No go?

    Does this not work or am I retarded? I loaded the latest nvidia drivers off a USB drive but I'm continuing to get a "windows cannot install blah blah" error. This is on a 750i SLI :confused:
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    This is unbelievable.. wow.. just... wow :eek: :rolleyes:
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    Need your help here guys.

    Im trying to isolate a problem with my PC. I have an Asus K8N4-E, A64 3400+, 2gb RAM, X1800XT as far as important specs goes. I've been able to run memtest without any errors, prime without any errors, as well as run the ATI tool artifact tester w/o any issues. BUT, as soon as I run 3dMark05...
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    Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 LT

    Has anyone used one of these yet? I'm thinking of replacing my A2 ZS with one of these. I originally wanted the Prodigy 7.1, but that seems to be in short supply. This looks to be the same card tho, only with different (revised?) outputs and lower profile.
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    Official Buyer's Guide Feedback and Updates

    Nice guide. Thats how I would rank them as well. Should help a lot of people with their buying decisions.
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    Why does XP do this?

    Everytime I update my nforce drivers, it labels my network adapter as "nvidia nforce network controller #2 , #3 ....." Even after I uninstall all previous drivers from my system. Is there any way to stop it from doing that? I went into safe mode and set it to show all hidden devices, but the...
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    Does this seem like a good idea?

    Im contemplating swapping out the fan on the stock A64 cooler with a YSTech TMD fan I have laying around. It looks like it'll fit perfectly. Does this sound like a good idea?